Context is Important

Arguing with the single digit IQ denizens folks over at OneUtah again, where Richard cited study ” Updated Assessment of the Federal Assault Weapons Ban: Impacts on Gun Markets and
Gun Violence, 1994-2003” (PDF alert).

After using several sections of that report to show the Assault Weapon Ban wasn’t as effective as he claimed, I noticed this part.

Nonetheless, reducing criminal use of AWs and especially LCMs could have nontrivial effects on gunshot victimizations. The few available studies suggest that attacks with semiautomatics – including AWs and other semiautomatics equipped with LCMs – result in more shots fired, more persons hit, and more wounds inflicted per victim than do attacks with other firearms.

I thought that was really damaging to the pro-gun side of the argument.  But then I kept reading.

Further, a study of handgun attacks in one city found that 3% of the gunfire incidents resulted in more than 10 shots fired, and those attacks produced almost 5% of the gunshot victims.

Yep, 3% of the gunfire attacks with handguns resulted in more then “10 shots fired” – just 3%!

Because offenders can substitute non-banned guns and small magazines for banned AWs and LCMs, there is not a clear rationale for expecting the ban to reduce  assaults and robberies with guns.

Oh, what did that say? No clear rationale for expecting the ban to reduce the number of assaults and robberies — isn’t the Assault weapon ban being sold as a ‘crime control’ measure?

And this might interest those folks in New York State

The few available studies on shots fired show that assailants fire less than four shots on average (see sources in Table 9-1 and Goehl, 1993), a number well within the 10-round magazine limit imposed by the AW-LCM ban, but these studies have not usually presented the full distribution of shots fired for all cases, so it is usually unclear how many cases, if any, involved more than 10

And that is well within the 7 shot capacity limits being pushed now.

Time and time again, we see evidence that the gun control law will not work as they are designed. They will not make a difference enough to justify the restriction on our rights.

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