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Future Technology — Bears Watching

One of the accusations used against gun owners so often is we try to prevent technology from improving ‘gun safety’. Here is one that I believe we should carefully watch because a.) it could be useful if applied in a very limited fashion and b.) the government and the antis often see this type of technology and drool.


Detecting Gunshots Using Wearable Accelerometers

Charles E. Loeffler mail



Gun violence continues to be a staggering and seemingly intractable issue in many communities. The prevalence of gun violence among the sub-population of individuals under court-ordered community supervision provides an opportunity for intervention using remote monitoring technology. Existing monitoring systems rely heavily on location-based monitoring methods, which have incomplete geographic coverage and do not provide information on illegal firearm use. This paper presents the first results demonstrating the feasibility of using wearable inertial sensors to recognize wrist movements and other signals corresponding to firearm usage. Data were collected from accelerometers worn on the wrists of subjects shooting a number of different firearms, conducting routine daily activities, and participating in activities and tasks that could be potentially confused with firearm discharges. A training sample was used to construct a combined detector and classifier for individual gunshots, which achieved a classification accuracy of 99.4 percent when tested against a hold-out sample of observations. These results suggest the feasibility of using inexpensive wearable sensors to detect firearm discharges.


Yep the same technology in your phones, in your exercise equipment is being viewed as a way to ‘reduce ‘gun violence’. The author envisions this being applied to only those ‘under court-ordered community supervision’ but how long until that expands into everyone?

After all, if you don’t have anything to hide then you shouldn’t mind the government knowing if you are shooting guns or not, right?


In related work, researchers have achieved success using wearable accelerometers to detect and classify commonplace human behaviors [11]–[15]. In addition, they have recently demonstrated the potential of wearable accelerometers to detect fall events [16], seizures [17], and concussive head trauma [18] from a continuous stream of movement data.

They might try to sneak it in as part of a public safety/health concern; after all who wouldn’t want a loved one monitored for seizures or concussions. But things like this often go from “hey that is a good idea” to “it is recommended” to “it should be a law” to “We’ll arrest/shoot  you if you don’t comply with the law” in short order. Look at seat belt laws for an example.


The potential use of sensors to monitor firearm use among community-supervised offenders also raises important public policy and civil liberties concerns. These include the selection criteria by which judges or other releasing authorities would place individuals on this form of supervision; whether it would be used on the existing community-supervised offender population or on an otherwise incarcerated offender population; the necessary level of sensor system accuracy before sanctions, such as revocation of release, could be imposed; and the procedures that would be taken to minimize the collection of non-firearm-related wearer information. While none of these issues are peculiar to a wearable gunshot detection system, these longstanding concerns regarding offender monitoring systems should be revisited as monitoring technology evolves.


In conclusion, this study suggests that low-cost and low-energy motion sensors can be used to identify firearm discharges. This development offers criminal justice practitioners a potential alternative that overcomes the low signal-to-noise ratio that has characterized many location-based behavioral monitoring tools [7], [8] and community-wide acoustical gunshot monitoring systems [3]. This development would be more in keeping with the experience of remote monitoring technology for detection of substance abuse [28] and the promise that if reliable and low-noise signals of other illegal conduct can be found, such conduct could be reduced through enhanced detection or deterrence [29], [30].

Some of my concerns are addressed in here. We are being accustomed to people that need such close monitoring being released back into society that this might not be such a huge leap. Of course my personal opinion is simply if they need such close monitoring, we might want to revisit letting them loose in society to begin with.

As technology advances we should really question not just if we should do something but is it good for society. We can implement all sorts of Orwellian surveillance but is it making us better people or improving society to do so?


Please join the discussion.

Tell Me Again How Open Carry Is Scaring People…..

But when my friend Lola and I decided on Saturday that enough is enough with the kind of people who take out their guns for play dates

Lola’s gone out topless to several of these events in counter-protest before, and this time, fed up with the idea of random armed men in my streets, I decided to join her.

Because those opposed to it really don’t seem to be that scared.

I will admit to engaging them just a bit – but then it dawned on me that confrontation was what they wanted, so I closed my pie-hole and just did my thing whether the guys with guns acted angry, amused, distracted, outraged or whatever.

For all their claims about the constitution and their right to carry guns whenever and where ever they want – and our need to just get used to it – the people who participated in the open-carry protest do not stand for freedom: they are just there to intimidate anyone who disagrees with them. But the reality is that all the new Austin hipsters could care less about their big weapons,

So…the Open Carry group is ‘just there to intimidate anyone’ yet this lady and others felt comfortable enough to not only counter-protest them, not only to go semi-naked but to actually confront and engage them.

Some how I’m just not getting the impression that Open Carry is really scaring people.


Of course this is a good example of the cognitive dissonance exercised by so many people; especially the antis. She is protesting people who she feels doesn’t show enough respect for others. Not my words, but hers

Now, unlike the wave of people who advocate for their second amendment rights by waving around their guns, I don’t normally go shopping without my shirt on – it’s a matter of basic respect for others.

Of course, that is now. Before she had no problem not giving others the same courteous:

Not many folks know that it’s also legal for women to go topless in the state’s capital city. But I did: in the late ’80s, I took part in a lot of performance art that included nudity, so I was familiar with baring my breasts in public.

