That’s Gonna Add A Few Bucks…..

….to the insurance bill.


A teenage driver made quite the splash as he drove into his next door neighbor’s swimming pool.

The 17-year-old tearaway was speeding away from an accident he had caused just moments earlier on the road when he then got into deep water all of his own making as he plowed through a fence an into his neighbors backyard on Wednesday afternoon.

The boy was driving 2009 Chevrolet four-door when the car hit a Hyundai. Thens as he sped away from the scene he lost control of his car before it came to an exeedingly wet end..


There are more pictures at the link.
What do you think? Qualifies as the “Doofus Driver of the Day”?

This Is One Of The Reasons….

…that I generally wait a while before commenting on events in the media, especially shootings.

The Headline really grabs your attention; doesn’t it?

17-Year-Old Girl Robbed, Shot In The Head In Broad Daylight

A daylight robbery, a young girl shot and injured; we have to do something NOW.

Police say that’s where a 17-year-old girl was robbed and shot at least once in the head.

She ran to a house on Danbury Road. Detectives are now collecting evidence there.

Now this is one of the few times where the media is doing their job; even if they do tend to rush things. That was Yesterday – Today the headline reads slightly differently.

Police: 17-Year-Old Girl Shot In Head Made Up Robbery To Protect Suspect

Gee Wilkers; the possibility of a teenager lying never occurred to the media? One of the benefits of the pre-electronic/pre-24 hours a day news cycle was the delay needed to get the story published allowed for more thorough investigations; both from the police and the media.


Police say, at first, the 17-year-old girl told them she was on a nearby street when a robber shot her in the face after stealing her cell phone. She said she ran to a home to call for help.

Police now say the victim made up that story to protect the suspect who lives in the same house.

“The victim and the suspect were arguing over a gun in the basement of a home in the 100 block of Danbury Road,” said Cpl. John Wachter, Baltimore County Police. “During that argument, the gun was discharged and the victim was struck in the head. The victim made up the incident to protect the suspect.”

Instantaneous isn’t always better.  I would not be surprised if there ‘t revelations of drugs and/or alcohol involvement in this story doesn’t break soon.

Anyone want to take bets?

Dang Allergies

Hard to imagine how they could be acting up with it sleeting outside.




But that has to be the explanation, right?

Sometimes I do have hope for humanity.

PSH To Begin Almost Immediately

Once the Anti-Rights Cultists hear about this:

Argyle school trustees have voted to allow some employees to carry concealed handguns on campuses to bolster security.

According to the statement, the policy authorizes “specific District employees to possess certain firearms on District property, at District-sponsored or District-sanctioned events, and at Board meetings.” 

I know of at least two districts that have previously announced a policy like this. And guess what; not one reported problem from either district. And Harrald ISD has authorized teachers to carry for several years now.

Nice to see another school district take reasonable steps to provide for the safety of their students.

Please join the discussion.

Why Rules Matter

Funny how you can find illustrations where you least expect it; like the results of a recent high school football game/rivalry.


Last week, Columbia River High School was trailing by by one point, 24-23, against Skyview High with seconds left. Now, Columbia lined up to kick a 32-yard field goal to try to win the game. But as the kicker went to send the ball through the uprights, Skyview players burst through the line and blocked the kick.

Skyview High has dominate recent years, winning game after game but…they forgot to focus on the rules and why they are important.

Immediately, the players started running off the field, arms raised and in celebration. Other players and even students started rushing the field like the Stanford band decades earlier. There was just one problem: Columbia River players never heard a whistle, so as the ball lay in front of the kicker, one player picked it up and ran toward the goal line. When he crossed, the officials raised their arms signaling a touchdown.

So what happened? Well, there’s one important rule on blocked kicks: if the ball never crosses the line of scrimmage, it’s still considered a live ball and can be advanced. No whistle means the ball never crossed that line, and Columbia River’s heads up play led them to a crazy win.




Now I suppose some folks would call this a “loophole”; they would be wrong of course. Knowing what the rules are, what words mean (children for example) is important not just in foot ball but in politics and civil discussion.


Conflicted on What To Teach Kids

Saw this graphic on Facebook a while back and snagged it.


Now I agree that kids shouldn’t be afraid of the police and it is bad parenting to tell kids cops will arrest them for misbehaving.

Unfortunately, there are some problems with the entire concept.

First off, there is the ever increasing militarization of the law enforcement. The increased use of military tactics and weapons for the most mundane criminal offenses doesn’t bring to mind the friendly officer just out there to help. When I hear that ‘officer safety’ is paramount, when I hear “we will do whatever it takes to go home at the end of the day” – I really have a hard time viewing law enforcement as something other then to be feared.

The prevailing mindset of “us versus them” seems not to be originating with parents and citizens but with the officers themselves. If law enforcement doesn’t want people to be scared of them, shouldn’t law enforcement officers act like they are viewing us as the enemy ?


Second problem is what seems to happens all too often- police brutality. From Rodney King to dozens of cases where innocent people were beaten or killed; the police often over react, brutalizing the very people they are supposed to protect. I’m not taking about trumped up charges by some thug upset the police nabbed him but documented incidents of excessive force. Kinda hard to say “hey kids don’t be afraid of us” where YouTube has over 350,000 videos in that category.

Sure the majority of police brutality is done by a minority of the cops. But the mindset is tolerated by those in charge; the officers involved aren’t pushed off the force by other officers and citizens who complain are often coerced into dropping the issue.

Lastly, isn’t a little hypocritical to be claiming you aren’t carting kids off to jail when they are bad when you are doing just that time and time again? Look at how many kids in school are being arrested for being ‘bad‘.  It is incredibly sad that children, in school and out, are being arrested for trivial things. I’m not exactly going to be encouraging children to ‘run to you’ if there is a chance you’ll arrest them for doing that. It would be foolish.

Knock of the BS arrests and then come back and talk to me about how you want to be seen as the protector of children, okay?

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Absolutely WRONG…..

….but I want to buy one for each of the grandkids.

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