Question for the Antis — What Should She Have Done?

Darn — the 911 call starts off in auto-play. Didn’t realize it when I snagged it.


Please look below the fold for a (hopefully) interesting Defensive Gun Use — and a question that I’m still waiting for the antis to answer.


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Longing for the Past…

…when rampant speculation and innuendo was mostly found on the trashy papers like the National Enquirer; not the Atlantic Journal-Constitution.

This is a follow to a previous post. I was interested in seeing if more information has came out. Apparently not but that doesn’t stop the AJC from filling column space.

Family members and the White County coroner on Monday identified Araim as the victim of a shooting that stunned tourists and residents in Helen, a town of 500 people about 90 miles northeast of downtown Atlanta. The police have released few details of their investigation, but said they planned to file involuntary manslaughter charges against 53-year-old Glenn Patrick Lampien of Jasper. His small-caliber handgun apparently fired by accident, wounding his hand before crossing the street and striking Araim. She was pronounced dead at the scene.


Okay….so the facts known right now. Ms. Araim is dead and the shot came from a firearm owned and carried by Lampien. Most people would stop there, right?

Whether Lampien saw Araim and the other women before the shooting was not clear. Neither the Helen police nor the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, which took over the case Sunday, responded to requests for information Monday. The Helen police deleted information about the shooting posted Sunday on the department’s Facebook page.

The case fueled online debate about a new Georgia law that greatly expanded the rights of gun owners to carry weapons in public places, such as bars. The new statute, which took effect last month, has been labeled the “Guns Everywhere” law.

It was not known whether Lampien, the owner of a commercial and industrial air conditioning company, had a concealed-carry permit for his handgun. Nor was it known whether he had removed the weapon from a holster before the shot fired. Lampien received a minor hand injury and was treated at a Gainesville hospital.

Now as bad as the AJC, some it seems they don’t hold a shine to anti-rights cultists like Southern Beale

Did GA’s Liberal Gun Laws Enable A Hate Crime?

Starting to look that way:


Now I’ll admit it is possible that a ‘hate crime’ could be the motivation here but isn’t it a little early to be trying to draw that conclusion?

Especially since the person in question a.) not only didn’t try to flee the scene of the ‘crime’ and b.) injured himself committing the ‘crime’. I am not saying those rule out his intentions; he could just be that incompetent. But doesn’t it make a little sense to wait a little longer?

Oh….probably not in their case because as we’ve seen all too often they have to distort the truth and try to make every gun owner look bad in order to push their agenda.

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Question to the Antis — Money and Life

Just a drive by post and a simple question to the antis.

Given the repeated statements that no property, no money, etc is worth shooting a criminal; why don’t you protect their lives by simply providing them with money?


Wouldn’t that reduce crime — we know Bloomberg can afford at least $50,000,000.

Question for the Antis: Holocaust Edition

Found this little gem of a comment over at Sparky’s place

Anonymous March 21, 2014 at 4:17 PM

The Jews had over 5,000 guns in the Ghetto. They used them to kill German, but were exterminated by German superior forces. Having guns did not stop their extermination.

He’s right in that it didn’t stop their extermination. My question is “How did  not having firearms keep the unarmed Jews from being exterminated?”

For me this is a classic case of proving why the 2nd Amendment has “shall not be infringed” — 200 years before the atrocities; the Founding Fathers foresaw the possibility.

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Answer to the Question : Why Carry to the Store?

The Anti-Rights Cultists want to make people seem paranoid for exercising their right to carry firearms in public. They’ll often try mocking people with questions like “Why do you need a gun at a library” or “Why carry a firearm to a store like _____(fill in the blank)?”

FORT WORTHFour men were behind bars Thursday, suspected in 17 robberies of Fort Worth businesses over a one-month span, police officials said.


The robberies began Dec. 2 with the one at the Family Dollar store at 2606 Hemphill Street. In the weeks that followed, police believe the men robbed several other businesses in the city — sometimes two in one day — including GameStop, Metro PCS stores and fast-food restaurants like Subway and Sonic.

