Sad State of Affairs

I can understand cities and the state charging for accident reports for those not involved; personally I would prefer to keep the information contained private — but anyone with the right information can get it.

I could almost, before the advent of computers and cheap storage capacity, see charging for older reports.

But to charge people to download a police report on the collision they were in 6 days ago — ridiculous. And for it to cost $6 plus taxes, come on folks. Now you are just gouging people.

Especially since it looks like the other party isn’t willing to step and make things right. Called once last week and talked  to the car owner; she said she would get the information on how to file an insurance claim. That was Wednesday. Tried again this morning and didn’t get a response.

This should be fun*

*for some value or definition of fun.



Well That Messes Up A Morning

Had a great blog post planned (not really was going to wing it) and needed to start the day early because a rush project.

Instead of getting into the office early, knocking out a quick post; I spent an hour or so dealing with a minor fender bender.  One of those low speed freeway collisions; two or three cars up from me, one decides to stop suddenly for no $@#% reason. Everyone Most Everyone brakes in time, I barely avoided the truck in front of me. Unfortunately the driver behind me didn’t, he hit me pushing me into the truck. I couldn’t tell if my hitting the truck pushed him into the car in front of him but it doesn’t matter; both of them drove off without even thinking of exchanging information.

My back bumper is messed up slightly and the other guys front grill had some parts come loose. Of course, when I go to exchange insurance information; his policy is expired.

And it isn’t his car.

And his name isn’t on the policy anyways.

Cops were called just to make sure everything was on the level and the other driver did produce an identification card; not a valid Texas Driver’s license though. I have contact information and the officer did inform me there was a valid policy on the car. Whether the driver is covered or not remains to be seen.

Guess I know what I’ll be doing in my ‘spare time’ for a while.



Work In Progress

Saw this e-book come through on one of get free Kindle book notifications that I subscribe to

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Sounded like something that I need; so I clicked on the link. Only to be told

You purchased this item on October 26, 2014.

Yeah, it really does sound like something I need… read.

Not having a great Friday so far. Hope yours is better.


Maybe I Don’t Have It So Bad

With my commute after all…..


At 21 million people, Lagos has become Africa’s largest city. It was only 1.4 million in 1970, so as you might imagine, traffic is rough.

Many More pictures at the link.

The BS Rule of Drivers in Traffic

Simply states “During Rush Hour traffic, you will encounter one #$%#^^, jerk/inattentive driver per mile that you have to commute. Unfortunately some of them are going the exact same way you are for most of that distance”


My new commute is 29 miles. Takes about an hour to go that distance.


Time to decompress — wonder if I have any Bacardi Limon left in the pantry.

Dissonance Reduced

Now this is more like it



12-1-14 weather


From nearly 80 degrees yesterday to only 38 (probably the high for the day) today…’s beginning to feel a little more like Christmas.






  1. lack of harmony among musical notes.
    “an unusual degree of dissonance for such choral styles”
  2. a tension or clash resulting from the combination of two disharmonious or unsuitable elements.
    “dissonance between campaign rhetoric and personal behavior”




Listening to Christmas Carols on the way to the gun club; including Bing Crosby’s “Let It Snow”


And driving with the windows down, enjoying the great 70 degree weather.


Lived here since 1977 and it still strikes me as completely ridiculous the weather we get during the holiday season.