People agreeing with the N.R.A. ?

Seems like maybe the ‘crazy’ idea of having armed personnel at schools isn’t so ‘extremist’ as the anti-rights cultists say.

PLANO — Tuesday’s Plano ISD board meeting started with a moment of silence and a prayer for the victims of the Connecticut elementary school shooting.

Trustees then agreed that keeping students safe is a priority, endorsing a proposal to add armed guards at district facilities.

Superintendent Richard Matkin said it’s sad that he even has to propose armed security officers at every campus.

“Times have changed,” he said. “It’s time for a sensible and reasonable conversation about how you provide security at school.”

Yep, a large metropolitan school district considering armed guards at each and every school; just like the N.R.A. recommended. Imagine that.

Of course the anti-rights cultist don’t mention that many school districts, like Arlington Texas, already have armed police officers on campuses.

North District – Sergeant Curtis Petties – Supervisor (North & West)

Officer Thomas McPhail – Lamar High

Officer David Kruckemeyer – Gunn/Bailey Junior High
Officer Clint Adam – Nichols Junior High

  West DistrictSergeant Curtis Petties – (North & West)

Officer Sylvester Brown – Arlington High
Officer Richard Morrison – Martin High
Officer Teresa Lopez – Boles/Young Junior High

Officer Lakita Cox – Shackelford Junior High

Officer Victor Hadash – North & West Rover

  East DistrictSergeant Scott Vickers – Supervisor (South & East) Officer Jeff Holloway – Sam Houston High
Officer VaNessa Harrison – Carter Junior High
Officer Jeff Lee – Hutcheson Junior High
Officer Gus Moreno – Workman Junior High
South DistrictSergeant Scott Vickers – Supervisor (South & East) Officer Charles Gilbert – Bowie High
Varandas Washington – Seguin High
Officer Kirk Dunlap – Barnett Junior High
Officer Allen Alford – Ousley/Ferguson Junior High

Officer Barry Samples – South & East Rover

And once again,  let’s turn to the numbers to get a better picture on just how many school districts/cities have such programs.

In the late 1990s approximately a third of local police and sheriffs’ departments employed SROs. By 2003 an estimated 43 percent of local police departments and 47 percent of sheriffs’ departments in the United States employed full-time SROs. School resource officers are especially common in larger jurisdictions. Roughly 80 percent of police departments and 73 percent of sheriffs’ offices serving jurisdictions of 100,000 or more residents maintain an SRO program; in cities with populations between 250,000 and 499,999 residents, more than 90 percent of departments employ full-time SROs. Altogether, local police and sheriffs’ departments employ an estimated 20,000 SROs. (In all states except Alaska and Hawaii, sheriffs’ departments are responsible for the provision of police services in unincorporated areas.)

Maybe, just maybe, Mr. or Ms. Anti-rights cultists, the N.R.A. aren’t being the fanatics here, eh?

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