Time To Get Busy Again

I called the Electoral College count.

Unfortunately it went to the candidate I didn’t vote for. President Obama has won re-election.

So it is time to get busy again contacting my representatives; I encourage you to do the same.
On the national level, I will be talking about Benghazi, about Fast and Furious, about a budget (HELLO WASHINGTON, Do your JOB), about the 2nd Amendment (say no to any version of an assault weapon ban) and pushing them to resist new regulations on just about everything.

On the state level, I’ll be talking about Campus Carry, Open Carry and what we can do to reduce the regulatory burden local and state businesses face. I think we’ll see pressure this next session for a state income tax – NO way.

On the local level, pretty much the same thing. We need to push back against regulations like the recently proposed increase in the smoking ban. We need to push back against paying the company collecting trash and recycling to replace its truck fleet under the guise of going to the rolling bins.

It is also time to put more effort into my preps.

With Obama’s win, I see no check on the government’s deliberately inflationary practices. In fact I expect it to get much worse. I would rather buy shelf stable food now then hold dollars that are buying less and less.

I was hoping some money would come in before the election so I could start an AR build  or buy one. Anyone think prices will drop after the election? I didn’t think so. Oh well, still better to have one at a premium.

So, anyone else have any plans they want to share?

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  1. Posted by Sailorcurt on 07.11.12 at 07:37

    My plan is to live my life to the best of my ability and to hell with the rest.

    We get the government we deserve. This is what “the people” want. So be it.

    Gun rights is pretty much the only progress we’ve made in the past 80 or 90 years toward restoring our nation to it’s constitutional limits. Ever other area has been abandoned. We are no longer a constitutional republic. The government at all levels simply ignores the constitution if it is inconvenient for their purposes. We have no more checks and balances. All three branches of government are heavily invested in the growth of government and, by extension, their own power.

    And we keep electing them.

    Put a fork in America. This great experiment in liberty is over and the hypothesis proved to be incorrect. Most people don’t want liberty and freedom. They want to be taken care of and told what to do. Most people want to be slaves.

    And there’s simply nowhere else for people who want nothing more than the freedom to succeed or fail on their own merits and effort to go.

    Those people started this country, cultivated it, immigrated en masse asking for nothing more than an equal opportunity to succeed.

    And when they did succeed, the parasites quickly followed to live off the efforts of their forebears.

    The parasites now outnumber the hosts. There’s no going back.

    So be it.

  2. Posted by maddmedic on 07.11.12 at 07:37

    Is it time for the ‘3rd’ box yet?
    Looking at the map one sees the country as a whole red. with pockets of blue left coast, east coast, Colorado and New Mexico.
    Maybe red should say ta hell with you.
    Find your own damn food and energy.
    Not a lot of ‘green’ space for that in the urban centers that elected ObumWah.
    Sigh…Parasites, camp followers, do nothings…have become the dominate factor.
    Invest wisely.

  3. Posted by Cormac on 07.11.12 at 07:37

    I’m going to start getting very involved (like “holy crap, we need a restraining order to get rid of him” involved) in the Republican Party.

    Stupid little things they keep doing that have really begun to both piss me off, and illustrate that they’re stupider than I ever gave them credit for…QUIT SAYING “CONSERVATIVE!!!!”
    It doesn’t mean anything. Nothing at all.
    You can have 5 guys, who disagree with each other, on a stage all saying “I’m the real conservative here”

    …and they’re all telling the truth.
    Quit saying “Democratic” when talking about the “Democrat” party.
    It’s a pretty dumb little complaint, but laguage occasionally matters…so, as with gun safety, always practice good habits.

    They’re the “Democrat” party. Their candidates are the “Democrat” candidates.

    Anybody who can’t seem to separate their religious beliefs from the responsibilities of the office they hold, or are seeking, should either quit the job, or convert.

    Give up on idiotic policies and ideas that are pushing people to vote for the Democrat candidates.
    Gay marriage? There’s an easy answer for that…”As a government official, I don’t see how anybody’s marriage is any of my damned business…ever.”
    War on drugs? Might take a little doing to get people to get on board with the “If you get all f#*%ed up on somebody’s trailer-park science-project-juice, but you don’t hurt anybody else…well, good job not hurting anybody else. You get high and go around assaulting disabled church-ladies’ knitting groups; well, friend, you’re going to jail for assaulting the disables church-ladies’ knitting groups…
    No parole for you.
    Patriot Act and associated agencies…No. Just no.

  4. Posted by Bob S. on 07.11.12 at 07:37


    My plan is to live my life to the best of my ability and to hell with the rest.

    Ayup I agree and plan to do the same. And I also agree about the abandonment of the constitutional republic. It is sad to see it go but I hope we can delay the decline a while longer. We might not be able to go back as a nation but I believe (hope/pray) that we can create pockets of sanity and respect for the rule of law locally. That will be a primary focus for me in the future.


    I don’t think it is time yet….getting closer though. Again, I thought we could delay the slide but now not so sure. I think there will be a strong element of division developing in the future. Any time you want to make the move down I-35 let me know.


    I’m going to start getting very involved (like “holy crap, we need a restraining order to get rid of him” involved) in the Republican Party.

    This is where I question whether or not it would do any good in the republican party. I think the Reps have proven themselves to be thoroughly big government, intrusive into private lives just in different areas then the Dems.
    I’m contemplating moving towards the Libertarian party and seeing what can be done. I think a platform of “This are the 5/10/20 things I’m going to do away with” might win local elections.
    Like Fort Worth Alarm Permit system or requiring permits to build a fence on your own property or red light cameras.
    The Libertarians need to show how little government can still function (there is a $2,000 fine for causing an accident due to distracted driving. — doesn’t matter if cell phone, text, etc ) while reducing regulation and increasing liberty.

    I’m not sure you can get the Reps to come around to giving up their idiotic policies –heck it is only thing separating them from the Dems.

  5. Posted by Cormac on 07.11.12 at 07:37

    I would love to see libertarians in government offices…
    But I have a feeling that infiltrating the (R) party will be a bit easier…and it carries the name-recognition.

    I’m not saying we’re likely to see a full-wookie ticket in four years, but I’d like to see guys like Rand Paul and Bobby Jindal contend…and actually have a shot.

    If you try to compete against both of these machines at once, you’ll be crushed in a war on 2 political fronts.

  6. Posted by Linoge on 07.11.12 at 07:37

    If you are planning on getting an AR lower, you should probably do so very, very soon, or resign yourself to waiting at least six months, if not longer. Most places are already sold out, and those that are still in stock have already started adjusting their prices.

    If you end up striking out, let me know – I still have a bare lower from this time four years ago (almost exactly, actually), and we can see if we can work something out.

  7. Posted by James on 07.11.12 at 07:37

    ^^And that’s why I bought a bunch of 0% lowers several months back.


    They are listed as paperweights. I have quite a bit of machine time in each one, but for 20 bucks each, it’s worth it to me.