No, YOU Wear IT

Over at; this had me shaking my head


Have you ever thought, Man, if I could make this decoy move like an Elk or Deer, I would have it made. Well no more wishing. The Be The Decoy Cow Elk and Mule Deer Doe Decoy Hat are the first ever decoy that makes you the decoy. This decoy hat allows you, the archery hunter, to concentrate on spotting and stalking a trophy Elk or Deer while keeping your hands free to nock an arrow and draw your bow. It is made of closed cell PU foam which is light weight, firm but also flexible. It also included 3 self-adhesive foam fitting pads to customize the fit of the hat. If you are tired of packing around a bulky decoy them become the decoy with the Be The Decoy Cow Elk or Doe Deer Decoy Hat.

While I believe most hunters are very safety conscience; I think I’ll not tempt fate by wearing something that makes it so easy to be mistaken for something to be shot.

Camofire — feel free to field test it and let me know the results but I think I’ll pass on this one.

For The People Owned by Cats

A preparedness item for the felines in your household


Cat Battle Armor

I would suggest this but a bottom of the list item given the price though.

Deal Alert -AR Mags

Academy Sports Store has Red Jacket brand magazines marked down

These 30 round magazines are normally $24.99 now marked down to $9.99

Tales From The Great Ammo Shortage of ’13

Academy Sports and Outdoors has updated their purchase limit policy.

Effectively immediately, the new limit is 2 boxes (or 1 bulk pack) of any caliber. No limits on the number of calibers that can be purchased at one time.

Actually had Winchester 9 mm NATO on the shelve for a reasonable price yesterday; along with 40 S&W, .45 ACP, many rifle calibers (including .223/5.56).

.223 and 5.56 are considered different calibers per the sales associate by the way.

Primal Gear Folding Survival Bow


This looks very interesting. I could see it in a car kit or Get Out Of Dodge bag easily. Primal Gear seems to be reasonable on the prices, about $129.

Personally I think it would be a valuable addition for any serious Zombie Apocalypse prepper; I’m tired of reading books where no one thinks of a quiet way of killing zombies.  On a serious note, I could see having a bow or two like this as a part of my preps. There is enough game in the area to make it worthwhile, it wouldn’t give away a person’s location when used and folds up compact in case you have to bug out.

1943 Russian SVT-40 for Sale

UPDATE — Sorry folks, but this rifle has been SOLD.

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Not mine (I am not fortunate enough to own one yet and probably wouldn’t sell it if I did) but posting this for a friend of a friend — Here is an image from his Photobucket account.

 photo 1943RissianmadeSVT-40Tokarevrifle012_zps5a31104c.jpg
If you want to contact the seller, please email him at elite_hot_rodATyahooDOTcom – I suggest you do it quickly if you want it; it is priced to move at $900.


Effectiveness of Less Lethal Options

Many people recommend carrying/using “Less Lethal” means of protection instead of a firearm.

I’ve talked about the effectiveness of TASERs before but Barron at The Minuteman had a video that brought it to mind again.


Here is a recap of how they are supposed to work.

Many might think the answer is simple: The prongs of a taser send electricity directly into muscle fibers and cause them to contract uncontrollably. But that’s not the whole story. According to the website of TASER International, an Arizona company that provides electronic devices for use in law enforcement, a taser incapacitates a person by highjacking the reins of the central nervous system—the ultimate controller of our muscles.

The electrical weapon, according to TASER International, overrides the brain’s control of the body by speaking the same ‘language’ as nerves. It achieves this by emitting electric pulses that match those used by neurons, which transfer information between the brain and muscles. When these nerves are flooded with pulses that are similar to their natural frequency and strength, normal signals get drowned out and muscles contract uncontrollably.

Now check out the actions of the lady in the video; does it look like her muscles ‘contract uncontrollably”? Or does it appear the reins of her central nervous system where highjacked?

Not so much to me. The TASER was likely ineffective because the barbs were too close. The officer fired from near contact distance. And no, he didn’t use the ‘drive stun’ mode; the wires are clearly visible as he walks off screen.

Shot placement apparently isn’t just appropriate for firearms.

Some people may advocate less lethal means but given the problems with them (hey, I’m an Asthmatic & can you say “winter coats” ?) I think I’ll stick with something that I can practice with over and over again.

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