More Logic from Antis

Weer’d did a post today on the ‘logic‘ used by anti-rights cultists. Moments later I read this little gem from Sparky, aka NameandNumbers.

The overly defensive gun-rights fanatics have been insisting that James Holmes specifically chose the theater of his shooting because it was the only one which prohibited guns. First of all, I seriously doubt that, in spite of the many repeated tellings. Secondly, and most obvioulsy, being a complete lunatic, he could have chosen the venue of his massacre for any number of reasons.  Maybe he liked the popcorn best at this one.

The first day of trial produced a plausible explanation.  He had already bought the ticket.  Perhaps he had bought the ticket even before he planned the shooting. (Emphasis mine)

The antis claim we have to ban assault weapons because anyone who buys them is planning on murdering people.  The antis claim that anyone buying large quantities of ammunition, especially online as this thug did, is planning to kill people. Same with ‘body armor’ and ‘large capacity magazines.

The Colorado theater murderer did all those things…..but according to Sparky it doesn’t make sense that he planned which theater he was going to. Talk about a total lack of logic.

Let’s use a little common sense and admit that it is probable the murderer knew which theater prohibited concealed carry and which ones didn’t.

Sorry Sparky, you can advocate for the criminals want but common sense suggests we know why he chose that theater.


Edited to Add — Just found this news article this afternoon.

On Wednesday, police also showed pictures of the theater they say Holmes took a month before the attack that killed 12 and injured 70. One photo shows an exit door that looks like the one police say Holmes propped open the night of the shooting so he could re-enter the theater after getting weapons from his car.

Yep Sparky people who randomly choose a theater often take pictures of it a month in advance!

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  1. Posted by sfcmarkc on 09.01.13 at 11:50

    Hi Bob,

    Thanks for commenting on this posting. It was an interesting read for it’s seeming lack of knowlege of what took place there. It’s possible that we’ll find out more of his planning process as the trial progresses. Perhaps it’s all detailed in the notebook he sent to his shrink. Last I heard though, there was a fight going on about whether the notebook could be used.
    I too find it hard to believe that with all of the intricate and long range planing he did, that he didnt pick the theatre just as carefully.

  2. Posted by kx59 on 09.01.13 at 11:50

    Holmes rigging his apartment with explosives does not seem to point to a lack of planning does it.
    No doubt Holmes is a lunatic, but being a lunatic does not preclude the ability to pick and choose and plan.