Thoughts and Prayers

To the families and victims in Connecticut.

If you want to dance in the blood before its even cooled off; go elsewhere, talk to someone else.

I’m not interested in hearing it now.


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  1. Posted by Skinnedknuckles on 14.12.12 at 13:27

    Thank you. I wish others on both sides of the aisle were doing the same.

  2. Posted by j dan on 14.12.12 at 13:27

    Praying for the families in Connecticut.

    Praying for the families and victims in the school attack in China as well. ( )

  3. Posted by Cormac on 14.12.12 at 13:27

    This scared the hell out of me until I heard the name of the town and realized it’s halfway across the state from my son’s elementary school…

  4. Posted by Kalashnikat on 14.12.12 at 13:27

    Newtown…the Sandy Hook School.
    A tragedy and a terrible loss of innocent life in what was supposed to be a “safe place.” …what could have been done to prevent it?

    Blame violent video games and movies/TV? Censor them? Yeah…like that’s going to ever happen…violence, like porn, is likely to continue to be everywhere…do they influence behavior?
    Possibly, to some degree…but if the deaths of 20 children is a terrible tragedy (and it truly is)…why do we not care as a nation that the total of US abortions since 1973 (Roe v. Wade) through 2011 was 54,559,615 based on state government health organization data & the Guttmacher Institute data…Planned Parenthood alone performed 329,445 in 2010. Those children were no less innocent than the ones at Sandy Hook, and were in what is supposed to be a safer place…the womb. Does the attitude that bearing children to term is a matter of the mother’s choice and convenience, also influence behavior? But I digress…

    What concrete steps can we take to prevent all future Sandy Hook type killings?

    Pass a law declaring that schools and the surrounding area are gun-free? Zero tolerance for guns in schools?
    …check…uh…nope, didn’t prevent it…prevented anyone from stopping or deterring the gunman until he shot himself or the police arrived.

    Pass a law that guns can’t be bought without a criminal background check that includes mental health data?
    …check…uh…nope, he wasn’t identified as “dangerous” by his doctor, mother or friends, and it’s pretty hard to commit someone without clear evidence of danger, so he might have passed the background check for a firearm purchase…but he wasn’t willing to try it or to accept the mandatory waiting period for firearm purchase…so he went and stole his mother’s guns.

    Pass a law that guns be stored under lock and key when not in the possession of their rightful owner, a responsible adult who passed a background check?
    …check…that one’s on the books…didn’t prevent him from finding his mother’s keys and looting the gunlocker…

    Pass a law that certain guns that look different (scary black “assault weapons”) may not be made or sold? There are millions of magazine fed semi-automatic rifles in the marketplace and already in lawful owners hands, …and the way a gun looks doesn’t determine how it functions, there are semi auto hunting rifles with shiny walnut stocks and stainless steel barrels that shoot the same caliber bullets as the “assault rifles” and are just as legitimately used for hunting, home defense and target practice.
    Ban all guns?…punish and disarm 100 Million law-abiding citizens for the actions of a very few sick individuals or one twisted man?…..and you can’t un-invent the gun. In Pakistan in the Khyber pass area they make working copies of every kind of gun imaginable, including full automatic weapons, with a hacksaw, a file, and a drill press. Any machine shop or automotive garage is capable of making guns. Guns are not going away…that genie is not going back in the bottle.

    Disarming an entire population? Tell me how that worked out for Germany, the Soviet Union, and China…millions dead at the hands of their own governments…

    Safety is a wonderful goal but it’s also magical thinking to believe that anyone, anywhere is absolutely 100% safe at all times…even in prison, under full time guard, people get assaulted, killed or injured. No one wants to live under constant armed supervision in order to be safer…Think about having an armed guard outside your house who watches you come and go…outside your workplace, outside your grocery store, outside and inside every school …and even then, even with the best of intentions, some fraction of the trusted “guards” who are supposed to keep us “safe” would take advantage of the situation. And what would such guards cost?

    Parenting is not a spectator sport…you can’t assume, whether at home, at school, or on an outing to the mall, that you or your children are absolutely positively 100% safe…part of responsible parenting is being prepared, willing and able to protect and defend your own family and yourself…it’s a truism that “when seconds count, the police are minutes away”, and will be delighted to arrest the perpetrator after there’s a crime…if they can figure out who did it.
    …if you’re not mentally and physically prepared to protect and defend your own family, are you being a responsible adult and parent?

    My question is, if our children are indeed most precious to us, and they are, ….why was no one there at the school prepared to guard them? One teacher there had the wits to ignore the official rules (herd everyone into one corner of the classroom…how convenient, a compact single target for rapid fire) and hide her children in scattered locations in cabinets and tell the gunman they were in the gymnasium…God bless her, she saved their lives…though she lost her own life.
    Why were none of the responsible school staff, teachers or administrators armed and trained to defend those precious children? It has worked well in Israeli schools under high threat from terrorists…adults are trained and armed. Why would you entrust your most precious children to a school protected only by magical thinking and breakable glass windows?

    Why would anyone think that creating a “gun-free” zone, posting signs and passing regulations to that effect, would deter anyone except the law-abiding?

    If the shooter was willing to steal guns and kill his own mother…isn’t it magical thinking to believe that, having already broken those laws and fully intending to commit more murders, violating the “gun free” zone at the school would matter to him in the least?

    Gun sales have soared. Murder rates have fallen. Mass shootings are in the news, but are 100s of times less likely to kill you than a lightning strike…

    In states where lawful citizens can carry concealed weapons, those criminals who are rational have to consider that what looks like a helpless victim may in fact be fully able to defend himself/herself. Twisted individuals who are not behaving rationally or not capable of understanding right and wrong may or may not weigh that possibility, but if you disarm the law-abiding, each incident after that becomes like Newtown…the gunman knows he has free reign within the building for at least some period of time until the police respond.

    Whether the threat is terrorists, criminals, or twisted murderous sick individuals, responsible adults need to be prepared and have the means to protect and defend themselves, their families, and in the case of schools, protect and defend the children in their charge.