Make a Few Phone Calls..

or send a few emails if you would folks.

Now would be a great time to contact your federal representatives, to call the White House and let them know it is not the time to push for greater gun control.

Let’s get the message out that Sandy Hook was an atrocious crime but it was committed by one individual. Our rights should not be restricted due to the actions of one person or even a dozen.  If that was the case people belonging to Mayors Against Illegal Guns should be the most restricted group of people in history.

I send emails yesterday to my Federal Representative and Senator. I called the White House and asked President Obama not to push for new gun control laws.  I think it is important for them to hear from us; to let them know not everyone wants additional, ineffective laws.

I’ll be calling my state level representatives today; asking not only for them not to push new gun control laws but to find out how they plan to expand our rights.

So please, if you have a few minutes —Sign the White House Petition against new laws, make a few phone calls or emails. You can find your Senator here  or your Representative here.

Let’s stop being the Silent Majority and make our voices heard.


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  1. Posted by Paul Kanesky on 18.12.12 at 08:00

    Thanks for the link. I registered and signed the petition. I hope it does some good.
    Paul in Texas