Cold Bug 5, Bob 1

I made it out of the house on Saturday for a couple of hours. Apparently that ticked off the cold bug living in my noggin.

It took revenge on Sunday and Monday.

I do apologize for not posting but I decided breathing had a slightly higher priority over the weekend.

I’m feeling better. So on with life.

Over at WFAA, I found an article that really shows a problem with many “news stories” today.

DALLAS – While more and more city-approved food trucks pop up in Dallas and Fort Worth, a News 8 investigation found stark differences in the rules each city requires to make sure they are clean. 

Let’s start in Dallas, where food trucks that serve inside city limits are required to park overnight at a place called a commissary. They restock food here and a commissary employee gives each truck a hardcore scrubbing. It also helps the city keep track of them because it must remain there that night.

Oh Kwon, co-owner of the popular Dallas-based truck Ssahm Korean BBQ, said he thinks his truck wouldn’t be as clean without the commissary.

Fort Worth requires its food trucks to visit a commissary each day but does not make them stay overnight. News 8 followed five food trucks after closing time and found none went to a commissary.

It is a good article; full of human interest spots and details. Of course the details are all about the governmental regulation.

What is missing is the details about how the differences are affecting the health and safety of the patrons. What is missing is any question of the nature of the regulations; are they overly strict, are they even needed? Do the regulations serve the public or the government?

Details that are really needed today but sadly lacking in too much reporting by the mainstream media.
There is a wealth of information out there that could have been included; like how many people eat at the food trucks, how many people get sick from eating at the food trucks, etc.
It really seems as if the reporter is just making a case for more governmental regulation instead of reporting on the safety of food trucks.

Used to the media was a check on the government, now it seems like they are the government’s pep squad.

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3 Responses to this post.

  1. Posted by RabidAlien on 20.11.12 at 07:44

    Media’s been owned by the .gov for many many years now….I haven’t seen impartial reporting in….well…..ever, I don’t think. I used to watch the news to see what I needed to do further fact-finding for. Now I don’t even bother watching the news. I won’t even give them my viewership to bump up their ratings.

  2. Posted by Paul Kanesky on 20.11.12 at 07:44

    Bob, you couldn’t be more right. The media seems to think that government is the answer to everything. They consistantly have solutions in search of a problem.
    Working in construction for 50 years I have had my share of “Roach Coach” meals and both myself and all the men I have known who have eaten from these trucks have never gotten sick.
    Paul in Texas

  3. Posted by Riley on 20.11.12 at 07:44

    Glad your feeling better. I got a head cold a couple of weeks ago on a camping trip. I’m just now fully over it.