How Many Lives Were Saved?

We talk often about how firearms can save lives. Usually we mean the victims of the crime. In this case, we will never know if the armed robber was only after money or if he had other motives. The workers of the store were definitely in jeopardy. So were the patrons; as the criminal didn’t run out the door but deeper into the store.

PINCH, W.Va. – A pharmacist in Pinch who was forced to make an incredibly difficult decision when an armed robbery turned deadly is speaking out and sharing how his faith is helping him through the ordeal.

Don Radcliff spoke with Eyewitness News Reporter Kennie Bass and said he is taking no joy in what happened Wednesday. Radcliff said he does not consider himself a hero, even though his actions may have saved the lives of his co-workers and customers when he shot an armed man at Good Family Pharmacy in Pinch.

Eight people were inside the pharmacy in Pinch when the suspect came through the door about 9:45 a.m.

I think we often overlook the bigger picture.


Radcliff said he has received tremendous support from his family and friends, but also from his faith. Radcliff shared Thursday’s devotion from his daily devotional.

“Thursday, February 19th, John 10, 7 to 18, ‘A thief comes only to steal and to kill and destroy. I have come so that they may have life and have it in abundance.’ That’s verse 10,” Radcliff said. “Abundance isn’t God’s provision for me to live in luxury; it’s his provision for me to help others live.”
(emphasis mine)

But what about the people not directly involved?

How about the number of people who might not get medicine because the store either closed (a lot of people) or had to raise prices to make up for the stolen money or drugs? Or pay much higher premiums.

How about the people the pharmacist might be able to help through his abundance –his charitable efforts; tithing, donations to food pantries, etc?

How about the people the pharmacist might touch in his daily walk? Instead of being out in the community possibly touching lives and influencing people, it is likely he would have to spend more time in the store just to keep it open.

So to those who tell us “Just give them what they want” — think of the lives that could be affected because ‘its just money’.


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But They Had The Drop On Her…..

… isn’t supposed to be possible for someone to defend themselves after the bad guys pull out their handguns; right?

Don’t tell it to this lady!




Going to be a little mean and put the criminals names out there; they aren’t killers and given how they were caught, I think their friends and future cell mates might want to know they got punked by an old lady.

The Springdale Police Department made two arrests on Saturday (Dec. 6th) in connection to an armed robbery in Springdale.

Marcus Gould, 25, and Leon Roberson, 20, face charges of Attempted Capital Murder and Aggravated Robbery, according to police. Roberson was booked into the Washington County Detention Center at 1:55 a.m. and is set to appear in court for an 8.1 Hearing on Monday (Dec. 7th), according to the detention center’s website.

Police said the incident happened around 9 a.m. Saturday at the C & S Gun and Pawn Shop at 1208 South Thompson in Springdale.

Employees reported two men walked into the store, one wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt and the other wearing an orange hooded sweatshirt, police said.

“They split up, they both pulled out hand guns that looked like black semi-automatic pistols and began to rob the store,” according to Lt. Derek Hudson with the Springdale Police Department. “One of the employees also pulled out a weapon and there were shots exchanged.”

The suspects then fled the store on foot, leaving several shell casings and blood on the floor, according to police.

For those use you who didn’t watch the video — that’s right. Guns drawn, ready to throw down and one was shot by the owner. Guess that meme about once you are under the gun it is impossible to fight back is busted.

In an email, Sergeant Daniel Grubbs with the Fort Smith Police Department, said Gould arrived at Sparks Hospital with a gun shot wound to the forearm.

No word on how serious of a wound it was but I’m betting if Gould ever tries his hand again, he’ll tell his partner “Bring me my Brown Pants” before the robbery. Great job Ms. Shirley, If I am ever in your city, I would like to buy you and your husband dinner. Keep fighting back.



Question for the Antis — What Should She Have Done?

Darn — the 911 call starts off in auto-play. Didn’t realize it when I snagged it.


Please look below the fold for a (hopefully) interesting Defensive Gun Use — and a question that I’m still waiting for the antis to answer.


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Concealed Carry In Action

Not bad publicity for those who carry firearms.




No shots fired, no injuries resulted from the use of the firearm but two criminals stopped in the middle of a crime and taken off the street. Well done Mr. Anonymous CHL Holder !


What Would the Antis Suggest?



Okay…middle of the day; no apparent attempt to determine if the house was empty; dude just breaks a window and starts climbing in.

The home owner protecting at least his property; if not his life investigates the noise and sees the criminal breaking in. Shoots and kills the criminal breaking into his home. That is how it went down.

What will continue to go down is the police will finish their investigation, the District Attorney will present the case to a grand jury, and they’ll decide to bring charges or not. Still a costly process but one I don’t expect to end with charges brought. Especially not with the mom saying “yeah, this sounds like something he would do”.

