Couple of Questions Mr. Obama.

……you said these types of killings don’t happen in other developed countries.

Gunmen stormed a beer hall in northern Mexico in broad daylight on Friday, killing 10 people before stripping the bodies and stealing all their money, police said.

Several armed men arrived in two vehicles before attacking people inside the bar in the municipality of Garcia at around 3pm, an official in the state prosecutor’s office said.

The assailants stripped seven bodies naked and left with 10,000 pesos ($650) in cash, the official said on condition of anonymity.

So does this killing not count because Mexico isn’t “developed”?
Or does it not count because there wasn’t an obvious race issue involved?
Or does it not count because Mexico has the type of restrictive gun control laws you only dream about?

Exploring the Ethics and Morality of Robert Farago

Maybe I’m out of line (happens quite often) but shouldn’t a website created to “explore the ethics, morality, business, politics, culture, technology, practice, strategy, dangers and fun of guns” be open to publicly discussing when they cross ethical lines?

7 weeks ago, Linoge at Walls of the City put up an uberpost about Robert Farago editor of The Truth About Guns. That post was dated 10 Oct. 2012.

On 12 Oct. 2012 Robert Farago left a comment on that post

Robert Farago

I appreciate the time and effort that went into this post. I will give it an appropriate level of consideration and reflection.

Meanwhile, anyone who wishes to discuss these matters with me is welcome to call me on 401 835 5054.

Okay….I didn’t want to call him but I did reach out in email; documented here on 19 October 2012.

Four days ago, 26 Nov. 2012  Linoge noted that the uberpost had become the most popular post on his site. And that reminded me I hadn’t seen Robert Farago’s “response to the wider community” which he said he was working on.

So, once again I reached out to address the issue. His reply was brief.

I guess actions speak louder than words.


TTAG now links all pictures to their source. 

[singlepic id=418 w=320 h=240 float=center]
Hmm, not really what he said he was working on nor did it address all of the issues raised (I counted 5 separate headings).  Nor does it follow what was his previously stated position
I explained the reason I took down your comment: it violates TTAG’s posting policy. In addition, it’s an unnecessary digression. When a reader raises serious questions about TTAG’s editorial stance or style, I create a separate post for public, uncensored feedback.

I think we can safely say that Linoge ‘raises serious questions about TTAG’s editorial stance or style’, right? Yet, as of the email exchange there was no post. Yes I did check to see if the issues were being addressed publicly.

Robert Farago closed out our email exchange with this bit of hypocrisy:

At least for the short term, I’ve decided that discretion is the better part of valor.

If you could keep these communications private I’d be most appreciative.

[singlepic id=419 w=320 h=240 float=center]


Let’s look at other  quotes from Robert Farago:

I felt then, as I do now, that the unexamined belief is not worth holding. That the open and free exchange of ideas only strengthens the cause of truth.

In this endeavor we must not be afraid to engage our detractors.

Hmm, “discretion better part of valor” versus “the open and free exchange of ideas” and “not be afraid to engage our detractors”. Guess Robert Farago only means when he isn’t the topic of conversation.

So, am I off base here? Should Robert Farago, he who publicly calls out others, address the issues raised publicly?





Stupid Criminal and Scumbag Boyfriend

I have a phrase that I use quite often — Most Couples deserve each other.

A news report in Florida shows an example of the scummy end of the spectrum.

Pinellas County Sheriff’s deputies responded to Heather Lynn Mayo’s call for help on Monday, the Associated Press says. She wanted help kicking out her boyfriend, Robert Worden, from her apartment where he showed up after 40 days in the county jail, according to The Times.


Guessing there was some domestic disputing going on and she thought she would be slick to get the cops to escort Baby Daddy off the property.

Of course, what goes around comes aroun.

After deputies arrived, he agreed to leave, but on his way out he showed a Ford Ranger pickup to police which matched the description of a truck that fatally ran down a woman earlier this year.

The truck belonged to Mayo’s neighbor and Worden said his girlfriend borrowed it Feb. 4, the night that Jeannie Fisher, a pedestrian, was struck by a motorist who fled the scene, Patch reports. Fisher died later from her injuries.

