NBC Reporting – No Assault Rifle Used?

Not sure how accurate this report is and I doubt it will make much of a difference but we need to push for the truth to be told anyways.



Seems the calls to wait, to find out the facts before making emotional and ineffective laws might have been correct. I have noticed how little play his mental health is getting in the media; guess it doesn’t fit the narrative they want to push.

H/T to MaddMedic)

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  1. Posted by sfcmarkc on 28.12.12 at 11:46

    Hi Bob,

    I hope Christmas treated you well. I saw this video on John Lott’s blog. As you can see, the Date Dec. 15th is showing on the screen. That would put it the day after the shooting when everything was pretty chaotic. I left a comment on Lott’s blog asking when the reports was aired, and if it was aired after the on camera statement by the medical examiner where he stated that all the wounds were caused by rifle fire.
    This morning, I went back to the blog to check, and it seemed to be gone.


  2. Posted by RabidAlien on 28.12.12 at 11:46

    Love how the reporter starts out his report with “this is a very complex investigation and there are a lot of contradictory reports out there”…..CYA, anyone? Tell ya what….stop filling air-time until you get some verifiable facts, backed up in writing from a source of authority, not some “anonymous” spokesperson who is “not authorized” to give out information. All that says is that you interviewed some hippy who happened to be standing on a street corner with a “feed me” sign somewhere in the same state.

  3. Posted by Paul Kanesky on 28.12.12 at 11:46

    Why am I surprised the MSM got it wrong again. I suppose they were just WISHING the killings were the result of one of tyhose evil blaack rifles.
    The sad and tragic part of all this is that 20 children and 6 teachers were murdered by a very evil man, not a gun, not gasoline, not a bomb BUT the anti rights types cannot even hide their glee when they think they have another crisis to exploit.
    Paul in Texas

  4. Posted by Braden Lynch on 28.12.12 at 11:46

    I know this is a link, but I just wish you would not show the ugly mug of the POS shooter. I think they need to have their name and image buried in shame and obscurity. It might just reduce copycats.