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Date Line Arlington Texas
July 25, 2015

Rumors have been verified as true; your humble scribe actually made it to the range and SHOT firearms

For hours.


And then there was a BBQ.

As a result; your humble scribe is toast. Might post pictures when they arrive from our field correspondent
(meaning I was too busy having fun to take them myself).

Hope your day was as good.

Great Price

I don’t have any arrangements with Midway USA other then I’ve purchased products from them in the past. Got this notice in the inbox today and thought I would share.

Caldwell E-MAX Low Profile Electronic Earmuffs (NRR 23dB) Green
Caldwell E-MAX Low Profile Electronic Earmuffs (NRR 23dB) Green
List Price $32.99











That’s a pretty good price for the product. I’ve purchased a couple in the past and use them regularly

Been A Good Couple of Days

On Saturday, the gun club held an event that is sure to become an annual activity — Ladies Day At The Range. It was a great day; a little over cast but that kept down the heat. A little humid but there was a breeze at least. And the turn out was great. By the time we took a break for lunch, we had some folks who had to leave…..but we still had a crowd.


Lunch cooked by the gentlemen of the club; ladies were too busy teaching and shooting(click to enlarge all images – opens in new window)

We started the day with 80 ladies signed in for the experience. We offered 45 minute sessions for Introduction to Handguns, .22lr Pistols, Cowboy Action shooting, Air Rifles, .22lr Rifles, Archery and Trap.

I didn’t get any shots of the .22 pistol session but most of the group were hitting 8″ steel plates at 20 yards consistently.

Ladies Day Cowboy Action-1

The Cowboy Action session proved to a big hit with everyone. Some went into it hesitant, unsure they would be able to handle the rifle and pistol (.38 special) and especially the shotgun. This proved to be a non-issue, everyone was able to handle the Joe Biden approved method of home defense.

Ladies Day - Biden Approved

Air Rifles proved to be a draw — but for a different reason; they were much harder to master. The Club sponsors an Air Rifle field match so we set up the targets and it was challenging for the ladies to get hits — on the targets that were 30 meters out !
Ladies Day Air Rifle

Trap was another interesting event; the wind had started picking up by the end of the day for us. Still some of of the folks were managing to go 6 for 15 on the day.

Ladies day Trap


— and yes some of the ladies did wear pink out for the day. It really made me laugh to see it but the majority of the ladies weren’t.

Ladies Day - Pink Apparel


Sunday my best friend arrived from Tennessee, he’ll be here a while looking for a house and a job. I’m glad he’s moving back to Texas.
Monday I spent some time at the range with my daughter; didn’t get any pictures of that but we spent 2 hours turning money into smoke and noise.

And on Monday I got some good news that I’ll share soon.


Hope your days have been as good.

D.A.B. IV — Let’s Get Serious

It has been way too long since I’ve done any shooting and even longer since I’ve hung around with you folks. So let’s get busy planning now that the holidays are out of the way.

We need

a.)  To establish a date; far enough out to allow planning but not far enough so we forget or get too busy. Given there are few convenient 3 day weekends (at least in the business world) until Memorial day; we have a wide open calendar. I know of at least one preference for shooting on Sunday. That would give everyone time to travel on Saturday and possible a pre-shoot dinner on Saturday night.

And I won’t even subject everyone to the spectacle that is Campo Verde at Christmas time.


b.) To select a venue. My club is open to another shoot— we didn’t alienate anyone the last time we were out there but it is limited as to the types of toys that can be used on the ranges. I’m very open to other locations.


So what say you folks?

And please feel free to advertise this on your own blogs; the more people the merrier.



Planning for Blogshoot

Well, I was hoping someone else would step up and volunteer to lead the cat wrangling and roping er planning for Dallas Area Blogshoot IV. But I haven’t had my door broken down with folks wanting to help out.


So let’s talk dates and locations. Short notice it might be possible to do it on November 22nd or 23rd but not at the club. The pavilion is booked that weekend. We could have it there but not use the main meeting hall. There is more availability at the club in December but the pavilion is reserved on the 7th.

By the way, Thanksgiving is Nov. 27th and Christmas is the 25th (as always ) and falls on a Thursday.


So where and when could we get together to turn large amounts of money into noise and smoke?



Sleep In?

Isn’t that what most people do on Saturday mornings?

I thought so. So why am I up and already at the club at 7:00 a.m.?
Oh, right. I’m the Membership Secretary and there is another New Member Orientation class today.

Strange how so few people supposedly want to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights according to the antis but I’ve been doing this gig for 5 years now. Orientation classes every other month and we’ve never have canceled one for lack of participation.

And the club is only one of a great many of options available to those in the Metroplex (DFW area).

Throwing It Out There — Blog Shoot?

I know I’ve been relatively absent from the blog for a long while. I hope to explain soon but until things shake down a little more I want to stay a quite about personal issues that have had me distracted.


That being said; isn’t it about time we started working on another Dallas Area Blog Shoot?

I realize the name is something of a misnomer; we have had people from all over Texas and beyond join us and we loved that. Bloggers, readers, commenters, friends, family are all welcome to come.

So what do you folks think?