Not sure what to say

It is going to be a long and hopefully boring day waiting for election results.

I voted for Romney. Not the best candidate but the best chance to move the country back toward liberty a little. The analogy of the rudder on the Titanic comes to mind; it is way too small for the job but it is all we have to work with.

I also voted for many Libertarians on the local, county and state level. I see the issue as one of visibility and awareness. Yes Gary Johnson may be a great candidate but until people know the Libertarian party and its policies on a local level, I don’t think he has a chance to win. It is up to us to put people in office to create that local visibility.

Sorry this isn’t more but I’m still recovering from a bad stomach virus (and yes Cormac, I’ll just leave it at that).  Didn’t get much sleep last night either. Just about the whole family has had it or getting it. She Who Lets Me Make Her Coffee Every Morning was down yesterday with a bug. She’s still not 100% today but feeling better.


More later folks as the day unfolds.

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  1. Posted by Cormac on 06.11.12 at 07:58

    I’m sorry you missed that class Sunday (you got the email, right?)

    For a couple of minutes, most of the class, led by the instructor, seemed on the verge of going full-wookie!
    Best martial arts environment EVER!!! (plus, airsoft pistols and rifle)

    You get to feeling better, and I’ll keep you posted when the next cool class comes up.

  2. Posted by Bob S. on 06.11.12 at 07:58


    I did get the email; read it on Monday morning. Check for my reply it is probably floating around in your in-box.

    Sounds like it was a class I would have enjoyed. Thanks for keeping me posted.

  3. Posted by Divemedic on 06.11.12 at 07:58

    Elections are about money. No money=no votes. My hope is that the Libertarians get enough of the vote that they can get election funding. I know that receiving election funding is the antithesis of libertarianism, but you play the game by the rules until you have enough power to change the rules.

  4. Posted by ASM826 on 06.11.12 at 07:58

    Interesting. I went the other way. Voted for Gary Johnson for President and then voted mostly Republican in state and local races. I want the Libertarians to be a serious 3rd party, it remains to be seen if it can be made to happen.

  5. Posted by Cormac on 06.11.12 at 07:58

    My ballot was laced with potential disappointment…

    But a few positions were (R) vs (L)

    Made me smile…