Customer Service FAIL

Finally got tired of Time Warner Cable and took a deal with DirecTV over the weekend.
Installation was scheduled for yesterday, not bad and the installer did call Sunday to confirm. Looking good so far.

Then the issues began; not all the new installer’s fault. Time Warner was supposed to run coax to 4 different TVs in the house. Found out they ran lines to 3 and then used a splitter to make the connection to the fourth one.  We were actually getting connections to 5 TV sets with DirecTV (with Kids and Grand Kids in the house, this isn’t unreasonable) – so the installer ran two lines and only charged us for one. Not bad.

Took him nearly 6 hours according to She Who Lets Me Make Her Coffee Every Morning and he had problems getting the client sets to find the server.

Apparently, the technology has changed greatly and now main line is ran to the HD/DVR box at the main connection and that acts as a server for all the other sets, called Clients.

Well, the last thing the installer did was start a ‘software update’ on every connection before he left.

Yeah, he left before making sure everything was working right. Strike 1.  ‘Cause 3 of out the 5 connections couldn’t find the server after being updated.

Then we tried calling customer/technical service; Son T.R. tried and got some advice and was then hung up on. SWLMMHCEM tried and was caught in an endless loop asking if she wanted to add our home number to the account — Strike 2.

I called and finally got in touch with someone; a very friendly and a very knowledgeable person. Friendly enough to ask me “How are you doing tonight?” (Here is a hint — try asking “what can I do for you tonight?” instead) So knowledgeable he wanted to take 7 minutes to explain to me the nomenclature and structure of our new set up. I just wanted to watch TV on all of the sets.
We worked through the reset protocol and tried something else. No Joy. Wasn’t really surprised given the earlier problems and didn’t really have too much problem with the Customer Service Rep.


Until as he was closing the call he said “Have a wonderful evening”

Really dude?!?!

I can’t watch TV on 3 of the 5 TVs I just paid a pretty penny to set up. I spend 30 minutes working through a problem with you after a long day at work and you wish me a “wonderful evening” — Strike 3.

We will see if this is just a minor glitch or not. I hope for the sake of DirecTV it is.


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  1. Posted by Teke on 13.11.12 at 07:41

    I had problems scheduling the installation.

    Somedude installer was supposed to show up on day 1. He went to the wrong address and did not call my Cell phone which was the contact number I had given. Since Comcast was hot. Guess who had my phone service. Comcast. Went to some house with a gate.

    I call them to check and see where he is and they say he came and left and that I’d have to reschedule cause he had left the site. I argue that he never showed and it was their fault for not calling the contact information provided.

    3 days later is the earliest day they could “re-schedule” I pushed until I got added to the next day.
    Then somedude that was supposed to install it had truck problems. His installs were added to aontherdude. Anotherdude calls me and asks to push to the afternoon since his schedule had him starting 40 miles away and working my way. I agreed hoping being nice to the actual tech may help. Well it started raining and he called to try to cancel. It had rained and stopped by me so I said no.

    Since then I had a small glitch getting the DVR/on demand box to be seen by the boxes. No problems since.

    Best of Luck to you with your new setip