Response from Rep. Patrick

State Representative Diane Patrick  provided this response to an email asking her position on new gun control laws and support for changes to several existing laws.


I have a record of supporting Second Amendment rights, and I have no plans to file any legislation pushing for any additional gun control laws.  Thank you for sharing your opinions.  I appreciate hearing from constituents.  Happy New Year!

Glad to hear that Representative Patrick and as I said in my follow up email; I also want a pledge not to support legislation filed by others.

Call, write, email, show up; keep pestering them until they realize this is any area where they should not even think about pushing restrictions.

I’m not sure if I agree with many people’s sentiment that gun control laws have no chance; Congress has pulled too many shenanigans for me to be comfortable with that thought. For way too long, We the People haven’t pulled our weight in making sure our representatives are just that.

We need to stand up and tell those making laws and regulations to increase liberty, not restrict it. We need to stand up and tell those pushing ineffective ‘gun control laws’ to address the real problems; mental health and a revolving door justice system to start.

Let’s not settle for another legislative act that hurts many for the actions of a few; we are better than this.

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  1. Posted by Paladin on 31.12.12 at 11:09

    Yep. We have to make it clear that any sort of “compromise” that results in a reduction of the most objectionable portions of the AWB – but still leaves the bones of it intact – is not acceptable either. I’m not interested in giving the appearance that we are trying to work together with all sides. Half a bad idea is still a bad idea.

    Zero new gun legislation. Period.

  2. Posted by sfcmarkc on 31.12.12 at 11:09

    I’m glad you have been able to get that reassurance from your rep. Alas, I suspect I wont be so fortunate since when I spoke with him at an appearance before the election, he tried to tell me that he hadnt read the DFL platform, so he didnt know what their stance on second amendment issues. That statement made me think of a certain President claiming that he smoked dope, but didnt inhale.

  3. Posted by Sabra on 31.12.12 at 11:09

    I share your skepticism about the issue. We spent three months being told that Obamacare would surely be ruled unconstitutional, & a few weeks being assured of a Mitt Romney landslide. Take nothing for granted.

  4. Posted by Cormac on 31.12.12 at 11:09

    How refreshing is it to get something like that from a politician?

    Normally you get a lot of doublespeak and political crap.
    Rep Patrick just cut right through it…that’s about as solid as we’re likely to get, and I’m glad she’s on our side!

  5. Posted by RabidAlien on 31.12.12 at 11:09

    Heh. I got a canned “thank you for contacting me” auto-reply from my Senator. Nothing from my Representative.