Mayo first claimed to Worden that she hit a deer that night, but later unburdened herself by admitting she knew she hit and killed a woman. Mayo didn’t wait for cops, because she feared going to jail, The Times says.


I’m glad the boyfriend ratted out Mayo. I hope she gets the maximum sentence and actual prison time for what she did.

And I hope, I pray that the cops also charge Worden with accessory after the fact!

This lowlife scumbag knew for a long time what happened and didn’t say anything.

I hope these two have a long life — behind bars.

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Friday Free Flow

Did you hear about the riots at yesterday’s celebration?

Neither did I.

The parade to celebrate the Dallas Mavericks winning the NBA championship drew a sizable crowd.

An estimated 200,000 people or more attended Thursday morning’s parade to celebrate the Mavs’ NBA Championship.

Yet from the news reports I’m hearing; there were only 3 arrests. 1 Public Intoxication and 2 on outstanding warrants. Appears that going to a parade where the cops are out in force then starting a fight might not be a good idea if you are already wanted.

Wonder if the lack of violence has to do with our lax gun control laws or perhaps there is a cultural, moral, value factor involved? Probably both.

The Leftstream Media continues its efforts at gun control

California law enforcement agents have seized 1,200 firearms from people who cannot legally own them because of mental illness or restraining orders, usually involving domestic violence.

Attorney General Kamala Harris said Thursday the seizures make just a dent in the more than 34,000 handguns and nearly 1,600 assault weapons believed to be held statewide by people who should not have them.

Wow, that sounds like a really, really scary number doesn’t it?

Of course, they don’t bother breaking it down that number any further nor do they differentiate between permanent restraining orders and temporary restraining orders. They also don’t mention how many of those restraining orders were fraudulently obtain as part of the legal maneuvering in divorce.

So how big of a problem is this?


Data from the General Social Survey indicated that in the Pacific region, 22.5% of households have at least one gun (Data from Hemenway, a notable anti, but he usually doesn’t make mistakes at this level…). Data is averaged for 1988-1997.

According to the 2000 census, California had 11,502,870 households; 22.5% of that is 2,588,146.

That’s right folks if you do the math with information from the 2000 census; we are looking at a whopping 1.3755% of the firearms !

And that is assuming that each household ONLY has one firearm.

Chilling “Gun Death” news report

This happened down the road in the next town over from Arlington; so I’ve been following it fairly closely.

Hummel calmly and nonchalantly told authorities he had been thinking about killing his family for about two months. Then, on the night of Dec. 17, 2009, after returning home from seeing his love interest, he said, he decided to slit the throats of his sleeping family with a kitchen knife.

But, he said, he had to change plans when the dull knife broke as he attacked his wife. So he grabbed a bat and beat her before stabbing her with two swords and a dagger out of his weapon collection.

“She started fighting back, but I hit her in the head with a baseball bat,” he said. “… I hit her in the head and she dropped.”

No gun used, just common household items after the ‘deadly weapons’ failed to do the job. He beat his 57 year old father in law and his 5 year old daughter to death also.

He had been planning it for 2 months. Tell me how any proposed law would stop something like this, how it would even reduce the possibility of it happening?

Local thug gets life in prison for killing his 2 month old daughter

At Cook Children’s Medical Center, doctors determined that she had at least six skull fractures and that her liver was crushed, her kidneys and spleen were shattered, and she had a severe brain injury with swelling and bleeding. Elena died within a few hours.

One trauma surgeon believed that Elena was stomped or held by her ankles and hit against a wall, according to Child Protective Services reports.

Again Anti-Rights Cultists want to focus on gun control instead of criminal control. Tell me how ‘common sense’ works by focusing on ‘gun deaths’ and hoping that it will reduce horrendous crimes like this?

Hey Texas — how about butting out of where I buy my food, eh?

More than 20 states allow people to bake or cook in their home kitchens and sell those goods for profit. The rules vary by state, but some allow the baking without health department approval.

