Fisking Helmke’s latest screeching

Read this over at the Huffington Post and couldn’t resist taking it apart.

There the NRA goes again -siding with the common gang member and drug dealer who wants to use a semi-automatic weapon to wreak havoc in our communities.

Wow, didn’t realize that the NRA was advocating overturning the state and federal laws preventing criminals and drug users/dealings from possessing firearms and the laws against violent crime. Of course, Mr. Helmke doesn’t bother to provide any evidence for this claim.

Too bad about the bloody, injured, paralyzed, and door knob-dead bodies.

Was that a Samba or a Tango that he just performed in the blood of the dead and injured?

Too bad about the little children who can’t play outdoors, or the innocent teens who can’t walk their streets alone, for fear of being shot by stray bullets from gang-bangers wielding assault weapons.

Hmm, perhaps those kids can’t walk the streets because too many of them are being raised in single parent homes where the parents aren’t involved in the kids lives, are actively using drugs or the parents themselves have a history of being ‘gang bangers’.

Instead of addressing the poverty, drug use, the lack of education, the broken homes; Mr. Helmke wants to focus on gun control.Typical that he ignores one of the most hyped studies about firearms a study that shows other factors to have a higher correlation with the firearm related death and injury. Even rigging the study as Kellermann did, he couldn’t get rid of the truth.

Illicit drug use                5.7
Home rented                     4.4
Any household member hit or     4.4
  hurt in a fight in the home
Case subject or control         3.7
  lived alone
Gun or guns kept in the home    2.7
Any household member arrested   2.5

Wouldn’t it make more sense to focus on getting people out of rented homes since it has a higher correlation?

Too bad about the mamas and the papas who can’t afford to live in neighborhoods that aren’t flooded with illegal guns, like those the NRA bosses inhabit.

Never mind the neighborhoods flooded with violent thugs — let’s get the people away from the evil firearms — as if the inanimate object control the actions of people.

The other aspect is those neighborhoods where the NRA bosses live? Probably have more firearms! Maybe it isn’t the firearms but the people wielding them.  Once again, notice how Mr. Helmke doesn’t talk about the illegal robbers, illegal drug dealers, illegal muggers or illegal murderers.

Nope blame it on the firearm.

Too bad about the school children, teachers, and workers who are victims of the mentally unstable who easily can get their rapid-fire killing machines from so-called private sellers at gun shows.

And don’t talk about the times where firearms had kept people safe Mr. Helmke. Don’t talk about Harrold ISD where firearms have been allowed on campus for 2 years now — and not a single reported problem.

Watch for new line of bullcrap, I mean propaganda, er, reasoning develop from the Brady’s.

Thou shalt not interfere with the Second Amendment rights of “law-abiding” citizens who want AK-47s only to protect hearth and home. (Wink. Wink.)

Actually I don’t want one “only to protect hearth and home”, I think they would be great to shoot for fun.

The NRA bosses should be ashamed, or maybe they should just be honest and rename their organization the National Rogue Association, because here they are, again, going to the mat for mass killers – this time by waging “strong opposition” to President Obama’s nominee to fill the director’s post at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).

Please provide a citation where the NRA is against the directors slot being filled versus the NRA opposing someone who is anti-constitutionally protected rights.

Andrew Traver has been tapped to lead the nation’s top crime-fighting agency, which hasn’t had a director in over four years. (See our August report about the unprecedented vacancy here.) He is the current ATF chief for the Chicago region – home to the city where last July 303 people were shot and 33 killed in 31 days.

Wow, that is a great recommendation!! Chicago where there was until very recently a Brady approved gun ban. — Just remember they don’t want to ‘ban’ guns (wink, wink).

How did that gun ban work out for Chicago?

Traver has served as an advisor to the International Association for Chiefs of Police’s (IACP) Gun Violence Reduction Project and called for restrictions on assault weapons.

Okay, so a person who is supposed to be in charge of a agency of the government,an institution implemented to protect our rights, actually advocates restrictions on our rights and the NRA is supposed to applaud?

He was successful in coordinating law enforcement efforts to arrest 18 people who bought and traded illegal guns at a shop in Rockford, Ill.

Only 18 people? Thought illegal guns were flowing? Sure sounds like a drip instead of a flow.

“Every illegal firearm removed from the hands of an unlawful possessor represents one or more potential violent crimes that was not and will not be committed,” Traver said at the time.

Right….let’s think about that. Travers is trying to claim that without a firearm a crime wouldn’t have been committed.

If that is the case, why is firearm related violent crime only 10% of the total of violent crime?

Sure doesn’t sound like the gang bangers and drug dealers are standing around going “Dawg, I’d so be robbing a great grandmother if I only had a gun“.

It is ludicrous to assume that taking an illegal firearm off the street means the crime wouldn’t happen.

Traver appears to be a law enforcement official who has the public’s safety and the nation’s security at heart. He also appears to be one whom criminals should fear and law-abiding citizens, including gun owners, should embrace.

