To the young lady…

…in the white sedan this morning.

I was impressed with your ability to tail gate. After a couple of brake checks that failed to back you off, you didn’t mind getting so close I couldn’t see your headlights. After slowing down considerably, you still didn’t get the message and continued to tail gate.

And when you finally decided to get over into the other lane (1 of 2 other available); you proceeded to tail gate the Dodge Ram with the massive bumper and trailer hitch. Dumb but impressive.

Once I was free from worrying about you running into my bumper, I was able to accelerate. Apparently nothing I did that morning made you happy since you preceded to flip me off once I accelerated.

Just wanted to let you know I wasn’t upset; in fact your antics (once you were off my bumper) made me laugh. I pray that you will find out how dangerous those antics are before you hurt someone or yourself.


And in the spirit of Thanksgiving;

To all the drivers who know how to accelerate after making a turn – I thank you.

To all the drivers who remember that the secondary road (e.g. entrance ramp) yields to the primary road (traffic already on the highway) – I thank you.

To all the drivers who can move into an empty center turn lane without slowing down (or even stopping) – I thank you.

To all the drivers who can make a left turn without slowing to a dead crawl – I thank you.

To all the drivers who can make a right turn without stopping 3 times – I thank you.





7 Responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Suz on 21.11.12 at 07:31

    You’re welcome. No sweat. Really , no sweat.

  2. Posted by James on 21.11.12 at 07:31

    It wasn’t a lady, and my sedan isn’t white.
    Just in case you were wondering….

  3. Posted by Bob S. on 21.11.12 at 07:31


    Apparently by the small majority of people who can be thanked for doing those simple tasks right; it is getting to be a big deal.


    I wasn’t talking about going out to the last blog shoot. I may not be a morning person but I know the difference between you and this lady who thought she was a V.I.P.

  4. Posted by James on 21.11.12 at 07:31


    Maybe she was from Massachusetts, and you were actually being nice to her in her own nor’easterner way.

    Any update on the dinner gettogether?

  5. Posted by Bob S. on 21.11.12 at 07:31


    I don’t have an update on the dinner. I’ll try to post something this week/weekend but looks like by default it is going to be Dec. 1st or 2nd at the earliest.

    Sorry but I’ve just been too down with this cold to do proper service as the organizer.

  6. Posted by RabidAlien on 21.11.12 at 07:31

    Heh. Nice.

  7. Posted by Linoge on 21.11.12 at 07:31

    There are times I am sorely tempted to install a Rhino Package on my Mustang… seeing a ghost-dog and slamming on the brakes on a tailgater would be a touch painful on me.