A Non-Answer from Senator Corryn

After the Sandy Hook shooting, I sent an email to Senator John Corryn asking him to resist the temptation an call to do something.

I finally received a reply.

Dear Mr. S.:
Thank you for contacting me regarding the horrific events in Newtown, Connecticut.  I appreciate having the benefit of your comments on this tragedy.
My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families as well as with all the citizens of Newtown who were affected by this tragedy.  On December 17, 2012, I joined my Senate colleagues in cosponsoring Senate Resolution 621 to honor the victims and heroes of the shooting.
It is a tragedy for the entire nation whenever a life is taken in an act of violence.  I share your concern for the safety of our children in their schools, and you may be certain that I will keep your views in mind as policy changes are considered in the coming weeks.  Now, we join with the families as they grieve the tragic loss of twenty children and their teachers, and we join together as a nation to honor their memories.
I appreciate having the opportunity to represent Texas in the United States Senate.  Thank you for taking the time to contact me.
United States Senator


Unfortunately it is a means nothing generic form letter.

I hope to get a better reply to future emails and there will be more emails.

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  1. Posted by Bill on 17.01.13 at 21:23

    I’ve written q number of e-mails to my congress weasels. Never have gotten a cogent reply. just blather and soft soap. Hope you have better luck.

  2. Posted by Paladin on 17.01.13 at 21:23

    At least you got a reply. I’ve sent two to him and not heard a peep. The only person I’ve heard back from my first batch of emails is my Rep. Sam Johnson. His was a very good reply, though. At least is appears that he’s on board. He specifically is supporting a couple of H.R.’s that move in the direction of LESS restrictive gun laws.

  3. Posted by Teke on 17.01.13 at 21:23

    I get the same form letter.

    Kay B.’s was even better

  4. Posted by Bob S. on 17.01.13 at 21:23


    I think this reply is very consistent with past replies from Corryn. I’m very disappointed in them and will keep pressing for better answers but I’m not going to hold my breath.


    This is the reply from the 1st email I sent. I sent that email the day after SandyHook, nearly 34 days ago. Let’s keep up the pressure on them. They may not answer well but you can count on their staff taking notice on which way the constituents are pushing.


    I didn’t even bother sending Kay B. one this time. Figured she was already retired effectively so I sent mine to Cruz. Haven’t heard back from him yet (his was much later after he got established) but like what he is saying.

  5. Posted by James on 17.01.13 at 21:23

    That reply letter is almost as insulting as if he had sent you a letter quoting a Cat in the Hat book. Why bother sending anything at all if you are not going to let me know what you think or how you will vote?

  6. Posted by Motor-T on 17.01.13 at 21:23

    I’ve spoken to his staff by phone. What I’m hearing from them is a firm commitment to a no vote on any new gun laws.
    Being that John Cornyn is… well… less than aggressive, I wouldn’t expect anything more than a “no” vote. He’s not going to work the issue or filibuster any bills.

  7. Posted by Bob S. on 17.01.13 at 21:23


    I will have to think back on what I wrote him but basically I agree. I think I included a line like please tell me your plans. I generally try to do that.

    At least I know he — more likely his staff — is aware of my sentiment. Hopefully they are keeping count.


    Glad to hear that. I’ve encouraged him to do more and to publicly state his position. I think we need people like Corryn to get out there and maybe not lead but definitely stand up and be seen as resistant to new laws.