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From Daddy Hawk — of Preachers and Horse thieves fame – writing at his other blog Daddy Hawk’s Toy Box.

You can even rent an M1 Garand or a 1943 Mosin Nagant. Although, I have question the wisdom of allowing the rental of the Bolshevik Flame Throwing Spear of Death when you have a ban on incendiary ammunition.

“Bolshevik Flame Throwing Spear of Death”  — He he he, I own a couple of those.
That was from a great review of the Eagle Gun Range in Lewisville; for those in the Metroplex area (he also does a great job explaining that!) I suggest you read it.


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  1. Posted by Daddy Hawk on 18.01.13 at 08:39

    Bob, you are too kind. The Mosin is the only rifle I know that was designed to and will actually shoot better with the bayonet affixed. That ought to give the gun control crowd a set of dirty tighty whities.

  2. Posted by kx59 on 18.01.13 at 08:39

    “Bolshevik Flame Throwing Spear of Death”
    That is too funny. Belle’s Tokorev does the same thing.
    Handy for lighting the BBQ pit too…as long as you don’t mind extra holes in the bottom.
    The 7.62 x 54R round does draw attention at the range, doesn’t it?