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Welcome to the NEW store location and NEW website for Fort Worth Gun at Eastchase Parkway and I-30 in Fort Worth. We are so excited about our new space. We hope you are too! We will continue to keep you posted here as well as Facebook, Twitter and our Email news of upcoming sales, new inventory and other events. We appreciate your business and feedback. Please send comments to As always, Shoot ‘em good. DeWayne Irwin, President Cody Henslee, Vice President and all of the staff at FORT WORTH GUN


But still the same old Cheaper Than Dirt prices — $65 for a 525 bulk pack of .22 LR Remington Golden Bullet. The same bulk pack available at Bass Pro for $24.

Maybe be closer to home but still not buying anything from them.

Quote of the Day

I almost didn’t excerpt this part because the entire post is just that good but this really captures two issues in just a few words

I don’t carry a gun because I walk around scared every day.
I don’t walk around scared every day because I carry a gun!

I don’t understand why the feminist movement has not whole-heartedly embraced and promoted gun ownership for women.
It’s the most “liberating” thing a woman can possibly do to ensure her safety and equality.

Thank You Tamara Flaherty….now if you haven’t already clicked over, I highly suggest you read the entire post.

Maybe She’ll Talk To You has a cool feature; it identifies posts of other bloggers that have been tagged. You can set up searches for those key words, like “gun control” and see when someone makes a post using it. I’ve been checking out blogs and commenting for a couple of weeks. Yesterday I left a comment in response a post that ended with this:

How well do our laws “promote the general welfare”?

This other narrative is also in Scripture.The gospel lesson this week is Matthew’s account of the Beatitudes from the Sermon on the Mount. “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God”. (Matt 5:9)

We share this narrative in the stories we tell, in the votes we cast, in the way we spend our time and talents, and in the energy we give to share a better vision for this world in which we live.

Who are we? Who do we want to be? How are we willing to make changes to get there?

This was my comment (in case it goes away like my other two comments did):

Okay…let’s put aside the fact that correlation does not equal causation (more guns doesn’t necessarily mean more violence), Let’s put aside the fact that the CDC in their 2002 report found insufficient data to show any gun law or combination of gun law reduced violence.

Let’s put aside the fact that Mexico has very strict gun laws (only 1 legal gun store in the country).

What laws do you want to enact that will make a difference?
What laws will allow individuals to protect themselves and yet will prevent those tools of protection from being used in crimes?
Or do you think people shouldn’t be allowed to protect themselves?

What suggestions do you have on how we move forward?

No recitation of data or statistics. Just statements of facts. Apparently that counts as presenting competing data and reports. And isn’t needed — as if our conversation should be based solely on emotion or feelings. So be it, I tried again — no data, no statistics, just where do we go, what ideas does she have.

And any comments will be deleted that 1. threaten violence, 2. come from a blog that condones or advocates using gun violence to make their point, and/or 3. tries to offer further “data” on one side or the other. As I said in the post, this is about the narrative we are creating as a nation. You will not change my mind with your “data”. Not interested in changing your mind or watching you try to change mine.

1- I never threatened violence, 2- I don’t condone using ‘gun violence’ or any type to make a point and 3- the only data I offered was the fact that murderers tend to already have felony convictions prior to their arrest for homicide. That was offered as a solution point — keeping violent felons in jail.

This is right out of the Anti-Rights Cultists play book


I left two messages, both have been moderated out of existence, trying to have that narrative. Apparently I’m the wrong type of person because I believe our narrative should be crafted on real honest information that everyone knows. Or that I simply try to refute the claims of people like her. Not sure which. Maybe one or more of you might have better luck if you want to give it a try.

This is the type of person we face; they claim to want to have a conversation (one we’ve been trying to have for decades) but don’t really.

Please join the discussioneither here or at her place.


Look Over There ….

An actual blog post or two..

Check out Peter from Bayou Renaissance Man for two great posts

Thoughts on defensive and emergency-use rifles


Emergency preparedness and the time factor


Value of a Human Life

Updated — see bottom of post !

One of the mysteries of the gun control mentality is the support for armed security guards. Individuals without the uniform are simply too untrustworthy to carry a firearm….but with the uniform; they approve of the concept.

Several weeks ago, I ran into a great example of this on a blog; titled believe it or not :

Banning Guns: Saving Lives
Ban Handguns: Guns Don’t Die – People Do

(So don’t let them lie and say no one is trying to ban our guns, eh)

I was hoping the author would respond to my follow up comments but doesn’t look like that is going to happen.

