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Over at CNN; two people whose father was killed at Fort Hood penned an opinion piece.  I’m not going to fisk the article but simply try to answer their last paragraph.

Here is the question we are haunted by: “What is wrong with us that it takes 20 children dying in one shooting to make us change?” And some of us still won’t. We have to address the answers, and we have to have the conversation. Let’s start fixing the problem instead of treating the symptoms.

First, I’ll answer your straw-man argument that we waited until 20 children were shot; the short answer is only people like you waited.Sorry if that sounds offensive, I don’t mean it to be but it is the simple truth. Many of ‘us’ have been trying to get things done for years now. We haven’t waited. We’ve pushed for actual and vigorous enforcement of the existing laws. Firearm charges are too often plea bargained away and killers  or future killers are back on the streets too soon.

Second, also part of  your same mistake is that action has to be at the national level in the form of more restrictive laws. Those restrictive laws, Connecticut does have the 5th most restrictive laws in the country, didn’t stop the Sandy Hook Elementary atrocity. So please tell me how another restrictive law or a dozen would stop another shooting?
I will call your attention to what does work to reduce the death toll; firearms carried responsible people already at the scene. Pearl Mississippi High School, Appalachia Law School, New Hope Church in Colorado; the list goes on.

Please don’t ignore the evidence because it doesn’t fit your mindset.

Which brings up the last point; treating the problem. The first step in treating the problem is to accurately identify the problem. As long the focus is on firearms, we will not identify the root cause; mental illness and/or the drugs used to treat it. Look at the numbers, look at the links, look deeper than the tool used; please don’t fall for the rhetoric that the ‘guns are the problem’.


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  1. Posted by Too Old To Work on 28.12.12 at 09:09

    The Fort Hood shooting was completely different than the Sandy Hook or other mass shootings that have happened. The murderous scum at Fort Hood committed what could charitably be called an act of war, but is in reality an act of sabotage.

    Either way, he falsely swore allegiance to the Constitution and used that to get into a position where he could murder people. By law what he did is no different than what German soldiers did during World War II when they put on American uniforms during the Battle of the Bulge and then attacked real American soldiers. Those “heroes” of the Reich were found out, put up against a wall, and shot.

    Which is what should have happened a long time ago the that murderous scum, only our President and Secretary of the DHS have decided to call this “workplace violence” and treat it as if he went crazy at Walmart and shot his co-workers.

    The asshole in CT, the other asshole in OR, and the asshole at VT, were all insane murderous scum. The answer to that lies mostly in fixing the mental health system in this country, not in taking away guns from precisely the people who should have them.