Brad Watson — an example of bias and poor journalism

Pastor Stephen Broden is running for District 30’s congressional seat and it appears that Brad Watson doesn’t want him to win. That seat is currently held by Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson — she of the “I didn’t know I was giving my relatives scholarships” and “No Bid contracts for concession stands at Love Field” fame.

There is some controversy over Broden’s remarks last week

Newsman, and I use that term lightly, Brad Watson set up an interview with Pastor Broden and was supposed to discuss health care and many other topics. Instead Brad seemed to focus almost exclusivly on “revolution” according to Broden.

Now, it appears that Pastor Broden may be right.

The has the details — but here is a section of the transcript — original remarks in blue, Blaze comments in orange

Broden’s initial response includes nothing about violent overthrow:

Revolution is a part of the statement that is made, that when governments become destructive … to the end of protecting the liberties and the freedoms that we have, … it is the right of the governed to alter or abolish it. … And the abolishment of that is through change, through reform, through revolution.

Watson continues to prod:

“Are you implying that if a change at the ballot box can’t be made to your satisfaction, you’re urging some violent uprising or overthrow of the government?”

Broden “No. I am not saying to my satisfaction at all. I’m saying that if in fact we have a government who becomes destructive to the end that the founding fathers identified with in the Declaration — and that has to deal with our liberties, our unalienable rights, those rights that are given to us by our Creator –  if in fact government becomes destructive to that end, it is the right of the governed to alter or abolish it, and abolishment there means to change to it, and change has to do with revolution.”

Watson : “What do you mean by revolution? Do you mean a violent overthrow of the government?”

Broden: “It doesn’t have to be violent at all. It can happen at the ballot box when we change our leadership.”

Watson: “But you‘ve kind of excluded that where you say ’we have a constitutional remedy’ — the ballot box — ‘and the framers said if that that don’t work, revolution.’”

Broden goes on to reiterate that only if government becomes destructive and tramples on citizens’ liberties should it be changed, and at that point the American people have the right to “get rid of it by any means necessary.” Watson uses that statement to try again to have Broden admit he’s in favor of violent revolution.

Watson: “So you would include a violent overthrow of the government by saying, if the framers said that don’t work, revolution?”

Broden: “No, I would say that to whatever extent that we can alter, or adjust, or abolish it –”

Watson: “Well, what does by any means necessary — doesn’t that include violence?”

Broden: “Well that’s part of the scenario, but that is not the first option. And it obviously wasn’t the first option with the Declaration of Independence.”

Watson: “So you would include some kind of violent overthrow of the government by including revolution?”

Broden: “It is not the first option –”

Watson: “It is an option, though, in your eyes –”

Broden: “The first option is to alter it or abolish it, it is a part of the scenario. And we as Americans must understand that our founding fathers included that in the scenario.”

Watson: “But violence is an option as you view –”

There is a place for opinion in the news media but there isn’t a place for this type of biased, seemingly agenda driven ‘reporting”.

I don’t know why Brad Watson apparently wants Eddie Bernice Johnson to win but I do know who I would vote for if I lived in District 30 — and it is the person who knows history, knows how the country was founded and understands the limited role of government.

Compare the video and the transcript, look at the voting record of the incumbent, make a decision folks in District 30.

Most importantly, get out and vote.

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