Illustration on Why I Own a Car

Can readily be seen in this image – might have to click to enlarge to see the entire image.

Against Public Transportation

If you look carefully you can see a little difference in the routes and by a little difference I mean an hour longer if I take public transportation. I plotted this route to find a possible store I needed to visit for business reasons. If I value my time — at least as much as the company does – I wouldn’t take the public transportation route. It would eat up 1/4th of my day just getting there and back.

And of course Weer’d Beard points out another reason why I don’t like Public transportation; it isn’t always available when you need it.


Not Expecting a Reply ….Part 2,895,004

I know that the people who really need this information will never reply, never change, never even know I’m doing this in order to keep from committing general mayhem……but at least it keeps me out of jail.

Dear Gun Club Member’s spouse– 

I greatly appreciate your prompt payment of your spouses annual dues. I would request one slight favor; please actually include your husband’s name on the check. Between separate bank accounts and on-line bill paying systems that use your name; sometimes it is difficult to associate Jane Doe with the correct “First Name” Doe.

Dear Hotel Guest down the hall –

I really appreciate the technological marvel you are using for an alarm clock. The level of sound achieved by that portable device is absolutely astounding. I didn’t appreciate hearing it at 3:30 a.m. two out of the four nights at the hotel. I did marvel at your ability to sleep though 15 or 20 minutes of it after the rest of us on the floor was roused by it.

Dear Fellow Commuter –

You don’t know me. You don’t know that I habitually get to the office at least 30 to 60 minutes prior to the start of my work day. I do hope you’ve learned the futility of tail gating me. On a side street. With 2 open lanes available for you to use; one on either side of me. I found your insistent that I move out of your way appealing to my contrary nature; the more you kept closing the distance, the less I felt the need to maintain my speed. Which, if any law enforcement officials are reading is not admission of guilt, could have been in excess of the posted limit.

Dear Other Fellow Commuters

Of the love of all that is holy; learn to MERGE on a highway. It really is a simple process – use your turn signal, accelerate or decelerate to position your car in the open space, take turns (like a zipper). Your poor planning, lack of attention or general insistence on the right of way — which you do not have !!!! — does not constitute an imperative on my part to give way to you. I really try to be polite and let those who do a minimum of the necessary steps merge easily. But again — see the above comment. I have lots of time which apparently you don’t.


Dear Telemarketer

I realize you have a job to do. It isn’t your fault that you are not selling anything I’m interested in. I listen politely to your opening line and then politely inform you I’m not interested. Continuing to insist I listen to your pitch may not be in your best interest. Sorry your boss came on the line and chewed you out after I asked you to wait while I a.) took dinner off the stove, b.) kissed my wife goodbye as she left for work, c) thought I heard the doorbell {twice – are you really that slow}, and d) had to get the fire extinguisher to put out the cat because it got on the stove to get the dinner.
I do appreciate your insistence that I would be right back. But I lied. I’m not really sorry your boss chewed you out.


Dear Gun Club Member Paying Your Dues –

I say this with an absolute of jealousy. I find it absolutely fantastic that the company you own or work for would be willing to pay your dues. But please for both our sakes (and often that of the poor accounts payable person) have them (or you do it) put your actual name on the check. Or in a note accompanying the payment.
This way they don’t have to call me in 90 days wonder why check #123456 from ABC Fence and Pawn hasn’t been cashed yet. Or you have to call me wondering why you got a past due notice.

Dear Iowans –

Thank you for an warm and friendly stay in your great state. But you folks are out of your effing minds if you think I’m going to move up there. Great place to visit but I’ll come back when the temps are 3 or 4 times higher than the high during the week. 22 is just a little chilly for my blood and this -8 degrees in the morning didn’t make me want to get out and walk around your town. Or walk anywhere.



Good, Better, Best

Good – having a really nice steak dinner.

Better – enjoying the dinner with some new friends

Best – having the company pay for the dinner.


Been fun traveling but I’ll be glad to get home today.

Sad State of Affairs

I can understand cities and the state charging for accident reports for those not involved; personally I would prefer to keep the information contained private — but anyone with the right information can get it.

I could almost, before the advent of computers and cheap storage capacity, see charging for older reports.

But to charge people to download a police report on the collision they were in 6 days ago — ridiculous. And for it to cost $6 plus taxes, come on folks. Now you are just gouging people.

Especially since it looks like the other party isn’t willing to step and make things right. Called once last week and talked  to the car owner; she said she would get the information on how to file an insurance claim. That was Wednesday. Tried again this morning and didn’t get a response.

This should be fun*

*for some value or definition of fun.



Well That Messes Up A Morning

Had a great blog post planned (not really was going to wing it) and needed to start the day early because a rush project.

Instead of getting into the office early, knocking out a quick post; I spent an hour or so dealing with a minor fender bender.  One of those low speed freeway collisions; two or three cars up from me, one decides to stop suddenly for no $@#% reason. Everyone Most Everyone brakes in time, I barely avoided the truck in front of me. Unfortunately the driver behind me didn’t, he hit me pushing me into the truck. I couldn’t tell if my hitting the truck pushed him into the car in front of him but it doesn’t matter; both of them drove off without even thinking of exchanging information.

My back bumper is messed up slightly and the other guys front grill had some parts come loose. Of course, when I go to exchange insurance information; his policy is expired.

And it isn’t his car.

And his name isn’t on the policy anyways.

Cops were called just to make sure everything was on the level and the other driver did produce an identification card; not a valid Texas Driver’s license though. I have contact information and the officer did inform me there was a valid policy on the car. Whether the driver is covered or not remains to be seen.

Guess I know what I’ll be doing in my ‘spare time’ for a while.



Work In Progress

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Sounded like something that I need; so I clicked on the link. Only to be told

You purchased this item on October 26, 2014.

Yeah, it really does sound like something I need… read.

Not having a great Friday so far. Hope yours is better.


Maybe I Don’t Have It So Bad

With my commute after all…..


At 21 million people, Lagos has become Africa’s largest city. It was only 1.4 million in 1970, so as you might imagine, traffic is rough.

Many More pictures at the link.