Spot The Change

If ‘gun control’ works, including something as radical Australia’s gun buy back and restrictive laws, then it should make an impact in the homicide rate, right?


So Mr. & Ms. Anti-Rights Cultist without looking it up, can you use just the chart to identify the year in which Australia enacted its restrictive laws?

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  1. Posted by Sfcmarkc on 19.12.12 at 14:45

    Hi Bob,

    As has been written about in Kopel’s book, ” The Samurai, The Mountie, and The Cowboy” it isn’t just the guns, it’s the culture. Even in the US, there are many examples of this. Chicago with very restrictive laws, yet high crime. And Vermont which has concealed carry, yet low crime rates.

  2. Posted by Bob S. on 19.12.12 at 14:45


    Thanks for stopping by and you are correct sorta. I would say it is the culture in which a person is raised and lives.
    There is no one single uniform culture in our country. We used to be more homogeneous in our culture but in the name of diversity and multiculturalism we’ve lost that best parts of the melting pot and became the salad bowl.

    I plan on doing a post visually illustrating differences in cultural. You can see a few of the pictures in my ‘youth day’ posts. We have 2,200 members in our gun club. We regularly have over 150 kids participate at youth day — so why don’t we have murders, robberies, rapes and illegal shootings at the range?

    Our culture.