Time is Fleeting….

…and has been spent (and will be spent) on other activities than blogging.

Sorry it’s the holiday season; Saturday night we had a Christmas party, Sunday was potluck at the Church and last night was “Cookies and Cocoa” at Nana’s house — yummy.

Tonight is Club meeting and in December; that means our Annual Christmas party and our Annual elections. Been a little busy so far.

I’ll try to find a few minutes to post about something today — but really want to dig into a couple of current events like the Sydney hostage situation and the massacre in Pakistan. In order to talk about those, it will take a while.


In the meantime, enjoy Pentatonix — Mary, Did you know?



It Was A Good Day – Saturday



A little long but the weather held out for a really nice day. A little breezy when we needed it to keep the temperature bearable and no storms.

Carolyn Wedding 1



They chose a beautiful venue. Just a minute from the freeway but seemingly isolated by distance and time.

Carolyn Wedding 4


Rich’s daughter “K” was included in the ceremony with daughter Carolyn presenting her with a Unity Locket. “K” was also the Flower Girl for the ceremony.

Carolyn Wedding 3


The reception was held on the same venue with excellent BBQ (sorry I can’t think of the name of the caterer or I would be touting them). Again the weather turned absolutely delightful with a little breeze and very comfortable temperatures as the sun went down.

The celebration went on late into the night but us old timers left around 11:00 p.m.

I’ll try to steal some more pictures to post later. I also need to steal some from She Who Lets Me Make Her Coffee Every Morning’s Birthday Party on Sunday. I’m not going to say how old she is but it is a “major milestone’ birthday.




D.A.B. III Longer Recap

Sorry for the brief posts but I have simply been wiped out this weekend.

I wish I would have taken pictures but when I’m behind a camera I feel too much of an observer and I definitely wanted to be a participant in the activities. So, I’m stealing some and will ask others to send me the ones they took. KX59 has some up at his blog along with his recap.

So the day before the blog shoot I loaded up the ammo, some targets and other items. Bright and early (way too early) I got up and finished loading the car with the firearms. Between the ammo and the firearm cases; the back of the Jimmy was full. I got out to the range at 8:00 and soon after that Nick the Blogless showed up. Followed soon afterwards by others.

Shamelessly stealing this pic from KX59; I think only one of those isn’t mine.[singlepic id=459 w=320 h=240 float=center]

I want to thank some folks who made this day possible. First and foremost my lovely bride, She Who Lets Me Make Her Coffee Every Morning. Not only did she cover all the action in the pavilion, she didn’t complain when I spent money on ammo and way too many hamburgers. She actually had the idea of throwing me a bash like this before she found out I was already making plans. After that she actively supported the idea and helped make the day a great success.
I also need to thank the rest of my family who showed up and helped out, came out to shoot or brought food. Too many to name without leaving someone out so I’ll thank everyone for all you did.
And the club had several people who came out to help; Bill (a long time friend), Paul (blog reader, friend and club member), Byron (talk about crazy, the man is Club President this year), Gary (couldn’t shoot much since he messed up and scheduled himself as Range Officer), Matt, and especially Frank. Frank was there bright and early so he could set up the rim-fire steel targets that got a lot of use ! Thanks folks for everything.

[singlepic id=458 w=320 h=240 float=center]

People kept coming to the shoot all through the day; that was one of the better things about the shoot and one of the biggest problems. The late arrivals didn’t get to shoot long enough and it kept me hopping to greet everyone. The good thing was people showed up even if they couldn’t be there the whole day.
Would like to know what every one thought of the ‘come and go’ style of D.A.B. III.

I was having a blast and even shooting a little bit in between talking to folks and helping new shooters. The two young ladies in the picture below took their first shots ever at the Blog Shoot. Another young lady also shot for the first time using the Browning Buckmark; you know who you are and I want a picture of your target to post here. You did great !

[singlepic id=460 w=320 h=240 float=center]

The young gentleman was kind enough to share his Cricket rifle with many others that day. Thanks Little Man!

We had several ranges to spread out and everyone took advantage of that; we had people shooting on the 100 yard range*, the 50 yard range, the 25 yard rimfire only range, the 25 yard cowboy action (where the steel plates were) and the 25 yard range.

[singlepic id=457 w=320 h=240 float=center]

We had a large family turn out; John and his son, KX59 and his 2 kids and many others. That was one of the aspects I really wanted to see succeed. So do you think the family/age aspect overcame the limitations of the range rules?

[singlepic id=455 w=320 h=240 float=center]

[singlepic id=456 w=320 h=240 float=center]

We also had a terrific lunch with an absolute incredible amount of food. I was worried we wouldn’t have enough but it turns out between everyone’s generosity and people not being able to make it; we had too much. Thanks Cormac for helping get everything to the house!
I thought the idea of a late lunch would work out like it did; lots of people shot for several hours, enjoy a brief respite of sitting down eating and then would either shot more or head out.

There was more than enough food for everyone to graze through out the day. I haven’t heard a single report of anyone going away hungry. Thirsty, tired, sore (some people need to learn to love recoil, right KX?) and sunburnt but not hungry**.

About 3 o’clock everyone seemed to run out of steam or had to head back home. Some folks had a ways to drive or get back to sick folks. We missed quite a few people due to illness this weekend. Please know your absence was felt; several of the original crew couldn’t make it. We tried to carry on the tradition though.

