Merry Christmas

Working On Xmas Eve

Not a complaint at all; just a reminder to myself how blessed I am to have a job again. While my unemployment was brief (30 days), it was a reminder that many people aren’t working.

So in case you don’t stop by tomorrow — I don’t expect you to — Merry Christmas friends.


Scattered Thought with a 40% Chance of Coherency

Been one of those weeks; while it’s settled down from the first part, still difficult to find my groove on getting new posts up.



It has been bad in the evenings; seems many Texans loose the ability to function behind the wheel of a vehicle when any amount of water is on the ground, falling or about to fall.
Wednesday coming home took twice as long as usual; 90 minutes is just too long and that is avoiding the congested freeways.


My thoughts on the subject?   — What is President Obama trying to distract us from.


It’s going great and travel has slacked off for this month. Already planning a couple of trips for January though. Great to have a job for the holidays, bad part is no chance to build up P.T.O.; so while the rest of the office is out for a shutdown, I’ll be there. Oh Joy.

The Interview 

Hopefully Sony is playing this for big stakes. Would love to see them “change their mind” and release the movie nationwide over the Christmas break. Maybe it is cynical of me but I can’t imagine not taking advantage of the huge amount of free publicity they are getting; unless there was something taken in the hack that is truly damaging.


Why is it people don’t accept that violence is a part of the human condition as much as love or kindness?
A blogger I read was bemoaning the fact we’ve lost our humanity because we keep going on after such atrocities as happened in Pakistan. Sorry but through out our history that has been the way it is. Life Goes on.
People can be loving and kind. People can be cruel and evil. Most are some where inbetween and often exhibit some aspects of any position on the spectrum at at the same time. We really haven’t changed our nature, just improved the tools we used.

And that gives me hope.
And that makes me weep for us.


Time is Fleeting….

…and has been spent (and will be spent) on other activities than blogging.

Sorry it’s the holiday season; Saturday night we had a Christmas party, Sunday was potluck at the Church and last night was “Cookies and Cocoa” at Nana’s house — yummy.

Tonight is Club meeting and in December; that means our Annual Christmas party and our Annual elections. Been a little busy so far.

I’ll try to find a few minutes to post about something today — but really want to dig into a couple of current events like the Sydney hostage situation and the massacre in Pakistan. In order to talk about those, it will take a while.


In the meantime, enjoy Pentatonix — Mary, Did you know?




Ever since I dumped Sitemeter the attempts to hack into my blog have pretty much stopped.

As in I can’t find an attempt ?


Anyone else notice the same thing?

Yet Another Defensive Gun Use

Police said a 77-year-old East Texas man fatally shot a would-be burglar who broke into his home Tuesday morning.

Tyler Police Detective Andy Erbaugh said Bobby Shaw fatally shot 44-year-old Luke Garrison of Brownsboro in the chest with a shotgun. Erbaugh said Garrison was shirtless and wielding an unspecified tool.

Shaw — who lives alone — said Garrison charged at him.

Garrison’s widow told police that he suffered from mental health problems.

No other injuries were reported.

An autopsy has been ordered. Police are investigating.

I recently was in a discussion about something every much like this with another blogger; he wants to change the law to make it harder for people to defend themselves.

“I was afraid” is no more a justification for the taking of a human life than “I was drunk” would be.

The right of self-defense should only apply to those whose lives are in actual danger, not those reacting to an imaginary danger.


But with rights go responsibilities. I believe people who claim a right to defend themselves with lethal force have a responsibility to verify that they actually are in danger.

I tried to make a point about how difficult it would be to determine ‘actual danger’ versus ‘imaginary danger’ in situations like the one Mr. Shaw faced.
So using Phil’s idea — how in the world could Mr. Shaw ‘verify’ he was in ‘actual danger’?
Should he ask “Hey you, the person who has broken into my house, what are you doing here?” and have to wait for an answer ? I guess having the intruder start shooting would be an answer, having the intruder beating him would be an answer.
But that brings up other questions; is a simple punch enough ‘actual danger’? Should he have to wait until he sustains “X” number of blows?

Or what happens if the intruder say “I’m just here to rob you” ? Does the home owner have to allow the robbery because he is in no ‘actual danger’?
Which we all know has to be a truthful answer because criminals never lie, right?
I’ve tried to wrap my mind around ways that a reasonable person could ‘verify’ (s)he was in ‘actual danger and I just don’t see a safe or sane way it could be done.

I want to give this serious consideration so I’m going to turn to my 4 readers for advice and ideas.

Can you of any ways a person could reasonable determine if they are in ‘actual danger’ in these scenarios?

  1. An intruder in their home in the middle of the night
  2. Someone pounding on the door in the night

Just Wondering…

..given the hysteria over any object being equated with a firearm; could I sue the police the next time they point a radar gun at my car?

If not, could I use the “I was afraid” as an excuse for any possible traffic violations, such as higher than posted speed ?