Not Much But Still Counts…

Went to the range this afternoon with my Tn Father in law Troy; didn’t get much shooting in though. It was a little breezy (like 15-20 mph gusts) and 58 degrees.

Took turns almost hitting the steel plates (I sure those things where swaying back and forth) with the Buckmark and completely missing with the Sig Sauer SP2022. Or at least I missed; Troy got one. Hate being shown up with my own gun.

It really hits home that I need to get out and shoot more when I interact with some of the club members. A couple of them were surprised that I owned guns and one was sure an alien pod had taken over my body.



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  1. Posted by kx59 on 09.12.12 at 18:22

    Brings back a memory of my former Father in Law up in Kansas teaching me how to swing a golf club.
    We gave up when we couldn’t tell where the balls were landing in the snow.
    I like shooting better. There’s no presumption that you should chase your projectile.