Media and Anti Lie – Paranioa

One of the constant refrain from the media and the anti-rights advocates is “Gun Owners are paranoid”.  I’ll get back to that in a moment.

David Thweatt, Superintendent of the Harold I.S.D., wrote a great opinion piece which was published on CNN. I recommend reading the whole thing. This snippet caught my attention.

When I got into education in 1979, the idea of guns in schools was completely off my radar. But I believe faulty logic was used to frame the 1990 gun-free school zones law, which made it illegal for most citizens to knowingly possess firearms near schools. No police record, news account or anecdotal evidence showed that school personnel authorized to carry weapons used guns to hurt or injure innocent children. There was no reason for the federal law except defective reasoning: Policy makers believed that because guns came into schools in the hands of law-breaking gang members and drug dealers, the smart response was to take them away from law-abiding citizens.

Remember the paranoia that I mentioned earlier; well, we are being accused of it again. We are being told “No One is coming for your guns” or “No one Wants to ban your guns”. All the while proposals for doing just that are being talked about all over; from media empty talking heads like Piers Morgan to politicians like Andrew Cuomo and Diane Feinstein.

People often ask Why anyone needs an Semi-Automatic rifle with a 30 magazine; well one comment on the article answers that question easily.

palintwit1. Round up all the owners of semi-automatic weapons.
2. Temporarily confine them in old, abandoned airplane hangars.
3. Load them into box cars and transport them to the deep south.
4. Confine them to special camps where they can blow each other’s brains out.

January 14, 2013 at 11:54 am | Reply

If that comment doesn’t send a shiver down your spine; you probably don’t remember history.

That isn’t the only comment I’ve seen like that. There have been many. Many call for confiscation of all firearms, some ‘allow us’ to keep revolvers or single shot firearms. Others have called for gun owners to be shot -funny how they don’t receive the same attention that Yeager does, eh.

Isn’t it interesting that those who keep saying they “want to regulate’ the firearms spend so much time pushing laws focused on individuals?

Let’s keep up the pressure. Keep calling your state and federal representatives. Yes, I know they have heard from you but we need to make it abundantly clear that no new gun control laws also means no compromise; no magazine capacity limits, no registration, no databases, no ‘universal background checks’.


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