Showing Her True Stripes

On the Common Gunsense blog, the subtitle reads “thoughtful discussion about how to prevent gun injuries and death” so you would think that a normal person would welcome comments, right?

But of course this is Joan Peterson –Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence board Member, co-president of the Northland Chapter of the Brady Campaign, President of  Minnesota Million Moms March, Spokesperson for Protect Minnesotaaka JaPete we are talking about so she says:

Are you suddenly an expert on all things concerning guns? You don’t have to comment on every comment or every word said on this blog. Take a rest.

Great way to encourage thoughtful discussion there Joan. Goes great with your heavy moderation of comments and banning people who disagree with you.

If gun-control advocates are willing to lie about something as simple as really wanting to have a discussion; can they be trusted about not wanting to ban guns?





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  1. Posted by maddmedic on 14.12.12 at 07:21

    Must be something in the water up here and we have plenty of that!
    I had a local state legislator once tell me to quit emailing him.
    He was a liberal, socialist union loving, teacher(sorry I keep repeating myself), now retired and living off his huge pension, the taxpayers paid for..
    SO I would often point out his failings, he took exception..
    As much as I love Minnesota, there are times….