When do we declare enough?

I originally tried to post this article under a different title; one pointing out the absurdity of the “good neighborhood/bad neighborhood” lie. (had the same problem that appears later in the post — spacing isn’t working right)

Four young men in costumes calmly walked into a Pantego house and robbed 30 to 35 teens at a Halloween party Saturday night, Pantego police said Tuesday.

Two of the robbers were armed with handguns and ordered everyone to the floor as they collected money, jewelry and cellphones, police said.

The party was in a home in Pantego, a small community surrounded by Arlington, the prototypical “good area” if there ever was one.

Go check out the street view at google 1700 Robin Rd Pantego Texas.

That’s lie #1 — crime can and does happen in any type of neighborhood.

The costume party was for students mostly from Arlington High School, with two adults present, McKinney said.

The four robbers walked around the party until a student confronted them.

“The girl whose home the party was at wanted to know who they were,” McKinney said. “That’s when they brandished the weapons and ordered the students to the floor.”

That’s the high school my kids attend. Note that two parents were home — but unarmed.

Lie #2 — You don’t need to carry at home.

Note that the parents and the kids didn’t resist, didn’t fight back. I may be the victim of a crime but I won’t be a passive victim of crime.

Only 4 robbers  — out numbered 7 to 1 and no one resisted at the party.

There is a saying “What we allow, we teach”. We allow criminals to commit crimes with resisting — we are teaching our kids, our selves to be passive victims. And we are teaching the criminals that they won’t face resistance — we are teaching them it is safe to be criminals.

At some point, the father of one student came to the front door.

“One of the suspects opened the door and that father figured out what was happening,” McKinney said. “The father then got into a fight with the suspect.”

The fight spilled out into a yard, where a second robber joined in.

Lie #3 — It’s just property, you shouldn’t resist.

The father’s life was jeopardized because of the passivity of the rest of the people. Two robbers distracted and still no one else resisted.

I don’t get how people can turn the decision on whether they live or die over to criminals.

If I figure out who was the father that resisted, I’ll buy him a dinner or a drink.

When you are at Google — get directions from 1700 Robin Road to 2600 Miller Lane Pantego.

Know what is at 2600 Miller Lane — approximately a quarter of a mile away from Robin Road?

Lie #4 The police will protect you.

The Pantego Police Department! Yep folks, about a 1/4 of a mile from the home is the police department, yet this home invasion happened, a man was beaten, a car stolen and the crooks got away.

So when do we say enough? When do we call the antis on their lies, when do we insist on the free exercise of our right to keep and bear arms?

I won’t settle for a ‘compromise’ that means people only take away half my rights this time.

I won’t be silent, I won’t stop working for liberty. If others think I’m mean for calling them on their lies, so be it. But they are lying and I’ll point them out when they do.

Please join the discussion.

Updated to Add

Since MikeB302000 and his buddy Jadegold are trying to claim that antis never say “crime doesn’t happen in good neighborhoods”, I thought I would add  a quote from Sparky

Unless a person lives in a particularly bad area, or unless his work makes him a target for violence, he does not need a gun

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  1. Posted by elmo iscariot on 03.11.10 at 08:15

    I always have a little pocket .380 on me around the house, but on Halloween night? You better believe I had the bedside 1911 on my hip. The one day of the year you’re expected to answer the door to strangers at night, a bit of insurance seemed prudent.

  2. Posted by Weer'd Beard on 03.11.10 at 08:15

    +1 to Elmo. My door is wide open, and any ring of the bell will get a prompt response from the home owner. I’m generally armed when I’m around the house (I explain that guns are like socks, you put them on in the morning, and you generally don’t take them off until you have a reason to) But I’m always well armed on Halloween.

  3. Posted by Bob S. on 03.11.10 at 08:15

    But you two are paranoid, aren’t you?

    See that is what I’m calling enough on — I don’t accept it.

    We have the evidence – crime stats, we have the anecdotes – this story and many more, we have the rights — it does say “Keep and Bear” in that amendment.

    When do we stop being polite and say “You are crazy and or lying” if you say there is no reason to carry at home?

    I say now. I say we point out these stories and more showing that crime does happen, does strike randomly, does occur in good neighborhoods and we publicly call them liars.

    Now some people might not know there is a reason to carry at home, those aren’t liars just uninformed but the Joan Peterson’s and the MikeB302000 — they know better – they are flat out lying.

  4. Posted by Kookie on 03.11.10 at 08:15

    Like you said the police will protect you is a lie. Now Rashad Glenn wouldn’t have done no stupid BS like that or let anyone do him like that. Now this story all but that one man need to be dropped off in the hood so they can learn to defend themselves

  5. Posted by Bob S. on 03.11.10 at 08:15


    Please try to make a little more sense.

    If Rashad Glenn didn’t do what he is accused of, why is he still in jail? Why did he not show up for court to be cleared?

    I don’t see how the story of a thug like Rashad can be used to learn to defend yourself unless you think murdering people, trying to murder people is defensive.

    Is he a drug dealer? Is he part of a gang?

    Tell me what part of dealing drugs is defending himself?

  6. Posted by Kookie on 03.11.10 at 08:15

    I didnt say he didnt do it thing is he defended himself. And that’s what those teens and parents need to learn,how to stand up for themselves.There is no way anybody would be out numbered that bad. They shouldn’t wait and pull a school shooting and call it defending themselves. You and i both no the news and the police LIE and make stuff worst than what it is. As far as him being a drug dealer that has to do with what ? Now putting a gun to the smokers head and making them do what they do that he did not do.

