Temperature Swings

Locals know the weather has gone crazy; but they don’t know how much mine has.

Been having the pleasure of experiencing temps ranging up to 102 degrees over the weekend.

Killed my plans to get a couple of posts in the pipeline. Hang in there folks, things will get better….or at least back to normal (for some definition of what goes as normal around here) sooner or later.


At least that is what I keep telling myself.


Edited to Add — My wife shared this on FB.

With the title “Now my allergies make sense”


A More Realistic Evaluation?

I had seen this before; the last time over at friend Borepatch’s site.


Their list is skewed a little heavily toward self reporting and self reporting on social media (Facebook).

  • Active Military Personnel:
  • Military Veterans:
  • Physically Active:.
  • Martial Arts Enthusiasts:
  • People with Survival Skills:
  • People with Knowledge of Zombies:
  • Laser Tag Enthusiasts:
  • People with Guns:
  • Obesity:
  • Paintball Enthusiasts:
  • Triathletes:

Some of them I can agree with — but how they got those numbers are a little off. Personally I think a state with higher number of Military personnel does not necessarily mean that is a good thing. Seeing how the military will be thrown into the meat grinder without proper support, equipment, or training (some things never change); I see the military as a liability. Most Zombie scenarios end up with the military either over ran or withdrawing to preserve combat effectiveness.

Number of Veterans shouldn’t be the only determinate of how many people know how to fight.

So, given all that I’ve came up with my own methodology – how do you think your state would stack up?

1. Population Density (source) – The more people per square mile the more likely an outbreak will spread. Sorry folks just common sense backed up by hundreds of years of observational data from plagues.

2. Emergency Preparedness – no source – This would be evaluated by sales of preparedness related items such as water filters/purification system, bulk sales of food, alternate energy sources (generators, solar panels, turbines, etc).

3. People with Survival Skills – no source but let’s not limit this to self reporting on Facebook eh. Let’s look at the number of people with training. Some of us had years of experience (Scouting for years, 4 years as part of my job in the Air Force) but never mention it in social media. Let’s look at the number of people who are living off the grid — either by choice or poverty.

4. Martial Arts – How about the number of dojos, teaching studios per capita as a measure? I think that the nature of the instruction is important (Tai Chi might not be as effective as Krav Maga for example) but something is better than nothing.

5. The number of D-I-Y home improvement and auto repair stores — this is a proxy measure for self reliance in basic repairs. Not the greatest measure as folks who home stead might be discounted slightly but let’s face it, it you can’t keep your plumbing and car going yourself, it’s going to be harder to rig up something to help fend off the Zombie hordes.

6. Armament – Not just the measure of NICS checks but a deeper measure that includes things like number of gun stores per square mile, ratio of firearms sold to amount of ammunition sold, etc. Having lots of firearms may look good on the wall but if you can’t feed them, the zombies will feed on you.

7. Firearm related training – Sorry Laser Tag (great training for movies -infinite ammo capacity) or Paint ball (gun control vision of firearm training -spray and pray) just not going to cut it. This one will be a compilation of factors; the number of gun ranges (lanes) per capita, the number of active participants in IDPA/USPPA/3 Gun matches per capita, the number of active hunting licenses. I would much rather have someone who knows how to fire one shot and harvest game (food procurement/sniper) or live in a community that supports multiple venues where people fire real firearms. Might even through in Carry Licenses (Open / Concealed) into the mix; odds are the Zombies will start gnawing on folks when most of us are out and about (work or errands).

8. Locally Grown Food – Two measures; how far the food you eat has to travel  and the number of home gardens. One of the first things to collapse will be the retail industry; including food distribution. The less distance you have to go to get food or the more available it is in your area, the more likely Interesting to note that Vegetables and Fruit plants are the 2nd highest expenditure (lawn is #1) and that perennials are #3 and annual flowers are #5. Perhaps more and more people are waking up to the vulnerabilities in the  food supply system. Container and raised bed gardens will keep the family fed while fending off the undead.

9. Number of personally owned vehicles compared to public transportation – while mass transit may be better for the environment, it is going to be a huge issue during an outbreak. The more the people of a city or state depend on public transportation, the more likely they will be exposed to an infected person.  An alternate measure for this could be the number of people in a city who commute; the more the worse the survival chances. Not only will they be more likely to be away from home but the more the highways/mass transit systems will jam up. 

Wish I could have put together a listing and ranked the states but a.) I’m swamped at work and b.) I’m fairly lazy and that seems like a lot of work.

What did I miss? What do you think would be a better measure?




Perception Shift

I’m in my 50′s. Been into computers since High School; took the first computer programming class the school ever offered way back in ’81.

I should be very aware of storage capacity and limitations but some things sneak up on even the most aware. Today it really struck home how much things have changed.
I need to work on some documents at home so I sought out one of the USB thumb drives our marketing folks distributes as the industry version of ‘gimme’ caps.

My initial thought on looking at it was “How quaint*; 512 MB — not even a full Gig or a 2 Gig drive.”

Of course, there was more then enough room on the drive for all 200+ documents; not even 40 megs of worth of files. Realized I’ve been spoiled by how fast technology has advanced and how cheap components are now days. Makes me thankful for the times we do live in.





* Or something to that effect minus the sentence enhancers and more colorful phrasing.

12 Years Ago

I asked one of the most important questions in my life.

She said “yes”

6 months later we were married.


I’d ask again today, tomorrow and every day of my life.

Love you Kimberly

Still Here

Keeping busy at work. 10 or 11 hour days are common and foreseeable for a couple of months.
I’ll try to get some posts worked up over the weekends.


In other news; looking around the country — weatherwise; Oh Man. I am ever so glad to live in Texas.

62 degrees with a chance of thunderstorms beats snow ! Yay Texas.

Quote of the Day

I almost didn’t excerpt this part because the entire post is just that good but this really captures two issues in just a few words

I don’t carry a gun because I walk around scared every day.
I don’t walk around scared every day because I carry a gun!

I don’t understand why the feminist movement has not whole-heartedly embraced and promoted gun ownership for women.
It’s the most “liberating” thing a woman can possibly do to ensure her safety and equality.

Thank You Tamara Flaherty….now if you haven’t already clicked over, I highly suggest you read the entire post.

Well, that didn’t go so well

Not a career enhancing performance to fail a “pass/fail” assessment; especially in a area that is supposed to be a core competency. Of course, there is some pretty valid reasons for it.

I’m really being beginning to hate the numbers 16949.

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