State Dept Finds Water is Wet

Oh no, what they found was there were problems in the State Department.

The leaders of an independent panel that blamed systematic State Department management and leadership failures for gross security lapses in the deadly Sept. 11 attack on a U.S. diplomatic mission in Libya will explain their findings to Congress on Wednesday.

What was your first clue folks? The hours long attack? The 4 dead people?

Despite those deficiencies, the board determined that no individual officials ignored or violated their duties and recommended no disciplinary action. But it also said poor performance by senior managers should be grounds for disciplinary recommendations in the future.

Huh? Hate to bring this up but don’t they have a duty to keep their people safe? I think denying multiple requests for increased security falls into the category of ‘violated their duties’.

It did confirm, though, that contrary to initial accounts, there was no protest outside the consulate. It said responsibility for the incident rested entirely with the terrorists who attacked the mission.

In the immediate aftermath of the attack, administration officials linked the attack to the spreading protests that had begun in Cairo earlier that day over an American-made, anti-Islamic film. Those comments came after evidence already pointed to a distinct militant attack.

Chants of  “Obama and Rice Lied, People Died” won’t be heard. Heck this probably won’t be covered again by mainstream media. Had this been a Bush presidency little details like the following completely fabricated white wash would be news for months

The report also discounted speculation that officials in Washington had refused appeals for additional help after the attack had begun.

“The Board found no evidence of any undue delays in decision making or denial of support from Washington or from the military combatant commanders,” it said. To the contrary, the report said the evacuation of the dead and wounded 12 hours after the initial attack was due to “exceptional U.S. government coordination and military response” that helped save the lives of two seriously wounded Americans.

12 hours!!! It is completely unbelievable to say help couldn’t have gotten there sooner, not with ground forces  available just 3 hours away and fighter coverage an hour away.

Sadly despite best efforts of many people to see justice done for Ambassador Chris Stevens, information specialist Sean Smith and former Navy SEALs Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods the media and the administration will sweep this under the rug. They’ll use the furor and uproar over the Sandy Hook murders, the ‘fiscal cliff crisis’ to avoid repercussions.

And that is a shame if we let it happen.

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3 Responses to this post.

  1. Posted by RabidAlien on 19.12.12 at 07:43

    All of that, Fast and Furious, bailouts, etc….and Time just reported that 0bummer is their “Man of the Year”. Personally, I don’t mind him having that title, as long as its Folsom County Prison’s “Man of the Year” award. This prez, and his cabinet, are some of the most corrupt and incompetent individuals I’ve ever seen. And 0bummer just handed the whole gun-control “problem” off to Biden? I’m really starting to fear for the future.

  2. Posted by Paul Kanesky on 19.12.12 at 07:43

    I am not at all surprised at the findings of the “Board”. Admitting what is blatently obvious and impossible to cover, and then playing CYA with the rest of the info. Asking .gov to investigate itself is setting the fox to watch the chickens.
    One of the primary reasons we need a free and independent press, and our founding fathers established the Constitution, complete with the bill of rights ( 1st. ammendment) was to shed light on this type of malfeasance by our political class.
    Today, with the MSM acting more like the old “Pravda” in the Soviet Union we are seeing the results of a political class who believe, and probably are “above the law”
    I see no good coming from DC in the future, and believe we are closer now to the dissolution of our replubic than at any time in history.
    Paul in Texas

  3. Posted by kx59 on 19.12.12 at 07:43

    I’m afraid this has fallen off the 10 minute news cycle the government news media allotted for it. They have something more bloody that better fits their party narrative to run 24/7 now.
    Obama and his minions aside, the federal government is corrupt beyond repair.