Government Effectiveness

Something for all the folks pushing for new restrictive laws to keep in mind; the people running the show would be government workers, like these.

The Homeland Security Department is supposed to maintain an up-to-date list of those deportable aliens so that other government agencies are aware of their status and know they should be denied benefits. The system is known as the Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements program, or SAVE.

But a random sample of queries to the system found that 12 percent of the time, the system OKs an immigrant who should have been deported.

12 percent of the time they let someone already ordered to leave stay — 12% !

All told, some 800,000 immigrants are living in the U.S. who already have been ordered deported but have not yet left — or been removed by the government — from the country.

The failures in our sample include individuals who applied for unemployment and disability insurance, food stamps, driver’s licenses and other benefits, the auditors said.Several individuals had criminal records, including assault with a deadly weapon, extortion, drug convictions and other convictions such as burglary, stalking and child abuse.

The SAVE system, maintained by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), is one key check other agencies use to weed out illegal immigrants who try to apply for benefits. It is supposed to be used by states when determining whether to issue driver’s licenses, and President Obama’s health care law requires it be checked to make sure ineligible immigrants aren’t getting new health benefits.

And this is dealing with people they already know about; how do you think they will do with the millions of unregistered firearms that are in the country?




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    You used Government and Effectiveness in the same title…Geessh…
    Now that was misleading!!