I finally drove though the gate on the way out about 5 p.m. or so. Made it home and had help unloading; many hands made it quicker then loading. Didn’t really want the day to end so a couple of us sat around talking and arguing philosophy until 2 in the morning.

What an incredible way to celebrate my 50th Birthday and to keep the tradition of friendship and fellowship alive. I don’t know about you but I think Dallas Area Blogshoot III was a success.

Please join the discussion.


*  — The 50 yard range will be closed for 2 to 3 weeks for the demolish and reconstruction of the new 100 yard range. Construction starts today; the board was kind enough to keep it open through the weekend for some reason.


** – Not only did both Range Officers report no issues with rules violations, nobody has report any injuries. Amazing how many people can get together and safely use firearms, isn’t it?


Engagements — How Times Change…

11 years ago, A very nervous blogger to be made a phone call to a father.
Yesterday, this father  received a phone call from a nervous young man.

He was calling to ask my permission; I told him he didn’t need my permission but certainly had my blessing.

Last night as they celebrated her birthday (27 ! where did the years go); Richard proposed to my daughter Carolyn.

They came by the house last night afterwards to show off the ring and continue the celebration.

We are proud and glad to have Richard joining the family.

 *Updated the title to better reflect my thoughts.

White Christmas

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas; we at Bunker BS certainly did.

We had days filled with family, extended family and friends.

And to top it all off, it snowed on Christmas Day.

[singlepic id=427 w=320 h=240 float=center]

I’ll be back but right now I’m going to start looking to spend some of the gift cards I received.

Received one from my daughter, her finance and daughter that said “Poppy, we love you so much. Please buy some ammunition to protect us on Doomsday”.

I think I’ll do just that 🙂

Not Much But Still Counts…

Went to the range this afternoon with my Tn Father in law Troy; didn’t get much shooting in though. It was a little breezy (like 15-20 mph gusts) and 58 degrees.

Took turns almost hitting the steel plates (I sure those things where swaying back and forth) with the Buckmark and completely missing with the Sig Sauer SP2022. Or at least I missed; Troy got one. Hate being shown up with my own gun.

It really hits home that I need to get out and shoot more when I interact with some of the club members. A couple of them were surprised that I owned guns and one was sure an alien pod had taken over my body.



Weekend Recap

Alternate Title — Why Bob didn’t post before this.

Been a busy weekend; started off with New Member Orientation for the club. Attendance is down. Well down from the highs of 50 people each class we had at the first of the year; this time we only had 28 new members.

After Orientation, I stopped by the Range Officer shack and talked to friend Gary. Gary is a really, really bad influence. A couple months ago, I shot his Taurus TCP and then later ended up buying one to upgrade my choice of deep concealment carry to a TCP.

Then on Independence Day, he sold a Mosin Nagant M44 to another club member moments before I came by. After a little discussion, I ended up buying it off the other club member at a slight increase. $10 profit for the guy for carrying a rifle for a little bit. My cost was a whooping $70.

Well,  Gary was at it again. He’s got a project in mind so he’s thinning out his safe. Unfortunately, it seems he caught up on prices that M44s are going for  🙂

Still no worries. I may or may not have agreed to purchase another one from him (if you are from the government and reading this; figure that I didn’t) for $200. It is in GREAT shape and is an unusual item. It is a Hex receiver M44 stamped with 1945 date and also stamped “TRZ”. That indicates it refurbed in Yugoslaiva.

Pictures of what I may or may not be buying to follow….gunnies have a little different lay away.

Me -“I can give you $50 to hold it for me until I can get the rest. :
Gary – “I’ll take the $50 and you can hold it at your house. I know where to find you.”

Then home to finish up the Orientation paperwork. Takes a while but I enjoy the job.

On Sunday, She Who Lets Me Make Her Coffee Every Morning was feeling sick so we didn’t make it to church. Her internship for Pastoral Counseling is really intensive several days out of the week. Thinking about it, I probably haven’t mentioned that — blog post for another day.

Taking advantage of the great weather, I took my daughter and her boyfriend out to the range. He has been seriously thinking of not only purchasing a firearm or two but also getting his Concealed Carry License. Something I strongly encouraged for both. Being smart kids, they both wanted more familiarity with operating firearms safely. Was enjoying the day too much to get pictures. Sorry folks.

We ended the range visit with a couple of runs at the Falling Plate rack. They did fair and enjoyed it. In typical gunnie fashion, two guys shooting there offered to let the kids run magazines through their pistols. Both of them with Red Dot sights; one was a Ruger Mark III I think and the other was a Beretta Neo. If I didn’t have to get back home quickly, we would have stayed much longer.

Had to get home to take the grandkids to the “Trunk or Treat” at the church. Wow, what a huge turnout. The chuch we’ve been attending also has a K-6 school so the place was packed. We stayed long enough for the oldest grandson to wear himself out on a bounce house obstacle course. And of course the grand kids collected a little candy.

Then home for dinner and more club work. Spent the rest of the evening slowly working through updating annual membership payments. I generally make a mail run and bank deposit once a week. I had only done 2 prior to this so I had a little catching up to do.

This morning found me heading to the Allergy Clinic for my monthly injection. Such fun.

All in all a great but busy weekend.

How was yours?