SB81 would add Texas to the list, with some conditions.

It would let food made in home kitchens be sold to consumers but not at farmers markets, grocery stores, restaurants, coffee shops or other businesses. Bakers would be limited to selling low-risk foods such as baked goods, candy, granola, dry spice mixes or canned jellies and jams. There would also be limits on how much bakers could make from their sales, and baked foods would have to be properly labeled.

Health officials wouldn’t regulate the “home cottage food operations” — which is a concern to some — but they would keep a record of complaints filed so consumers could check on bakers.

The food industry is one of those greatly over regulated industries. Want to save money and raise revenue? Back off on this type of entry barrier, “OMG some could die if we don’t do something” laws.


Might write more after I wake up. Might decide not to wake up today. Still not sure even through I don’t have the day off…..need more caffeine.

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California Gun Laws At Work

Saw this over at Sparky’s place and thought I would put my take on it.

I want to seriously ask this question:


Are California’s restrictive law concerning citizens’ rights to keep and bear arms responsible for a man’s death?

Keep that question in mind as you read the article please.

Lt. Terry Traub said a store employee called 911 just after 11 a.m. to say that a man had come into the store on the 1000 block of South Green Valley Road and was looking at two rifles.

Shortly after the shooting a visibly shaken Letitia Mello, an assistant manager at the store, said the shooter came into the store and said he wanted to buy a rifle. He filled out the required paperwork and she asked him what he was going to use it for. He was vague, Mello said, but he said his friends were hunters and he might use it for hunting.

Is it any business of the store employees why a person is going to use a rifle?

I think not. Remember, the employees of the store are not agents of the government. They have no investigative authority. They can refuse to sell a person a legal product, as long as they don’t use illegal discriminatory measures to do so.

For all we know, his reluctance to answer could have been due to shyness or plans for illegal activities. Remember also, we only have the employees version on the alleged ‘vagueness’ at this time.

Mello said something didn’t seemed right. She suspected he was buying the gun for someone else. Because California requires a waiting period and background check before a gun can be purchased, the man left the store. She didn’t expect him to return. But he came back moments later carrying a tool bag.

Now we get into the heart of the restrictive laws. California imposes a mandatory 10 day waiting period on firearm sales. All Sales.

The young man went over to the counter where the guns are kept, took out a small electric saw, plugged it in and began to saw off the lock holding the gun in place.

Maybe we need to impose draconian, restrictive laws on electric saws. Without such a device, the dead man may not have tried to obtain a firearm illegally, eh.


Think for a minute about the values and principles of the dead man. By this actions, it is obvious that nothing was going to stop him from getting a firearm. Had the sale gone through without a delay, without an interruption by the employee; he could still be alive.

Fearing for her safety and the other two employees in the store, she ran to a phone, hunkered down and called police.

I had to read that twice before I really understood it.

The store employees were/are unarmed!!!

Employees at a store selling firearms have nothing to stop criminals from stealing the firearms.

Notice how instead of being responsible for the security of the products they are selling, they hire people to do it.
Shouldn’t the anti-rights cultists be consistent and call for stores to increase security, including armed employees, in order to prevent theft and incidents like this?

Mello, who was hiding behind fishing gear, heard police arrive. She heard two gunshots and saw the man dead on the floor.

Mello said she was scared for herself and her fellow employees and thinking about her 5-month-old daughter.

“It was all really surreal. Is this really happening?” she said as she lit a cigarette and talked to a couple reporters.

She was concerned about the fellow employees, not enough to do anything active about it, and she was concerned for herself, not enough to enough to do anything active about it either.

Nope, she passively waited for someone else to solve the problem.
Now, I know that is harsh. But isn’t it the simple truth? They could have deployed less than lethal means to stop the dead man — TASERs, Pepper Spray, a Baseball Bat.

Yet they did nothing to stop the theft of a firearm and the subsequent death of a person.

Some time during the process, the man barricaded the store’s doors with a bicycle lock-type cable and fired what witnesses say was six or seven shots, Traub said. When police arrived they heard the gunshots, he said. Officers locked down the stores in the strip mall and stormed into Big 5 and shot the gunman.

