Quote of the Day

& a Runner Up from Sparky’s lame attempt to drum up more blog hits at The Democratic Underground


The Runner Up — MADem

Are they shooting the guns AT the Toys For Tots?

Look, I don’t give a shit either way, but people DO realize that Toys For Tots is a creation of the United States Marine Corps Reserve, yes?

And the Marines are not best known for their skill in flower arranging.

So maybe the whole guns and toys thing isn’t too much of a stretch…

Just saying.


But the Winner – AtheistCrusader – had me laughing out loud.

Noooooooo don’t cross the streams!

Facts should be kept far, far away from these threads. No one knows what could happen!



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  1. Posted by Weer'd Beard on 01.12.11 at 10:03

    I’ve really been enjoying those threads. Both because its fun to watch people kick sparky when he’s down…but also it shows the general state of anti-rights people these days.

    Banned from Daily Kos
    Not a single sympathetic soul on DU
    And a blog with growing co-authors and dropping readership.


  2. Posted by Linoge on 01.12.11 at 10:03

    Wait… this halfwit was complaining about a Toys For Tots collection was taking place with firearms nearby?


    You are kidding, right? Bonomo makes my old, brain-damaged cat look like a gorramed rocket scientist!

  3. Posted by Thirdpower on 01.12.11 at 10:03

    He does have a few supporters. The emotionally retarded ‘Jpak’ and perpetually dishonest and fallacious Canadian ‘Iverglas’.

  4. Posted by BobG on 01.12.11 at 10:03

    I try to stay away from DU; it makes me want to take a shower after going there. There is something about that bunch of psychotic half-wits that bothers me.

  5. Posted by Bob S. on 01.12.11 at 10:03

    Bob G.

    Most of the people in the Firearm’s Forum have their heads screwed on straight.

    One of the reasons I posted those quotes is to show this is not a ‘conservative/liberal’ issue — it is an individual rights issue.

    And there are people on both sides of the political spectrum who get that.