Cultural Differences

FORT WORTH – A crowd waiting to buy sneakers outside Hulen Mall early Friday morning was doused with pepper spray after authorities received reports of fighting at the scene in Fort Worth.

“People got hit with night sticks, it was really crazy,” said shoppper Julio Lomeli. “You couldn’t go anywhere, you would be squished in, stepped on. “

Police were called to the mall as a group of shoppers waiting to buy a pair of Nike Air Jordan Retro 11 shoes grew outside. Authorities received reports that the crowd of about 350 to 400 shoppers was “getting out of control” and that several physical fights had broken out.

Upon arriving at the scene, several officers went to the front of the crowd, standing between the doors of the mall and the crowd. At one point, one of the officers yelled out a few words before dousing the shoppers with pepper spray. At least two people were treated at the scene

That is one culture….now compare it to the culture that is filling the gun stores.

Have you heard of a single incidence of violence at a gun store, much less fighting that needs pepper spray to be used?

So tell me again Mr./Ms. Anti-rights  cultist where we need to focus our attention to reduce violence?



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  1. Posted by Paladin on 22.12.12 at 05:00

    I saw the reports of this last night on the news. And they aren’t even good looking shoes.

  2. Posted by RabidAlien on 22.12.12 at 05:00

    BAN NIKES!!!!! Never liked those shoes anyway, always give me blisters. I’m an Asics fan. I’m sure I’ll start getting hate-mail from Nike-purists now, though.

  3. Posted by Gun Stuff…. « Freedom Is Just Another Word… on 22.12.12 at 05:00

    […] BobS points out here, we seem to have violence and whatnot occurring amongst people attempting to buy […]