But let’s turn the clock back and ask the antis what would they rather have the home owner do?

A.) Call the police and wait?
B.) Run out his house, leaving possessions – including a firearm behind for a criminal to steal and use for illegal drugs?C.) Fight him hand to hand after the criminal has gotten inside the house?
D.) Meekly stand there and let an unknown person with unknown intentions do what ever he wants to him?

3of those possibilities would have increased, not decreased, crime. One would still be violence but puts the home owner at a disadvantage. Either not used to physical violence, due to age, etc.

In contrast, the home owner’s actions not only stopped this crime but put an end to a long (some said 18 page rap sheet) career of crime.  Based on the recommendations of the anti-rights cultists; it is almost as if they want MORE crime to occur not less.

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Missed it by That ” ” Much

Alternative Title — “Don’t Use a Baseball Bat, the crook will Just take it away from you and use it on you”.

Ward told KITV-TV that she had hired Keese to fix her car last month. She was shocked when she says he forced his way into her home in the middle of the day. Ward’s friend then reportedly grabbed a baseball bat to defend herself, but the suspect ripped it from her grip and began beating her with it.

Keese is male and 54 years old. Mrs. Frances  Ward is 72. — For the anti rights cultists, they consider this a fair fight. Good thing Mrs. Ward agrees with me and not them.

It was around 3 p.m. when the intruder busted into the house and attacked both women, according to police. The homeowner, identified as Frances Ward, 72, was able to draw her revolver and shoot the man, grazing his head. If the shot was an inch lower, he likely would be dead. This photo confirms that:

72 Year Old Woman Shoots Intruder, Grazing His Head in Pendleton, S.C.


Mrs. Ward; if you ever make it to Texas or I make it to Oahu; I hope you’ll allow me the honor of buying you a meal.  Thanks for showing the world how effective armed self defense can be — single shot, no death required.

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I’m Alive — Finding Ancedotes

But instead of making this all about Bob’s health issues* I decided not to post. Sorry for the prolonged absence but I’m semi-back now.

And as soon as I’m back I see this news report of a violent criminal taken down – taken from slightly out of order.

The escaped convict, Rodney Long, had eluded officers trying to track him down for four days before he broke into the Bedford home of Jerome Mauderly, a retired prison guard, and his wife Carolyn Mauderly at about 10:15 p.m. on Monday night, according to the Daily Iowegian.

Long was suspected of shooting a southwest Iowa sheriff’s deputy on Sunday night after two days on the run from the Clarinda Correctional Facility’s minimum security prison where he was serving time on a burglary charge.

Okay, so we have an escaped convict willing to use deadly force on the loose. Of course, the anti-rights cultists would just have people huddle in their houses and wait for the police to solve the matter.

Long disabled the phones in the Mauderlys’ small one-story home in a rural area next to cornfields, and was suspected of trying to gather supplies to help in his escape, the Des Moines Register reported.

But sometimes the criminals have other plans and intrude where they shouldn’t. And in this case, I mean he really shouldn’t have intruded in the Mauderly’s home.

But after four hours as a hostage Jerome Mauderly had had enough and retrieved his shotgun, police said.

“As the situation wore on, a decision was made by the Mauderlys that they were going to defend themselves,”  the state’s lead investigator Mitch Mortvedt told reporters at a Tuesday news conference, the Register reported.

Can you imagine the terror they felt? The concern for the well being of their beloved spouse and self? Is it any wonder after 4 hours Mr. Mauderly had had enough?
Certainly the police didn’t rush to the rescue because the thug had disabled the phones.

Mauderly shot Long once, officials said. No one else was seriously injured in the shooting.

Police said Long, was carrying a semi-automatic weapon.

Shortly after 2 a.m. Carolyn called 911 to tell authorities her husband had shot Long. Officers found Long lying face down in the kitchen of the home.

One shot with a shotgun; one that the home owner had to retrieve. So much for the idea that once the bad guy has the drop on you it is all over, eh.


Time and time again we see cases like this that completely demolish the myths of the anti-rights cultists.  The police didn’t ride to the rescue, the bad guy prevented that by simply disabling the phone lines. The Anti-Rights cultists would have preferred the Mauderly’s to be forced to retreat from their own homes; as if 70-something year olds could outrun a younger man. They would have you believe it is better to give in, give the criminal what he wants. After 4 hours, didn’t he already have everything he wanted? We will never know what his plan was but I’m betting it was more violence, not less. Especially given his willing to use deadly force.

Jay G. at MArooned tracks hundreds of times the criminal ends up dead at the hands of home owners. Makes me wonder what outcome the anti-rights cultists would prefer instead; dead home owners and/or more violence from the criminals perhaps?

I don’t know. I do know that I will resist their efforts to make it harder for people like the Mauderly’s  to defend themselves.

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* Very minor for the most part, just very distracting