You can’t make this stuff up

Okay, So on Monday — Patriot’s Day for those antis not realizing it, there was a rally in the nation’s capital.

And on Huffington Post, the comments are alive with the sounds of nuts falling all over themselves.

I decided to have some fun reading the comments. They hit all the standard misconceptions —

From Buckeye54

I think Freud would have a ball with these people.

Because self reliance and respect for the law is so mentally ill, eh?

From Bowlegs339
Just another klan rally.

Racism; of course no one quiet seems to explain how standing up for our rights is racist other then that Obama is in office. No mind the fact that Bill Clinton was the “salesman of the year” for many years because of the Assault Weapon Ban.

From Socrmom
What these people don’t seem to understand is the only reason they are allowed to have their guns in this National Park is because of laws enacted under Obama. Faux news and Glenn Dreck told them Obama was gonna take their guns, so they are gonna believe it no matter what.

Oh yes, the “they can’t think for themselves” meme

This is the best of the compensation jokes

From Cab305
There might be a combined lenght of 4.5 to 6 inches of penis if you add up all of these clowns.

And on and on and on.

What gets me is the obvious denial of reality and contradictions impressed in the comments.

No one is going to take away firearms but these are the type of people who shouldn’t have firearms — I mean don’t you people even read the other comments?

Never mind the fact that D.C. is fighting tooth and nail to maintain their prohibitions on keeping and bearing arms — the protesters don’t have anything to protest because no one is trying to infringe their rights.

Of course, the antis just want “reasonable” restrictions: like registration and no concealed carry.

And my all time favorite comment — it just goes to show how many on the anti-freedom left view gun owners.

From Lordcron84 fans
Home grown sleeper cell terrorists. Them and Gang member. No difference what so ever as far as I’m concerned.

Think of this the next time you hear some anti talking about keeping firearms out of the hands of the mentally ill or criminal — some of them view us in the same vein as criminals and terrorists.

Please join the discussion.

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  1. Posted by Tam on 20.04.10 at 04:45

    Don’t forget what Freud said that a fear of weapons was a sign of. Those comments say that Freud was right. 😉

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  3. Posted by Crotalus (Don't Tread on Me) on 20.04.10 at 04:45

    For Cab305, I always figure that men who like gun control are compensating for the lack of a vagina. That meme works both ways, as far as I’m concerned. And Lordcron is the type of “progressive” who worships government, and thinks that the Founders are terrorists.

  4. Posted by Crotalus (Don't Tread on Me) on 20.04.10 at 04:45

    Just checked the comments at the Huffington Pest. Not a one is pro-2A. I guess the Pest screens comments. So much for the 1A.

  5. Posted by thirdpower on 20.04.10 at 04:45

    According to my co-blogger Kaveman, most of the progun comments got scrubbed overnight. Obvious violations to the TOS in comparison to the others, right?

  6. Posted by BobG on 20.04.10 at 04:45

    I find it disturbing that hoplophobes seem to be fascinated with gunowner genitalia, and are constantly fantasizing about the size and condition of said organs.

  7. Posted by staghounds on 20.04.10 at 04:45

    And yet they never do it in person, so I can offer to prove them wrong.

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  9. Posted by Linoge on 20.04.10 at 04:45

    One day, I will have to take the time to try and figure out the mentality that would cause someone to belittle, personally attack, insult, and otherwise deride law-abiding citizens lawfully exercising their rights in a peaceful, responsible, and mature manner.

    Until that point, though, folks like the ones you highlighted provide perfect examples of why we will win, and they will invariably fail – we have reality, statistics, history, and our inalienable rights on our side. They have penis jokes.

  10. Posted by Weer'd Beard on 20.04.10 at 04:45

    Linoge, look no further than narcissistic rage. They have chosen to identify the anti-rights movement with their id, and when somebody just simply walks right through their rhetoric and carries a gun, teaches somebody to shoot, and is generally polite and well-educated, they see that simple BEEING as a direct assault on their person, and they spring into action.

    Given that they have chosen social experiments that have consistently and horribly failed for damn near 100 years (longer if you count the larger part of the elephant which is Marxist totalitarianism) they are also obviously not big thinkers, so they tend to parrot what people they admire say.

    I have no idea who the first gherkin who played the “Gunnies have little dicks” card was (I’m guessing it was a spin off of the same group of militant feminists who also said that power tools, and Linoge’s very slick V8 Bullit are psudo-penii…which is of course totally full of shit when you meet lady shooters, lady motorheads, or chix with powertools) But needless to say, I think we’ve all seen what minimal effort it takes for the latest hair-brained idea from VPC, or Brady to go viral with their 100 followers. Of course we know this because we’re the only ones listening….and laughing.

  11. Posted by Weer'd Beard on 20.04.10 at 04:45

    Breda covered the subject here when Barry-O got pissed because some filthy sodomite wasn’t thankful for the half-ass lip service he’s given to the gays who he pledged to support, but secretly is grossed out by.