Traub said it’s unclear how many officers fired and how many shots hit the gunman, but there was no exchange of gunfire between the man and police.

Paramedics started CPR but the man died at the scene.

Traub said “Everything was done in 5 minutes.” Police were on scene within 2 minutes



Notice that the police did respond quickly but not quickly enough to prevent 6 or 7 shots from being fired. Shots that could have easily taken the lives of the employees and other people in the area.

Now, the employees aren’t to blame for the actions of the dead man. I’m not saying that. I am saying their inaction narrowed the course of action available.

Shared Responsibility, eh?

So the antis tend to point to stories and shout….”See, this is why we need more gun laws” but couldn’t the case be made that those very laws contributed to this needless death?

In November 2010, Miranda was in an older model Toyota Corolla on Highway 1 when he tailgated a police officer, police said.

The officer changed lanes to allow him to pass but he sped away. The officer pulled behind the car with his lights on but Miranda failed to stop instead leading police on a chase that hit 80 mph to 90 mph.

The pursuit ended on the 1200 block of Buena Vista Drive where Miranda drove off the road and into bushes in an empty field where he was arrested.

Miranda later pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge of evading arrest, according to court records.

He was sentenced on Dec. 7, 2010 to serve 60 days in jail and pay $480 in fines, according to records.

So he had a minor brush with the law. One that shows a lack of judgment or impulse control, should that be enough to deny a person his right to keep and bear arms?

Did the restrictive law lead to a perception that he would be denied?

I don’t know. But it is possible.

Because California requires a waiting period and background check before a gun can be purchased, the man left the store

What would his actions been had he not been informed of the waiting period? We can not know.

We can ask if it contributed to his frame of mind. We can ask if the ‘minor inconvenience‘ of the waiting period was the tipping point for his actions.

I’m not saying we should get rid of all firearm laws. Not by a long shot.

But shouldn’t we consider the negative consequences of the laws so often pushed by the antis?

Please join the discussion.


Wonder if the CSGV would say about this one?

This yet another viscous beating in a public setting. Yet more thugs attacking an innocent victim.

Do you hear the anti-rights cultists condemning this episode of violence? I haven’t seen a peep out of them. They might get around to it after they are done trashing a father for trying to get his son to eat dinner. Guess running down people because they are gun owners is more important than actually addressing violence in our society to some folks.


I am not going to hold my breathe waiting for them to condemn this brutal beat down. After all, this are the folks who think that armed self defense against two to one odds isn’t playing fair.

What should have been a fistfight became a tragedy.

Luckily this didn’t ‘fistfight’ didn’t become a tragedy but it was close. If you didn’t watch the video to the end, you missed the victim going into a seizure caused by the attacks of two women.

There are a couple of things that really stand out about this video.

First, as usual — the police aren’t on scene to stop it.

I’m not knocking cops. They can’t and shouldn’t be everywhere. But the Lies of the Antis “People don’t need guns because the police will protect you” is exposed by this vile attack.

The video is over 3 minutes in length and still the police weren’t there to stop it.
How much damage can a determined thug do in 180 seconds?

Second, the restaurant employees didn’t stop the attack.

True it appears that they tried, halfheartedly to stop it but the thugs came back time and time again to hit, kick and stomp on the victim.

One employee was fired — because instead of trying to stop the assault, he simply filmed it. No, that is wrong. He didn’t simply film it. He laughed while filming it He encouraged the attackers to leave when it became known the police had been called.

Don’t most people call that aiding and abetting?

Third, trying to get away didn’t help out.

Miss Polis said there was no way to escape the attack, adding: ‘ Every time I tried to walk away they followed me.’

So much for just walking away from the attackers. I’m not sure how much the victim tried to get away but the victim did try to cover up, did try to avoid the beating, did all the things the antis say to do — and suffered a seizure for the effort.

Why in the world are anti-rights cultists trying to enact laws that will enable more and more beating like this?

Fourth, the thugs didn’t fight fair.

