“These People”

Once again I’ll categorically deny that I’m in need of content (actually the problem is the opposite, I have too many posts scrambling to get written) and look to an Anti-Rights Cultist for content.

Writing under the pen name “Laci the Dog”, Mikeb30200’s co-blogger had this to say:

It seems the Oakland University mass shooter once Link again bought his gun legally:


Why can’t gun loons be honest that they want to see these people well armed?

I’ll address the strawman inherent in his assumption; We don’t want to see “these people well armed” – we simply want anyone who wants to arm themselves to be able to do so. Huge difference there Laci but that wouldn’t give you anything to rail about would it.

Let’s instead look at “these people” that Laci mentions:

The murderer (won’t publish his name ) is/was

  • An immigrant
  • A nursing student
  • of Middle age (43)
  • trying to improve his life
  • A Christian
  • chubby
  • a loner
  • Not previously a felon

Laci also adds:

And, no, I don’t think most of you should be able to own firearms or could pass a background check.

Seems if Laci had his way, not very many people would be able to own firearms. I’ll just ask if this sounds in any shape, form or fashion “reasonable” or does it sound a little racist to you also?


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