Gun Appreciation Day

Spent a large chunk of the day sleeping in and lazing around the house; Life can be good even if it isn’t all spent at the range.

Later that day, I met up with a friend and reader Cormac  (didn’t ask if I could use his name, so for now he is Nameless) and headed out to the Super Secret Shooting Range aka The Club.

Nameless Cormac isn’t a member of the club so I did the usual nickel tour then headed to the pistol and rifle range. Oh boy, was my timing off. I thought that going later in the day made sense; hoping that most people showed up earlier then went to lunch.
Apparently many folks thought like I did — late lunch then show up to the range.

There was a large group of people taking up all the stations at the 200 yard range, a group of folks plinking away (with very high dollar firearms) on the 25 yard Rimfire only range, and a hand full of folks on the 50- and 100-yard ranges. The 25-yard range was plum full of folks. It was probably as busy it had ever been. Of course, Nameless Cormac was a little shocked by that opinion. He pointed out there was no waiting line and it did have a couple of open spaces. I just smiled and pointed out the advantages of being a member of a private range.

We decided to start out on the plate rack on another 25-yard range. Unfortunately it was almost as if we were doing a nature television show “No plates were actually harmed in the process of filming or shooting at them”.
It wasn’t quite that bad but the steel industry won’t be running on high due to our shooting. We did manage to start knocking a few down consistently later though.

We took the time to punch some holes in paper targets at 25 yards also. Did better there and it was fun to shoot at that range; normally I practice at 7 or 15 yards. It was also humbling for me, I can see how much work I have to do.

Updated to include name and mention Cormac’s shooting with his Mosin — 3 shots in the bullseye that could have been covered with a quarter at 25 yards. He can stick around if there is a Zombie Apocolypse   🙂

Guests, Guests and more guests.

It was also very interesting to see how many people brought out guests to the club. I would say easily 1/3 of the people shooting Saturday afternoon were visitors to the club. I was glad to see them.  I made sure to introduce myself and thank them for coming out.

So what did you do on Gun Appreciation Day?

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  1. Posted by Cormac on 21.01.13 at 07:25

    You had to know I’d comment, Bob…
    Yes, you can use my name.

    And I blew the hell out of those plates once I quit all that overthinking!
    (still gotta work on that D@%#ed flinch)

  2. Posted by Cormac on 21.01.13 at 07:25

    Also, I need to join the club.
    That place was great!

  3. Posted by kx59 on 21.01.13 at 07:25

    Might just be a sign of the times. Our favorite pistol range has been packed from open to close. They’ve even added Sunday CHL classes.

  4. Posted by James on 21.01.13 at 07:25

    I remember going to a gun range once upon a time……back when ammo wasn’t as rare as the anti’s want it to be.

    Sounds fun, I’ll have to come out sometime.

    Cormac needs to finish up his super secret project and take it out there for a day at the range. 😀

  5. Posted by Bob S. on 21.01.13 at 07:25


    I remember going more often ….back when ammo wasn’t worth more then its weight in gold.

    Please plan on coming out to the range. Cormac does need to finish, join the range then bring it out for a day 🙂

  6. Posted by James on 21.01.13 at 07:25

    Now if I can just get out from underneath the pile of projects and work I have in front of me, I can get started on your s00per sekrit project AND come to the range with you.
    I was in cabelas the other day and they had several boxes of 5.56 brass cased ammo.
    Just in case you were wondering where to pick some up 😀

  7. Posted by Cormac on 21.01.13 at 07:25

    I’m really hoping to have that thing finished in time for D.A.B. III

    I need to bring the Mosin next time I come out to your cleverly disguised Redneck Workshop, James… see if you can help me with something.

  8. Posted by James on 21.01.13 at 07:25

    Absolutely, Cormac.
    As long as it doesn’t involve making an autosear, we can do it here.

    Any Saturday you want to venture out and work on that some more, feel free. Just give me 5 minutes advance warning.

  9. Posted by James on 21.01.13 at 07:25

    For those of you who have a Mosin and want to update it,

  10. Posted by Bob S. on 21.01.13 at 07:25


    I saw that stock over at Lurking Rhythmically’s blog and thinking hard about one of my m-44s. I like the fact it comes with a 5 and 10 round magazine. Our club has a Carbine match that would be fun to shoot with that 10 rounder.

    Now all I have to do is wait for it to become available and save up some money.

  11. Posted by Cormac on 21.01.13 at 07:25

    Autosear for a 91/30?


    I really don’t want to know.

  12. Posted by Cormac on 21.01.13 at 07:25

    I want that Archangel stock so bad…
    I know it’s not rational, and I don’t want it to be!