Shortly afterward, patrol officers tracked three of the suspects to a convenience store at East Berry Street and South Riverside Drive, Loughman said.

17 Robberies at stores like GameStop, Metro PCS, Subway, Sonic, Family Dollar  — places like the ones I’ve been to often. Gee, if there is a possibility criminals will be robbing the place; isn’t that a good reason to carry a firearm?

These thugs do prey on other people also answer another question; “Why do you need more then X number of rounds?”

“They were all there for some of the robberies and on others, only two or three would participate,” said robbery Sgt. Joe Loughman.

While the anti-rights cultists may believe it is better to allow such evil and anti-social behavior to go unchallenged; I disagree.

For too long we’ve tolerated thugs hurting others — think of how many families were impacted by 17 robberies — isn’t it time we started making it not only unacceptable for such crimes but dangerous for the criminals?

So I’ll end with a question to the anti-rights cultists; if you don’t want people to carry firearms in public; how do you propose to stop thugs from committing crimes?

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Just a fist fight.

I normally try to keep the language, including anything I link or embed, on this blog PG-13. Sometimes though it is necessary to break that guideline. This is one of them. I’m posting the video, unedited because I want all the sounds to be heard, clearly and without any indication that the sounds were altered.

Foul language is used by Sharkeisha — the female thug –and others in the video. Please listen to the video anyways. Watch it carefully.


(Language Alert)


The anti-rights cultists want to call this “just a fist fight”. It wasn’t.

It was a vicious beating, an assault without warning. The smack of that first roundhouse is quite audible isn’t it? And the viciousness of the first kick is stunning; I wonder if a District Attorney would view it as attempted murder. Given how defenseless the victim was, I couldn’t see how anyone wouldn’t fear for their life or great bodily harm in that assault. And that is one teen female attacking another; now imagine one or more adult males threatening a physical assault.

If you have the stomach for violence, go to World Star HipHop and look at some of the ‘fight’ videos. Some of them are fist fights; some are recordings of one sided assaults like this one. Watch a few and see what type of world the Anti-Rights Cultists want you to live in.
Look at some of the “Knock Out Game” videos going around and see what type of world the Anti-Rights Cultists want you to live in.


I don’t understand the mindset of those people; they would rather live in a world where the strong or the many prey on others undaunted by the prospect of effective self defense.

So, I’ll make this a question for the anti-rights cultists; why do you think violence like this will stop / be reduced if we ‘make guns harder for criminals to get’?



Gun Control Advocate – Here’s an Idea for you

Technology is a wonderful tool that opens up possibilities unimagined several years ago. It allows information to be stored, shared and acted upon by today’s first responders; for example, Concealed Handgun License information is pulled up when an LEO pulls up information on a driver’s license or car registration.

Since most anti-rights cultists, aka gun control advocates, seem to be firmly convinced that “property isn’t worth dying over” and “there is too much gun violence” ; why not start a program to list your home address, work location and vehicle information with the police?

That way when an anti-rights cultist calls the police; the police can respect values and principles of that person but sending unarmed personnel only to respond?

After all, any time you introduce a gun into the situation the chances of some one dying goes up, right?

This would save the government money (support personnel get paid less) and free up officers to respond to other crimes in progress.

Edited to Add — and we can make this even better by offering it as a “Gun Free License” — if you truly believe in “a gun is only designed to kill” then you’ll be happy to pay for the privilege, right?

We could make it a requirement you take “non-violent conflict resolution classes”; show proficiency (Here, take my wallet, my keys, my spouse Please Mr. Criminal), have pictures required along with finger prints and a background check including mental health exam. Hey, we have to make sure you are mentally competent to make this decision. Include evaluations from 2 psychologists, 1 doctor and a lawyer (hold blameless agreement for the police).  All for the low, low price of $140 or so.

So, what say you Mr. or Ms. Anti-Rights Cultist; will you sign up?