One commenter started the exchange (all emphasis shown below is mine)

gunsafetypro on said:

So then you would advocate a ban on private security guards having handguns then?

And Blogproject5 (wonder if it belongs to a college intern at Coalition to Stop Gun Violence ?) responded

Absolutely not… “law enforcement officers” and “private security guards” are synonymous with one another… it merely comes down to us not being able to individually identify every single group or person or occupation which should be allowed handgun possession. Possession should be banned for general public use; yes, obviously if a handgun is REQUIRED for a given occupation, then yes it should be allowed (under several background checks among other safety precautions).


Not that possession should be banned for general public use — but if a handgun is required for an occupation; that is grudgingly acceptable.

I asked about my situation:

I’m a little late to this discussion but want to add a few comments.

I’m a private citizen who volunteers as the Membership Secretary for a private range. I often carry renewal payments to the bank. Given that I am carrying other people’s cash; should I be allowed to own and carry a firearm in your view?

And what amount is sufficient to warrant protection? Guards can be hired to protect deposits and that is okay in your opinion– but what about the person who routinely carries several hundred dollars in cash? Or the person who doesn’t trust or have a bank account?

And lastly, how infinitely more valuable is MY life or that of my family than any amount of money? Shouldn’t I be allowed to carry a firearm to protect my own life?

I think I raised some fair questions — His/Her reply didn’t disappoint in showing the mind set of a gun control advocate.

A situation such as yours and people like yours could be available for an exception under review or approval by a special committee of some sort… And as for your last comment, that is the point of this blog! We are arguing that banning handguns will make people be and feel safer… individual personal opinions will definitely vary

Isn’t that so generous — I could appeal to a special committee for the privilege of protecting other people’s money but not my own life !

So when a gun control advocate tells you they value a human life; we know exactly where they place that value; below a couple thousand dollars of other people’s money.

Please join the discussion.

Edited to Add — Join the Discussion here because it seems that Blogproject5 is no longer in existence !



So do we count it as a win that yet another anti-rights cultist site has folded its tent because it ran into a few words of opposition or do we gripe that yet another site is not available for us to spread our message or both?




To ssgmarkcr – re: Open Carry at Alamo

In response to a post at Sparky’s place; Ssg Mark CR left this comment about the recent Open Carry Rally at the Alamo.

I’m likely going to take some well deserved flames here, but here goes. Lets look at the words used to describe the Alamo, shrine, cemetery, reverent. I immediately think of any military cemetery up to and including Arlington.
I personally have a hard time thinking that ANY political demonstration for ANY cause would be acceptable here. I know I’m old and set in my ways. Perhaps Texas Colt Carry can throw some input into this to assuage my distaste for this event. But when I think of political demonstrations at cemeteries, especially a military one, I tend to think of a certain Baptist church in Kansas.


I’m not Texas Colt Carry and I’m not a native Texan so take my opinion for what you will.

Look up the words to describe battle fields all over the world; some of those same words could be used to describe them: shrine, reverent.Those words describe the feeling people have while considering the location; what makes the Alamo any more sacred then the battle field of Goliad or one of the dozens of homesteads where people were killed defending their land?

Nothing. We honor not the spot but the people who died there.

What makes that battle special; was it the odds – we Americans cherish our view of ourselves as the underdog so we often romanticize that aspect but I don’t think that is it entirely.

Nor is it the fact they were fighting for Independence although that is a factor; countless locations through out the country and the world have seen the same struggle.

Were the men who fought there particularly legendary; in all honesty – no. Oh, don’t get me wrong, legends have grown up around the people who fought there but they were just men. Average, ordinary people who were doing what they thought was the right thing.

And that is what makes the place special in my opinion.

The people who fought, and died to a person there, tried to do the right thing; gain their liberty. They did that with guns; ones that were openly carried and ones maintained in defiance of orders to be disarmed.

So while your view is that any political demonstration for any cause would be unacceptable; I completely disagree. I think the Open Carry Rally represents the values, the principles and the integrity of the men who died at the Alamo.  I have to wonder if they wouldn’t be shaking their heads wondering what happened to the Republic they fought so valiantly to establish because if the simple carrying of a firearm openly is unacceptable; what does that say about what they did?



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