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I used Wikipedia for these numbers

But I have seen and studied other surveys that support the same conclusion.

it is a percentage of population of each state.

So what is the purpose of the Firearm Legislation? To make it more difficult for people to own firearms; to reduce the number of firearms in each state because as I stated “more guns = more deaths” — a common gun control advocate meme.

Surely if you are pushing for more legislation it is because you think that people will obey the law and not use firearms for suicide, right?
Surely if you are pushing for more legislation it is because you think that too many people have guns that shouldn’t?

Well the percentages show that there is no little correlation between the number of guns and the number of firearm deaths.

Look at #37 in firearm related deaths — South Dakota they have almost as high of a percentage as Alaska but far fewer deaths. Why ?

Please answer the question I asked — let’s not get off topic with what the VPC is saying – I’m just using the data YOU cited and pointing out one of the common arguments.

Let me cite back your words from “It’s the sanctity of Human Life, Stupid”

A few days ago I wrote that I’d like to see the elimination of virtually all guns

If fewer guns are your goal, it is because you see that as a way of reducing the number of deaths, right?

48 New York 4.39 18
49 Massachusetts 3.18 12.6
50 Hawaii 2.71 6.7

So why does New York with less that twice as many firearms as Hawaii have nearly 3 times the death rate? Why does Massachusetts with less than half a percentage more firearm have nearly twice the death rate?

Think here and see if the number of firearms is related to the number of deaths.

Comment on State Statistics by Frank Fri, 30 Jan 2015 14:12:10 +0000 Hi Bob,

What’s the source for the Firearm ownership data? I didn’t think we had databases on those sort of things. Is it normalized in the same way? Is it a percent or a number per 100,000 people as well? I apologize if you’ve source this is other posts/comments and I’ve missed it.

Also, the VPC post isn’t making the supposition you’re arguing against. They’re making the argument that more controls/legislation over firearms equates to fewer gun deaths, not that fewer guns equates to fewer gun deaths. Two very different things.

Also, I’m not sure I’m understanding your counter-argument. With your new ranking the order is somewhat different but its still highlighting states that I think VPC is arguing has less firearm legislation.


Comment on Bleg –Anyone Remember That Video? by Weer'd Beard Fri, 30 Jan 2015 01:23:10 +0000 It’s a really powerful talk!

Thanks for bringing it to my attention, both of you.

Comment on Bleg –Anyone Remember That Video? by Bob S. Thu, 29 Jan 2015 21:10:15 +0000 Thank You Sean !!

This is the video I was looking for !! Glad someone’s brain is working today.


The section I was thinking about starts around 10:35 in the video.

Comment on Bleg –Anyone Remember That Video? by Sean D Sorrentino Thu, 29 Jan 2015 20:50:02 +0000 Here it is

It’s mostly about how cops can’t say “No Comment” in police involved shootings.

Comment on Bleg –Anyone Remember That Video? by Weer'd Beard Thu, 29 Jan 2015 15:33:19 +0000 Haven’t seen it, but I hope you find it because I’d like to see it.

Comment on Running On Empty by nvguyusa Thu, 29 Jan 2015 04:06:21 +0000 When I was young, I’d wake up (slowly, and never gracefully, even to this day), hit the deck, get showered, dressed, and be on my way out the door to work, school, or wherever else the commitments of the day dictated. I’m older now, and I often wake up but before moving, take an inventory of various body parts and associated ailments.

Recently I woke up and as I took stock, I realized that my knees did not hurt. My lower back didn’t hurt either. My shoulder was just peachy. More frequently than I’d like, I awaken with a stiff neck and a skull-splitting headache, but on this particular morning, all was well. The problem was that I knew that getting out of bed and jigging just a hair too much one way or another would likely set something off and badly so.

I laid there for a good five minutes pondering how i could possibly call in with the excuse that I just felt too damn well to come to work that day…

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