Oh but I’m sure she’ll explain how different that is-somehow.

Now I don’t have a problem with Open Carry or Nudity at all. Do your own thing and it doesn’t bother me. But is it more than a little hypocritical to decry that Open Carry is disrespecting people sensibilities when proudly proclaiming a past that disrespected people’s sensibilities. And doing so by continuing that action.

I find the topless protest to be hilarious honestly. Talk about people seeking attention — I had considered another phrase but wasn’t sure how that would go over :)
Frankly I think people


Mixed Blessings

….at work on a Saturday Morning.

Not the most fun thing to be doing but if I wasn’t here; I would be out at the club doing our semi-annual work party.

At the paying job, I get to work at a computer job. At the club, I would be doing manual labor.

Fair trade in my opinion but I’m also missing the lunch provided by the club for the volunteers.
And that is definitely something I hate to miss; there are some terrific cooks and the club does lunch right !


Hope you are having a good day.

New Type of Gun?

Sgt. Julie Pleasan of the Houston Police Department; could you do me a favor and let me know what type of firearm this woman used?

Witnesses said Burks pulled up in front of the studio, located in the 3300 block of Bissonnet, around 9 a.m. and appeared to be recording the station.

“I saw this silver Camaro looking car just, you know, right there with their flashers on on the side of the road and it looked like the lady was just holding up her phone and videotaping the building,” said Katherine Koinis. “I thought it was very strange, but didn’t really think anything of it.”

She then pulled out a gun and started shooting. Four shots were fired into four cars, and another five struck an upstairs corner office in the building. There was a woman working inside at the time.

I would really, really like to know. Because I’ve never heard of a firearm that could do what you say

“We did recover casings from the parking lot, we also recovered casings from the building,” said HPD Sgt. Julie Pleasan…

Casings for the building? From shots fired in the parking lot ???


On The Possibility of Defeating the U.S. Military

Let’s forget the present demonstrations of practical resistance to the military might of the US as shown by Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.
Let’s forget the lessons taught, at a very painful cost, that you don’t really have to defeat the military to stop a fight as shown by the Viet Cong. Let’s look at the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

This will be a rehash for most readers who have studied history (unlike most anti-rights cultist who try to deny history).
First consider the disadvantages
– Most of the Jews were starving: The Nazi occupation authorities had instructions to provide Jews with half the weekly maximum food allowance needed by a “population which does no work worth mentioning.”

and the Nazis determined that the inhabitants of the Warsaw ghetto could survive on an official food allocation of 300 calories per day (compared with 634 calories for the Poles and 2,310 for the Germans).

-Disease was rampant (first link): In 1941, typhus epidemics, which started in the synagogues and institutional buildings housing the homeless, decimated the ghetto. Matters were made worse when the sewage pipes froze and human excrement was dumped onto the street. By the end of the year, disease had killed more than 43,000 people or ten percent of the ghetto population. 


– They were confined to a small geographic area: Approximately 450,000 Jews were crowded into an area of 1.3 square miles that was the Warsaw ghetto. 

-They had pitifully few weapons: The Jews had managed to stockpile a few thousand grenades, as well as a few hundred rifles, revolvers and pistols. But they possessed only two or three light machine guns.

-The few fighters were vastly outnumbered: ...faced more than 2,000 heavily armed and well-trained German troops supported by tanks and flamethrowers. After the Germans were forced to withdraw from the ghetto, they returned with more and more firepower


-The Number of Jewish fighters was a small percentage of the total population 750 out of 60,000 left.

Total number in the German military forces was 18,000,000 at the time. They were of course spread out across Europe but for practical purposes the army had nearly unlimited reinforcements available.

And still they fought elements of the vaunted German Army off — the army having to resort to scorched earth policies; literally -After several days without quelling the uprising, the German commander, General Jürgen Stroop, ordered the ghetto burned to the ground building by building.

So what advantages did they have?
Limited time to prepare defenses, limited resources –oh those are probably more disadvantages….so, they knew the Ghetto better then the German Army.

Now, Mr or Ms. Anti-Rights Cultist

Some things for you to consider about today.

Number of active duty personnel in the US Military — approximately 1,400,000
Number of reserve personnel  — 850,000
Number of Law Enforcement personnel (2008) – 120,000

Number of ‘civilians’ with military experience – 21,200,000
Number of firearms in the country (estimate) between 262,000,000 and 310,000,000
Area of the continental USA –2,959,064.44 square miles
Total Number of adults in the USA (minus law enforcement and military) -191,000,000.

Mr. or Ms Anti Rights Cultist, just consider it. Think about those numbers, long and hard. Think about what happens when people are pushed too far.





Planning Time for another Dallas Area Blog Shoot?

Anyone else thinking we should start scheming, conniving, er planning for another blog shoot?

It’s been a while since we’ve had one — six months or so. And to make sure everyone understands — this isn’t just a ‘have to blog to attend’ or a “Dallas Blogger” — anyone in the area, going to be in the area or willing to come to the area is welcome as are commenters, readers, bloggers, friends of the same.




Important details to consider


Location —

I know we can use my range again but think we should try for some place with fewer restrictions.

Comments, suggestions or idea?