Hey, why doesn’t he try the TSA if he wants to be embraced?

Really, why should we support someone who is going to make it more difficult for me to enjoy my hobby of target shooting or someone’s hobby of IDPA?

So why would the NRA direct its unforgiving wrath toward trying to defeat Traver’s nomination for ATF director?

Apparently the gun guys are upset that Traver did a TV interview where he helped demonstrate the lethality of an AK-47, while explaining, “Pull the trigger and you can mow down people.” Then Traver added that, “the growing frequency of gang members and drug dealers using heavy caliber military-type weapons” is a problem we should be concerned about.

Perhaps because he is being dishonest in his statement? Most “AK-47s” aren’t fully automatic, therefore the “pull the trigger and you can mow down people is a lie”. Why should we support a liar?

This is a continuation of the new line of propaganda, I think.

No, the NRA bosses are all tied up in knots because Traver didn’t make it clear enough to the TV audience that a fully automatic weapon (like the one the reporter apparently blasted) can get a few rounds out more quickly than a semi-automatic and is not as readily available to the general public (although they would like it to be).

Yes, amazing, but true. The NRA bosses, who use the cover of law-abiding hunters and gun owners, now seek Traver’s scalp over a difference that has little distinction.

Here is the new line of propaganda — that there is little difference between the fully automatic versions and the semi-automatic versions — therefore everything needs to be banned.

Semi-automatics are only a little less deadly than fully automatics. They can blast 106 rounds in less than 2 minutes. One of these weapons was used by Patrick Purdy in Stockton, California, helped him kill five children and wound 29 others. The NRA bosses know full well that the semi-automatic military-style Uzi assault pistol used by James Huberty killed 21 people and wounded 19 others at the McDonald’s in San Ysidro, Calif. And that the TEC-9 assault pistol used by the Columbine killers murdered 12 of their classmates and a teacher.

See, that is exactly what I’m talking about – they will distort the basic rate of fire and try to twist it into a reason for another “Assault Weapon Ban”

Yes, Virginia, if you believe in Santa Claus then you’ll believe there is a significant difference worth debating between the killing efficiency of a fully automatic assault weapon and a semi-automatic assault weapon. But understand, the finger-twitch variation is not enough to reduce the bloody heaps of bodies that keep piling up in communities across our fruited plains. The National Rogue Association knows that. And so, thankfully, does Andrew Traver.

Never mind the “finger twitch variation” Mr. Helmke, why don’t you address the fact that millions of people own semi-automatic weapons and yet don’t contribute to the heaps of bodies…..maybe because you would have to address the fact that less than 1% of all gun owners are involved in firearm related crime.

Let’s try this again see if Mr. Helmke is any better than Joan at basic math.

Let’s assume 50,000,000 (50 million) gun owners.

Let’s round up firearm related violent crime to 330,000

Okay, 330,000 (number of firearm crimes) divided by 50,000,000 = 0.0066.

Now take 0.0066 times 100 (that is multiple for the Brady Campaign) to get a percentage = 0.66%

0.66% of all gun owners were involved in firearm related violent crime in 2009 — AT MOST!

And Mr. Helmke wants use to support a person who wants to restrict our rights? Not a chance

3 Responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Steve on 19.11.10 at 12:18

    I just do not understand that man. Worse, there are actually people who take what he says seriously.

    Hoplophobia: Half the sufferers lack a penis, the other half are women.

  2. Posted by Linoge on 19.11.10 at 12:18

    So maybe Joan is a positive indication of the eventual direction of the Brady Campaign… the best she can do is guilt and otherwise emotionally distress other people by constantly invoking the murder of her sister, but when that fails, she forcibly shoves her fingers into her ears, and starts screaming the same old Brady Bunch talking points over and over and over again.

    Helmke’s recent batch of idiocy is nothing more than the same tactic, with a bit of Sparky’s “all gun owners are at fault for gun crime” thrown in for spice.

    I guess the good news is that he has stopped trying to “reach” us – but he certainly has become that much more inflammatory in the process. One can only hope that this increased amount of blood dancing (by the way, I do believe that was a waltz, given I counted four separate steps) and borderline hysteria is indicative of Helmke’s desperation concerning his and his organization’s situation…

    The BATFE is a superfluous organization, but one that has absolutely no problems throwing someone in jail over half an inch – there is absolutely no room in that organization, at any level, for an individual who does not comprehend the differences between “fully automatic” and “semi-automatic”.

  3. Posted by the pistolero on 19.11.10 at 12:18

    Let Helmke bloviate. It’s nothing more than the mewling of a loser. The Supreme Court has spoken. Arms in common use are protected by the Second Amendment, and as anyone paying attention knows, those “assault weapons” he so half-wittedly snarks against have most definitely gotten to be in common use — arguably in large part to his organization agitating for them to be banned.