Another Misleading Headline – Fox News Edition

It isn’t just the liberal/left leaning media that gins up controversy through misleading headlines; Fox News does it also (albeit less often it seems). Take this one from yesterday.

Islamic group gets go-ahead to cut crosses off NY church

Given the known propensities of the media, before I started steaming I thought I would actually see what the issue was. Turns out it was the right decision; another case of much ado about nothing.

SYRACUSE, N.Y. –  A city board on Thursday gave a Muslim group the go-ahead to remove six crosses from the roof and spires of a century-old former Catholic church so the now-vacant Gothic structure can be used as a mosque.


The Roman Catholic Diocese of Syracuse closed the church in 2010 and merged the parish with that of St. John the Baptist because of a declining congregation as population shifted from the city to suburbs. The North Side Learning Center, a nonprofit group that provides literacy programs for immigrants, bought the church and its school and rectory for $150,000 in December.

Couple of points to address here.

First the church isn’t the building; it’s the people. The church can meet anywhere; in a home, in a stadium, in a field or empty lot. Christians don’t worship a building as the spiritual dwelling place of the Lord on Earth. That spot is in the hearts and minds of the Christian.

Second, even if an argument could be made about the building being the church; it stopped being one 4 years ago. It’s a vacant building.

Lastly, it’s their property to do with as they want. If the Catholic church had wanted the crosses to remain, then they shouldn’t have sold the building. But since they did, the non-profit group has the right to remove any element of the building.

Fox News — shame on you for a very misleading headline.

Another Example of Media Bias -SxSW Edition

Imagine if 2 people were killed and 23 people were injured, 5 still in critical condition, by a gun man. How long would it take before most of the details about his life were being spread nation wide?
Especially when that event happens at a well known music Festival like “SxSW“.

So why is it 8 hours later we still don’t know the guy’s name?

The man, whose name was not released, faces two counts of capital murder and 23 counts of aggravated assault with a vehicle.

Because he was “just a drunk driver” !

A man and woman were killed early Thursday after a suspected drunken driver fleeing from arrest crashed through barricades set up for the South By Southwest festival and struck the pair and others on a crowded street, police said.

Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo said 23 others were injured, five critically, in the crash that happened around 12:30 a.m. as the driver tried to evade a pursuing police officer. The two people who died were on a moped that the motorist hit. The chief said the man also hit pedestrians in front of a club that was emptying.

Acevedo told reporters during a news conference that the motorist also struck a cab before crashing, jumping out of his car and trying to run. A pursuing officer shocked him with a stun gun and took him into custody.

A drunk driver evading arrest, other reports have him driving down the street the wrong way, crashing through barricades. Nothing to see here, it’s not a ‘gun death‘ so move along seems to be the media philosophy.

No breathless recitation of the number of deaths and injuries, the huge number of cars in the hands of people without background checks, no mention of the fact that ‘youths’ are able to legally own and operate cars.  No one ringing bells for these victims either. Never doubt the media has an agenda; it is clearly visible in how they treat reports like this so differently then firearm related issues.

Please join the discussion.

Interesting Ad Placement

I hope the video from the NBC site still comes up every time with the same ad. On Feb. 25th, a murderous thug shot a store manager and the criminal’s truck was caught on video. The media blasted out the image, quite distinctive, in order to generate tips.

The thug apparently watches the news and traded in his now notorious truck at a local dealership. Watch the clip.



Because I have to wonder if it is ironic on the part of the ad agency/Auto Group/ TV channel.

You might have to look close but the brand new car was purchased from the same dealership advertising at the beginning of the clip. At 1:01 in the video; the auto group plaque is clearly visible on the back of the car.

Now, I’m not saying the dealer, the ad agency, or even the TV station is doing anything wrong. It is just one of the perils of modern technology.

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Tell Me Again — Media Agenda Part 35,098

“Tell Me Again the Media doesn’t have an “Agenda” — take the “Latest” headlines from CNN -


Notice anything missing? How about this story found on Huffington Post of all places

DAMATURU, Nigeria, Feb 25 (Reuters) – Gunmen from Islamist group Boko Haram stormed a boarding school in northeast Nigeria overnight and killed 29 pupils, many of whom died in flames as the school was burned to the ground, police and the military said on Tuesday.

“Some of the students bodies were burned to ashes,” Police Commissioner Sanusi Rufai said of the attack on the Federal Government college of Buni Yadi, a secondary school in Yobe state, near the state’s capital city of Damaturu.

All those killed were boys. No girls were touched, Rufai said.

The Islamists, whose struggle for an Islamic state in northern Nigeria has killed thousands and made them the biggest threat to security in Africa’s top oil producer, increasingly are preying on the civilian population.

29 kids died in a horrific school shooting and CNN doesn’t even mention it. MSNBC? Nothing visible on their really funky and nearly worthless page.

Foxnews has a single link on it’s front page under the “Latest News” section though.

Wonder if the media doesn’t want to cover it because firearms were used in another country to perpetuate a heinous mass murder. Thereby preserving the impression these things only happen in America.

Oor if it is because “Islamists” did it?

Please join the discussion.

Gobal Grind – Answering the Question

Of Have they no shame?

Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Martin, 17, was killed by patrolman George Zimmerman after he mistook the Skittles and Ice Tea in Martin’s hands as weapons. Zimmerman was found not guilty of the murder.


Mistook the “Skittles and Ice Tea” as weapons?

Apparently they don’t !

No shame, no integrity, no shred of decency or standards in regards to accuracy.


Samuel L. Jackson — Just another reason why I like him

Tearing up a reporter over a very basic reporting error.






Hilarious. Nice to see someone calling out the media about doing their jobs right.

Noticing a Trend

More and more ‘news’ reports aren’t taking a negative view of firearms





Could it be the media is finally catching with the times?

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