12 Years Ago

I asked one of the most important questions in my life.

She said “yes”

6 months later we were married.


I’d ask again today, tomorrow and every day of my life.

Love you Kimberly

Should I Make A Category?

Might have to call it “living dangerously” or “Inconvenient Truths” (might already be taken) but there are too many just to pass up.


Again…I’ll exercise my right to say nothing else.

Without Commentary*


*for my safety, I refuse to say whether or not this is applicable.

Snow Day

Well more of an ice/sleet/freezing rain day. Roads are slicker than owl snot (don’t ask how I can make that comparison, I’m trying to forget that camping trip).

Just chilling out -literally- at home with the Tennessee Father In Law and She Who Lets Me Make Her Coffee Every Morning.

I am a little peeved at the timing of this storm; likely won’t make it out to the range with Tn F-I-L this weekend. Perfect excuse to be polite and while turning money into smoke and noise–and this weather puts a kaboosh on that plan. Phooey!


Every notice how solid things seem in memories?
Rock solid foundations of our childhood (1st, 2nd and current for some of us) often aren’t a deep as we remember. For years, it was Thanksgiving at our house; usually a handful of G.I.s that couldn’t go home for the holidays joining us. Then later it was Thanksgiving at Aunt Mary’s house; with a huge crowd of family around. And so it goes, change. For years now, Thanksgiving has been at Nana’s house; with a huge crowd of family around.

For years it was running around with the cousins, getting into trouble, playing video games and eating too much. Then for years it was watching the kids running around, trying to get them to stop playing video games and eating too much. Lately, it was watching the kids chasing the grandchildren around, trying to keep them out of trouble, from playing too many video games and still eating too much.

This year things were a lot different at Thanksgiving. We went out to eat. Yes, we were one of those families. 16 of us at Cracker Barrel for lunch. And I’m sure this Thanksgiving will provide lots of memories.

Of people getting there at 10:00 a.m. to get on the waiting list…
Of being told until all the members of the party are together, no one gets on the waiting list….
Of waiting…..
Of a very crowded store area; full of people waiting to be seated…..
Of getting everyone together and being told of a 45 minute wait for a table….
Of waiting a while longer…
Of getting our table — oh, wait tables !  Not all of us are sitting together; 12 at one table 4 at another….
Of mediocre service..

And most importantly

Of how little any of those really mattered.

Nana was out of the hospital and moving around.
Family gathered together and talked.
A meal was blessed and a family blessed by the meal and companionship.
People were missed; family was scattered about the state and country but they were on our minds and in our hearts as we gathered.

We weren’t alone; Cracker Barrel — much maligned retail establishment open on the holidays — provided lunch and dinner to a huge crowd. Even more they provided a huge service; a holiday meal for those who couldn’t or didn’t want to cook. A place to gather with a few or many, to realize they aren’t alone in the world or their situation.

I saw people waiting patiently and politely (how much different from the crowds on Black Friday in some cases).

Will this be the new normal or will we gather again at a home; I don’t know. I do know the location isn’t as important as the company. And the company isn’t as important as the attitude; it is about Thanksgiving after all. While some things may drift, I hope to be steadfast in the important things; faith and family.

(Might want to watch your volume on the video)




Sometimes it is tougher then others to be thankful….but it is well; as tough as it is to say some days.


Ups And Downs

Sorry I’ve been a little off my game lately. Things are as crazy (or crazier) as always; it is just difficult to make a post without going a profanity laced tirade that ends with my blood pressure spiking higher then the Willis Building.

Down — People are starting to realize just how bad the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is – of course they are realizing this as they are dropped from their insurance or faced with premiums shooting through the roof.
Up — Our company was proactive and managed to secure another year of insurance at the exact same cost as this year.


Down — After the next year is up, I am not sure what will happen.
UP — I have a year to prepare and I have a vague idea of what is going to happen (it is going to be really, really bad despite the efforts of the CEO)


Down : Really Really Down — Our daughter-in-law appears to have fled the state, if not is in hiding so no one on our side of the family can see the kids. I can not describe how much I miss seeing the grand children; it is just tearing us up not to be able to see those three boys.
Up — Our son TR is doing much better emotionally without her negative influence; the improvement is dramatic, positive and much welcomed.


Down – The Economy. Yeah, I know the DOW Jones Index is riding high, I know jobs reports are okay, yada yada yada. It is just very difficult to believe things are improving as much as the media is saying. Really Seems like they are trying to make it so by saying it.
Up — There some signs of improvement; my company is doing better then the last several years with strong enough sales to keep us busy.


Down — Some orders have been pushed back an unknown amount of time due to issues.
Up — The issues aren’t ours and the slow down comes right at the holidays so we don’t have to work overtime during the week and on the weekends. (Not that it mattered to my pay — I”m salary. It’s just nice not to be at work as much).


Down — She Who Lets Me Make Her Coffee Every Morning hasn’t been employed outside of the home for over 16 months now.
Up — The fact she hasn’t been working outside of the home has let her be available to help out with the family in so many ways. It is amazing that God can and does make all things work out to the good.


Down — Mother-in-Law spent the better part of a week in the hospital with something, something cardiomyopathy.
Up — She is out of the hospital and Kimberly (SWLMMHCEM) was able to be there and really keep track of what was going on. I know that was a blessing to both Kimberly and her mother.

Up — My Texas Father in Law just had another check up and is still cancer free.


Down- I am still greatly concerned about the economy, the overbearing government’s inability to stop trying to fix things it has no idea (see Affordable Care Act and any other “fix the economy” plan in the last 20 years). I am worried that when and if things start to slide it is going to be incredibly bad.
Up – Despite everything, we still move ahead with our preps; slower and less intensive but making progress nonetheless.


Down – The range just completed a brand new, state of the art (at least for us) 100 yard range. I have not made the time to get out and take pictures or even shoot on it !
Up – Yeah, I know how much of a first world problem this is.


Sorry for the hodgepodge of venting; that is pretty much how scattered my thoughts have been lately.

Free Money (aka NRA Youth Scholarship)

Wonder if the Anti-Rights Cultists will ever have enough spare money to help kids go to college versus using college kids as interns.

The N.R.A. has enough money though

Forty-five outstanding current high school sophomores and juniors from across the United States are chosen each year to travel to the nation’s capital, where they participate in the weeklong educational opportunity. The summit encourages young adults to become active and knowledgeable U.S. citizens by learning about the Constitution and Bill of Rights, the federal government, and the importance of being active in civic affairs.  The 2014 summit will take place Monday, June 23 – Sunday, June 29.  Click here to download the application to get started today!

In addition to the week in Washington D.C., Y.E.S. participants compete for $30,000 in college scholarships. The first round of awards totals $15,000 and is given at the conclusion of the Y.E.S. program. A second round of scholarships is comprised of $15,000 and involves a second application, available to the participants after they go through the Y.E.S. program.


Since the program’s inception in 1996, more than 700 students have graduated from Y.E.S. and over $400,000 in scholarships has been awarded

If you know of a current high school sophomore or junior, please let them know about this opportunity.

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