Misleading Headline #15 (or so)

Think I’m going to regularly dredge this issue for blog fodders, I mean, make this a regular feature of my hard hitting journalistic endeavor.

The hard hitting headline reads:

Cops use Taser on woman buying too many iPhones

The reality is:

The confrontation involving the Taser happened when Li went to the store on Monday to pick up two iPhones she ordered online.

“The management of the store asked us to have her removed. The officer approached her, told her she wasn’t welcome in the store, and she refused to leave,” Nashua Police Capt. Bruce Hansen said. 

Police say the store had issued a stay-away order against Li.

That’s right, she was tasered because she was a.) committing criminal trespass and b.) failed to follow the lawful orders of  a police officers.

While the family may claim she didn’t understand, I’m having trouble believing that. She understood enough to order the phones, to recognize others were violating a supposed policy, to videotape it and to argue with management about the issue.

Thanks WCVB in Boston for illustrating why so many people distrust mainstream media today.



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  1. Posted by Divemedic on 13.12.12 at 05:00

    It happens here a lot, but in Florida it is the Hispanics: as soon as something isn’t going their way, the lose the ability to speak English.

  2. Posted by Sevesteen on 13.12.12 at 05:00

    Police Say Man Who Pulled Gun on Black Friday Line-Cutter Was Within His Rights

    Based on the text of the story, the headline should have been “Police Say Man Who Pulled Gun on Black Friday face-puncher Was Within His Rights

    …and losing English when someone disagrees is nearly universal, happened to me all the time when I worked at a Japanese-owned electronics factory.

  3. Posted by Bob S. on 13.12.12 at 05:00


    I see it here in Texas also. Amazing how often that happens when someone is on the losing side of an argument.


    Yep. That was one of the articles that lead to this, I remember reading some of them. The headline should have read “On Black Friday, Man uses firearm to stop assault.”