The attackers didn’t make it a one on one fight, didn’t play by “Marquess of Queensbury” rules.

One of the most reprehensible concepts in the English language is “kicking a man when his is down” but these thugs not only kicked but stomped. I saw at least 2 stomps to the head and neck area, a kick to the spine.

Those can be lethal blows. The can be blows that leave a person crippled. A physical assault isn’t like an elementary school kid tussle — people can die.

Fifth, There are no safe spots.

This happened at a ‘family restaurant” .
This is happened at a place where “people bring their kids”.
This happened at a place where we are repeatedly told we are paranoid if we ‘feel the need to carry a gun everywhere we go’.

I’m sure the victim didn’t plan on being beaten that night. I’m sure the victim didn’t think that McDonald’s was a danger spot to avoid.

So maybe those who carry firearms aren’t so paranoid after all.


The antis, on the other hand, seem to think that everyone should be a victim instead of fighting back effectively.

And I’m sure it will come as no shock to anyone other than an anti — this isn’t the thugs first brush with the law.

Remember, You are the person most responsible for your own safety.

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Property Not Worth A Life

Laci the Chinese Crested said…

OK, In a previous post by you on this topic, I mentioned Wergild: the value placed on every human being and every piece of property in the Salic Code. That concept was instituted to prevent blood feuds. Wergild was a part of the warrior code in the dark ages:
“Sorrow not, wise warrior. It is better to avenge his friend than much mourn.”

There are many problems with these castle doctrine laws which should trouble anyone who sees value in human life (a right to life). These laws say that human life is not as valuable as property.


Remember that Line from Laci. I’ll come back to it.

Nelson.. a 2001 offense for which he was held by the Texas Youth Commission, according to Texas Department of Public Safety records.
In 2005, Arlington police arrested him and accused him of unauthorized use of a vehicle.

In 2007, Nelson was convicted of theft charges brought by the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Department and Euless police, and was sentenced to 180 days in jail

In May he pleaded guilty to a DeSoto charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Records show that he received deferred adjudication. A month before his arrest on the aggravated assault charge, Nelson was released from the state prison in Huntsville, where he served two years for an Arlington theft.

And once again we have devastating anecdotal example that murder is rarely their first crime.


I’ve held off on commenting on this local story in order to make sure we had more information — now we are getting it.

An Arlington pastor who was found dead in his church office was suffocated with a plastic bag, according to a ruling by the Tarrant County medical examiner’s office released today.

The thug used any tool available in the murder of a good man in this case a plastic bag.
And the thug used his own body to severely beat the elderly assistant.

Earlier Saturday, police also recovered a car belonging to Judy Elliott, Dobson’s assistant who was severely beaten at the church Thursday, police spokeswoman Tiara Richard said.

My Sympathy goes out to the family of Mr. Dobson along with my thoughts and prayers for Ms. Elliot.

The church mourns the death of their pastor, prays for the health of their member.

And what do the thugs do?

According the affidavit, two friends of the men independently told investigators that on the night of the slaying, Nelson and Gregory began laughing and making inappropriate comments about Dobson’s death when viewing a television news story about the case.

They laugh at the misfortune one of them caused. Not a gun in sight, not a gun needed to murder and hurt.

I don’t call people like this “goblin” or ‘animal’ because they are thinking human beings. Being that deliberately and callously chose a life of violent and predatory actions.

Instead of gun control…how about we focus on putting the criminals in jail?

This thug received deferred adjudication for aggravated assault for goodness sake — why are we continually letting repeat offenders off with little or no consequence for their actions?


These laws say that human life is not as valuable as property.

Once again Laci shows that he gets it wrong.

What the Castle Doctrine laws recognize, as most people do, is that there are vicious thugs out there who do not view human life as more valuable as property.

These two thugs killed a human being and severely injured another human being — just so they could get property. Property they didn’t work for, property that didn’t belong to them.

Until all the criminals respect the value of human life, it is only common sense to have laws that protect property owners from criminals.

And maybe Laci should spend his time telling the criminals to respect the value of human life, eh?

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