Tell Me Again — Media Agenda Part 35,098

“Tell Me Again the Media doesn’t have an “Agenda” — take the “Latest” headlines from CNN -


Notice anything missing? How about this story found on Huffington Post of all places

DAMATURU, Nigeria, Feb 25 (Reuters) – Gunmen from Islamist group Boko Haram stormed a boarding school in northeast Nigeria overnight and killed 29 pupils, many of whom died in flames as the school was burned to the ground, police and the military said on Tuesday.

“Some of the students bodies were burned to ashes,” Police Commissioner Sanusi Rufai said of the attack on the Federal Government college of Buni Yadi, a secondary school in Yobe state, near the state’s capital city of Damaturu.

All those killed were boys. No girls were touched, Rufai said.

The Islamists, whose struggle for an Islamic state in northern Nigeria has killed thousands and made them the biggest threat to security in Africa’s top oil producer, increasingly are preying on the civilian population.

29 kids died in a horrific school shooting and CNN doesn’t even mention it. MSNBC? Nothing visible on their really funky and nearly worthless page.

Foxnews has a single link on it’s front page under the “Latest News” section though.

Wonder if the media doesn’t want to cover it because firearms were used in another country to perpetuate a heinous mass murder. Thereby preserving the impression these things only happen in America.

Oor if it is because “Islamists” did it?

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Living In The Modern Age

….means we don’t have to wait around; history can be instantly re-written.

George Zimmerman killed Travon Martin, and Michael Dunn killed Jordan Davis.

In both cases, the killer’s excuse was that he thought that the young black man had a gun.

Michael Dunn has been tried and convicted on several counts. Will probably be retried and convicted on another; if the prosecutor doesn’t over reach for first degree murder again. — That is accurate.


But nothing in the Zimmerman trial had been about Martin had a gun. Zimmerman did think Martin was casing homes to break into (probably was) and did think he was on drugs (he was). But Zimmerman shot Martin in a case of straight self defense — not Stand Your Ground.


I’ve been this many times recently on anti-rights cultists blogs; they want to distort the facts in order to advance their agenda against self defense. They aren’t even waiting for the cases to get old before they are lying about them now. Don’t know if it is a measure of how desperate they are or if technology is allowing them to lie about things faster then ever before.

Selective Contact With Reality

Joan Peterson “Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence board Member, co-president of the Northland Chapter of the Brady Campaign, President of  Minnesota Million Moms March, Spokesperson for Protect Minnesota ; aka Japete” displays something that I’ve seen all too often around the web recently.

In real life, shooters go to schools and shoot at children as young as 7 and as old as college students on a fairly regular basis. In real life, innocent people are shot for wearing a hoodie while walking in a neighborhood, for playing music too loudly, for texting in a movie theater, for egging someone’s car.

For some reason, anti-rights cultists have suddenly woken up and realized that shootings can happen for trivial reasons (Zimmerman excluded despite her claims) — being disrespectful.

This isn’t a new problem. This isn’t a result of changing gun laws. They are showing their opportunistic nature and ‘gun control’ agenda by only highlighting these shootings. For decades; gangs have been shooting and killing each other for being ‘dissed’. For decades drug cartel members fought and killed people if someone slighted them; sold drugs in their territory for example.

America, we have a problem. It’s unimaginable that the daily carnage of gun violence does not ping the collective conscience of our elected leaders.

Gun Control Advocates; you have a problem. You don’t seem to focus on the shootings in Gun Control Paradise aka Chicago; last year they had over 500 homicides; many by firearm many killed due to gang activity. Where is your outrage over that?

Where was your outrage over our country’s capital Washington D.C. being Murder Capital of the country for decades? Funny how shootings seems to have dropped off in the district now, isn’t it?

I find it disgusting that anti-rights cultists like Joan only show concern about “respect” or “courteous” when it is a “white” shooter — even if the media has to invent a new shade of white (White Hispanic) to justify their agenda.

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An Argument Against “Gun Free Zones”

If people are willing to break the law over such a minor issue; do we really think that a sign prohibiting guns is going to work any better?

You’ve undoubtedly seen them on your way to work or home, panhandlers.

For the last year the City of Fort Worth has tested using signs to deter the practice by warning both panhandler and driver with the message, “soliciting from roadway prohibited.” However, at the first intersection where the signs were installed, about a year ago, you’ll still regularly see people begging for money or food. Those who work in the area said the signs don’t work.

“No they don’t, we still have them coming in here, panhandling every where,” said Alma Baca.

Baca works along the intersection at Interstate 20 and Hulen Street, where the signs were installed. She said they’ve done little to slow down those begging for spare change.

“I get one that stands right there and waits and waits and then walks out and asks people for money,” Baca said.

Standing next to a sign prohibiting the very same action — yep, really effective eh?


Gobal Grind – Answering the Question

Of Have they no shame?

Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Martin, 17, was killed by patrolman George Zimmerman after he mistook the Skittles and Ice Tea in Martin’s hands as weapons. Zimmerman was found not guilty of the murder.


Mistook the “Skittles and Ice Tea” as weapons?

Apparently they don’t !

No shame, no integrity, no shred of decency or standards in regards to accuracy.


Tell Me Again – Concealed Carry Edition

Tell me again how once the criminal has a gun drawn and pointed at a person that (s)he doesn’t stand a chance:

 Drat — the video I grabbed auto-plays and there doesn’t seem to be a way to stop it. I’m going to put it behind the fold so visitors don’t be blasted by the ad playing.


This video is worth watching — a Concealed Carry holder versus thugs — at a gas station. Maybe we aren’t paranoid because we carry everywhere but that is another debate.

Please continue on to see the video.

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Waller Shooting – An Example of Why Ballistic Fingerprinting Is Bunk.

Back in May, Fort Worth Police officers responded to a home burglar alarm going off. They rolled up to the wrong address and fatally shot a home owner in his own garage. Details are just now being released since the Grand Jury no-billed the officers involved. I’ll be covering several aspects of this shooting in the future. There are several things that gun owners could and probably should take away from this incident.

Of course, there are things that the anti rights cultists should take away from the report summary– ballistic fingerprinting isn’t the end all be all as seen on T.V.

Microscopic examination and comparison of the bullets and jacket fragments did not reveal sufficient agreement of individual characteristics to determine if they were, or were not, fired from the barrel of Officer Hoeppner’s handgun. It should be noted that the rifling in the barrel of the Glock 22 pistols, that are currently in possession of the Fort Worth Police Department, have fewer distinguishing characteristics that would differentiate the projectiles that were fired from the one Glock 22 pistol compared to another Glock 22 pistol (compared to traditional rifling in other firearms), so the projectiles (bullets and jacket fragments) that were recovered cannot be positively matched to Officer Hoeppner’s handgun.

Imagine that; barrels manufactured in the same facility on the same equipment for the same gun are close enough in characteristics that ballistic fingerprinting is not helpful. Ballistic fingerprinting can tell one firearm from the next if they are different types, models, age, etc — but it isn’t the “this is the gun that killed X” in every case.

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