Shot But By….

…..possibly his accomplices?

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Sounds like it from the report unless some neighbor had a shotgun involved.

That’s Gonna Add A Few Bucks…..

….to the insurance bill.


A teenage driver made quite the splash as he drove into his next door neighbor’s swimming pool.

The 17-year-old tearaway was speeding away from an accident he had caused just moments earlier on the road when he then got into deep water all of his own making as he plowed through a fence an into his neighbors backyard on Wednesday afternoon.

The boy was driving 2009 Chevrolet four-door when the car hit a Hyundai. Thens as he sped away from the scene he lost control of his car before it came to an exeedingly wet end..


There are more pictures at the link.
What do you think? Qualifies as the “Doofus Driver of the Day”?

Dangerous Sports

One of the common themes used by anti-rights cultists is they have to pass laws to keep people safe from themselves. Of course, many people reject this type of paternalistic “we know better than you do” attitude. And it isn’t just gun owners who reject it either.




Now I will freely admit I simply don’t get this sport of “slapfighting” – it may be that I’m a wimp, that I don’t appreciate the finer qualities of the sport, or that I don’t get enough pleasure from the idea of slapping another contestant around. Don’t get me wrong; if it was legal, I have a whole long list of people I would love to slap around — pretty much for the same reasons I don’t get this sport; I think they are idjits.

My taste or willingness aside; I also simply don’t see why some folks are dead set on banning anything they don’t like. For me, since I don’t like the sport of Slapfighting, my actions are simple. I’m not going to participate as a contestant or judge. I’m not going to watch any of the matches (more than the one I posted here for explanation). Wish the antis would just treat us with the same respect.

It’s Wrong, I Shouldn’t Laugh……

…..but seldom has Karma been delivered so fast.

Two would-be suicide bombers have died in Pakistan after an explosive device detonated as they fought each other, it has been reported.

The two men were killed in an explosion near Khayam Chowk in Sargodha, in the country’s Punjab province on Saturday morning.

Eyewitnesses claim the men, who were believed to have been wearing suicide vests, were sitting on a bench engaged in discussion before their deaths.

I will spend a little extra time doing penitence this week……how long depends on how I can stop laughing.


More Proof — DERP is Universal



I particularly like the awesomeness of smashing the (very thin) tiles over the heads, the walking bush (note to self, if every in an ISIS terrorist attack, shoot any moving bushes) and the segment at the end as they go over the berm.


That’ll Teach Ya To Brag

A 22-year-old Mineral Wells man is in jail after allegedly posting on his Facebook page that he had more than a dozen warrants out for his arrest.

Authorities say Eddie Smith’s Facebook page on Jan. 20 boasted of having 16 warrants out for his arrest

Yep — post on Facebook that you are wanted on a dozen warrants. Have friends of dubious level of ‘friendship’. Facebook’s single level of ‘friends’ is a rant I’m going to pass on for today.
And cops will find you to collect on those warrants. Sometimes the crooks make it easy.

Sometimes the victims make it all too easy also

Melissa Pace had her car broken into last week while she worked out at a Lifetime Fitness in Flower Mound. She’d left a tote bag in her Escalade with her credit cards and driver’s license.

“Lifetime has cameras, and so I thought, ‘Who in the world is going to do it?’ because there are cameras all over the place, but I was wrong,” said Pace.

Police believe the same suspect was caught on security camera video taken after another smash-and-grab spree at a Lifetime Fitness in Colleyville as the suspect used a stolen card at a nearby Hobby Lobby.

Colleyville police call the man a dedicated opportunist who’s watching for women who get out of their cars without a purse.

Yeah, cameras have really proven to stop criminals. I simply can not understand the mindset that thinks cameras keep crime from happening. We see media report after media report of criminals being caught ON CAMERA during and after the crime. Wouldn’t you think anyone paying the least bit of attention would make the connection that camera does not equal crime free?


Chutzpah — example of, politician type.

Dallas County commissioner John Wiley Price will be in federal court on Tuesday, and he is asking taxpayers to pick up the legal tab in his corruption trial.

The embattled commissioner will also face a judge to ask for two separate trials — one for alleged bribery and the other for alleged tax fraud.

Back in September, a federal judge denied Price’s request for a court-appointed attorney, saying that he could afford to pay for his own legal defense.

The federal trial is set to begin in January of next year.

Price has pleaded not guilty and has maintained his innocence. Fellow commissioner Mike Cantrell pushed for Price to be suspended from commissioner’s court, but the efforts failed and Price refused to step down.

Jiminy Crickets — this man has no shame at all. Awaiting trial for using his political position for personal gain and he wants the taxpayers to defend him.

That is a determined woman…

and her revenge is definitely cringe-worthy !!

According to reports in China, two-timing dad-of-five Fan Lung, 32, used his wife’s phone to send lover Zhang Hung, 21, a saucy email from his marital home in Shangqiu.

But he forgot to log out of his account and his stunned wife, Feng, 30, came across the message along with several others, which sent her flying into a rage.

Furious, she’s said to have grabbed a pair of scissors and stormed into their bedroom, where he was sleeping, and snipped off his manhood.

Fan was rushed to hospital, where the organ was sewn back on.

Yep, channeling the spirit of Lorena Bobbit; she physically assaulted her husband and extracted vengeance. But the story doesn’t end there.

However, Feng is then reported to have sneaked back into her husband’s hospital room and cut off his penis for a second time, this time throwing it out of a window.

Hath hath no fury like a woman scorned — Snipping it off once is a terrible act; going after it the second time is just down right vicious. Wonder how many women who would normally condemn domestic violence are cheering this time.

And in a classic ‘completely understated manner’ the hospital said:

The hospital spokesman added: “The man had lost a lot of blood and was taken in for emergency surgery.

“He is now in a stable condition but is extremely emotionally distraught.”

Oh…….forgot to mention exactly why he is ‘extremely emotionally distraught’ — as if two such attacks weren’t enough!

A hospital spokesman said: “The first we were aware of what happened was when someone came into the reception area to say a naked man was beating up a woman outside the hospital.

“Staff rushed out to see what was happening and found the patient with blood streaming down his legs hitting the woman.

“He was stopped and the woman was taken in for treatment, and then we discovered she had chopped his penis off again.”

Doctors and police officers combed the area outside but failed to find the man’s missing member. They believed it may have been taken by a stray dog or cat.

I’ll let others make the obvious jokes -I’ll just say that I’ve always believed that cheating doesn’t pay. And mixing metaphors; this may paid an extremely high price for his actions.