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Misattributed Quote — no evidence he ever said it.

You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.


Why doesn’t ‘t ‘fake but accurate’ work for this?


So, just what is in your gun cabinet Joan Peterson?

Hunters who feel a need to hunt with AR 15s must think of themselves as “Rambo”.. There is absolutely no need for AR 15s for hunting. There are many other hunting rifles that the majority of hunters use. It’s only you gun rights extremists who insist that AR 15s are for hunting.

Are you/your husband using an Atlatl, sharpened rock tied to stick? Or are you using a rifle with a military pedigree?

And please tell me where in the Bill of Rights or the Constitution I have to justify my “need” to you.

And in other news, anti-rights cultists prove they want more then ‘gun control

Trayvon Martin’s Killer Has The Gall To Ask For More Donations

It’s one of those shake-your-head moments again.George Zimmerman, the guy who stalked unarmed teen Trayvon Martin and shot him dead because, as he put it, it was “God’s Plan” to do so, is asking once again for donations for his legal defense.  (emphasis mine – Bob)

So what other rights do you want to take away from gun owners Jason Kilgore Baldr Odinson?
The right to a fair trial, the right of free speech, the right of association?
Thanks for proving once again you aren’t a gun control advocate but an anti-rights cultist!

Mr. Belafonte — about your advice to President Obama?



 (Edited to add the video — thought I had it in there already. Sorry folks)

If you want people thrown in jail ala 3rd world dictators, why don’t you step up and volunteer to lead the round up crew?

And Mr. Piers Morgan; you are welcome to come along with him to collect all the firearms.

Back to Jason Kilgore, I mean Baldr Odinson and CeaseFire Oregon — this is why people think you lie

We do not know all the facts yet, but a few things are already clear. Our communities can never be safe while the gun industry profits from arming the deranged and the dangerous with increasingly lethal weapons. As long as weapons that belong only on battlefields are sold in our communities, the lives of ordinary citizens will continue to be sacrificed as mere collateral damage by the gun lobby and the politicians who turn a blind eye to the carnage.

If you wouldn’t write things like that, people wouldn’t think you are wanting to ban and confiscate firearms. Just about every firearm could be said to have belonged “only on battlefields” at one time or another, right? So, just exactly what firearms would you ‘let’ us have?



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  1. Posted by Weer'd Beard on 14.12.12 at 05:00

    One nit to pick, until the m1 rifle/carbine/smg came about generally the rifles and shotguns in American homes were pretty much the same as those on the battlefield.

    Also all of those military rifles could be ordered or brought home….the Thompson would need an NFA stamp.

    Honestly this is more the foolishness of Heller’s “In Common Use” statement. Sure Alan Gura will have a field day with that ruling until he’s old an grey, but things like full-auto or short rifles and shotguns aren’t in “Common Use” because of the NFA and Houghs amendment make them too expensive.

    Either way you can tell they have little interest in the truth, but a long interest in banning guns.

  2. Posted by Bob S. on 14.12.12 at 05:00


    One of the reasons I quote the Miller Decision so often is how the Justices decided the issue.

    “In the absence of any evidence tending to show that possession or use of a ‘shotgun having a barrel of less than eighteen inches in length’ at this time has some reasonable relationship to the preservation or efficiency of a well regulated militia, we cannot say that the Second Amendment guarantees the right to keep and bear such an instrument.”

    Were ‘short barreled shotguns’ in common usage in the military at the time, absolutely. The defense never argued the issue so the justices were able to claim ‘in the absence of any evidence’. But it would be very difficult for the gun control advocates to argue that full auto weapons aren’t in common use in the military today.
    The Miller decision – basis for many gun control arguments and rulings – didn’t limit it to the civilian population; I think that will come back to haunt attempts to ban ‘assault weapons’.