Monday Musing

Hmm….let me think about it.

The Los Angeles City Council has declared every Monday to be a so-called ‘meatless Monday,’ and is urging all residents to participate in the weekly day of vegetarianism.

NBC Los Angeles reports that with the vote Los Angeles has become the largest city to embrace the Meatless Monday campaign, a nonprofit with the goal of cutting down on meat consumption for health and environmental reasons.


I find it interesting that they chose Monday instead of the traditional (for Catholics) meatless Friday. Why is it most people have no problem adopting a view point that derives solely from a secular view but reject the same view point if it was originally religious based?



And something to consider in your plans for emergencies.

NEW YORK — New Yorkers railed Sunday against a utility that has lagged behind others in restoring power two weeks after the superstorm that socked the region, criticizing its slow pace as well as a dearth of information.

About 120,000 customers in New York and New Jersey remained without power Sunday, including tens of thousands of homes and businesses that were too damaged to connect to power even if it was running in their neighborhood.

Two weeks and still no power in areas and this with crews from other utilities coming in from all over the nation. Right now power generation is one area that I definitely need to improve. I can get buy without for at least 2 weeks but have some gaps to fill.



Okay…..guess someone saw it as a challenge

A European official says her staff members were hacked when they joined her for a conference on Internet security in Azerbaijan.

European Commission Vice President Neelie Kroes said in a blog post Saturday that her advisers’ computers were compromised as they attended a meeting of the Internet Governance Forum in Baku, the Azeri capital.

Shouldn’t the people trying to run the internet security be able to stop this type of thing?

Thanks for stopping by. Should have posted something this weekend but I was enjoying a rather blog free weekend; recovering after a rough couple of weeks.



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  1. Posted by Robert on 12.11.12 at 07:48

    The Meatless Monday is in fact a part of their religion. They just picked Monday so that it’s not confused with other peoples’ religions.

  2. Posted by RabidAlien on 12.11.12 at 07:48

    If someone wants to participate, I say go for it! If you think that’ll be a good thing for you, then by all means participate. But just don’t try to guilt-trip me into joining you*. I like meat, and I don’t see any reason to abstain at this point in time.

    *generic “you”, not pointing fingers at anyone