  7. Posted by mikeb302000 on 03.11.10 at 08:15

    Comment deleted because MikeB302000 will not exercise his right of free speech by answering all the questions he has asked other gun owners of the past 18 to 24 months.

    Sparky, I’ve told you and I’ve told you — when you answer the questions openly, honestly and completely, then your comments will be taken out of the spam filter.

    Because right now, that is what your comments are SPAM.

    Until then, the only thing showing up on my blog will be your name and an explanation of why you are spamming my blog.

    –Bob S. admin

  8. Posted by jadegold on 03.11.10 at 08:15

    Actually, I’m gonna have to disagree with Mikeb, here. What better night than Halloween for gunloons to play dressup and pretend they have a penis?

    Seriously, though–Mikeb is right, crime happens in good neighborhoods and bad neighborhoods and all neighborhoods. It just happens far more frequently in bad neighborhoods.

    Bob S. is also playing fast and loose with the truth about Pantego being a good neighborhood. Doing a little research, one finds yhe home listed by Bob S. is in one of the poorer areas of Arlington. Houses in the area run in the range of $100K -$135K. They are nearly 50 years old and literally are located on postage stamp size lots (~0.1 acres).

  9. Posted by Bob S. on 03.11.10 at 08:15


    MikeB302000 is full of himself and very egotistical if he thinks that I was referring specifically to Joan Peterson or himself. It was a generic “antis” and the claim stands.

    And you are showing a little elitism if you think that the value of a house and the size of the lot determines if the neighborhood is good or not. While you can do some research online about prices and size, I live in the area. I know the neighborhood.

    It is a good neighborhood.

    The type of place where people know their neighbors and generally like them, streets where kids play with friends just down the road. Where crime is rare — didn’t bother to look up that statistic did you, eh?

  10. Posted by jadegold on 03.11.10 at 08:15

    Sorry, you’re wrong on several counts.

    First, Pantego is considered a low-income area in comparison to the surrounding area. Dalworthington Garden homes run in the mid-$400s and homes in Kennedale and Mansfield are in the mid- to high $300s.

    WRT crime rates, Pantego is above the national average.

  11. Posted by Bob S. on 03.11.10 at 08:15


    You obviously have a problem with reading comprehension. I’ve said that home prices and lot sizes does not determine if a neighborhood is good or bad.

    If you have evidence proving otherwise, let me know.

    As far as the crime in Pantego, again provide evidence. Given your past behavior, you’ll have to forgive me if I don’t take your word for anything.

    and being “above average” is a misleading statistic, talk about median instead of average. Talk about the type of crime, etc. Maybe think in terms of violent crime, etc, eh?

  12. Posted by Kookie on 03.11.10 at 08:15

    That is true cause not all of the eastside of ft wth is bad and it has “cheap” house and like the others said NOWHERE is safe now a days. Hate to say this but in these days and time while your child is “down the street playing” some kids get malested or even kid napped

  13. Posted by elmo iscariot on 03.11.10 at 08:15

    What better night than Halloween for gunloons to play dressup and pretend they have a penis?

    That right there? That’s why your side has nothing going for it but obnoxious internet posts.

  14. Posted by Zorro on 03.11.10 at 08:15

    Thanks for sparing us Mikeb’s self-righteous, pusillanimous whining, although I bet I can guess what he said:

    Guns are bad, mmkay? Lots of gun owners are white and male, which makes them likely to be icky even without guns, mmkay?

    Was I close?

  15. Posted by Bob S. on 03.11.10 at 08:15


    I agree that not all of the East side of Fort Worth is bad nor has that ever been my contention. What is bad is the culture — the values, principles and morals of the people like Rashad and those who sheltered him. Those folks are what makes a neighborhood bad.

    There you have a alleged murderer — at least 3 charges of murder — and people not hid him. People should be turning in suspected murderers, not feeding them.

    And while in every neighborhood it is possible that someone will molest or kidnap kids, there are neighborhood where they are more likely to be shoot by gangbangers, drug runners or thugs who think violence is an appropriate response to someone’s “disrespect” (meaning they walked down the wrong street or looked at someone the wrong way).

    Sorry but that is the culture again — not the home price or lot size — that makes a bad nieghborhood.


    Isn’t amazing that they get all twisted when we call them ‘gun banners” or a nickname like “Sparky” but not only call names like “gun loon” but Sparky allows and supports Jadegold’s trollery by making him a co-blogger.


    MikeB302000’s comment is visible on his site since he knew I wouldn’t post it here.
    I won’t post MikeB302000’s comments until he talks about his ownership, both legally and illegally, of firearms. I want him to use his right of free speech to answer the questions he’s demanded of us over the years.
    Mostly it was a claim that the antis don’t say Lie #1.

    Of course, his words betray him, as they usually do.

    Unless a person lives in a particularly bad area, or unless his work makes him a target for violence, he does not need a gun

    Doesn’t that sound awfully like “crime doesn’t happen in good neighborhoods” so you don’t need a firearm?

  16. Posted by Zorro on 03.11.10 at 08:15

    Doesn’t that sound awfully like “crime doesn’t happen in good neighborhoods” so you don’t need a firearm?

    Indeed it does, Bob S.

    By the way, in my last comment, I obviously meant “without,” rather than “withoug,”
    (corrective the spelling — least you were in the same general area for the keys. some of my spelling mistakes I don’t know what I was thinking — Bob S.)

  17. Posted by Zorro on 03.11.10 at 08:15


    They are nearly 50 years old and literally are located on postage stamp size lots (~0.1 acres).

    The obvious question here is, “Is Jadefool too much of an idiot to know what the word ‘literally’ means, or does he think that postage stamps are about 66 ft x 66 ft, thus covering an area of about 1/10 of an acre?”

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