Another Post, More Lies

…..but what do we really expect from “Baldr Odinson” eh.

He starts off with an image showing armed protesters in our country and several others. It is subtitled with “Why is it political rallies with guns are considered “extremist” in other countries but here are considered “freedom”? *

Nice strawman argument; you are the only one calling those images ‘extremist’. What makes the images of people exercising their rights in America not freedom?

How is what they are doing any different from these possibly ‘extremist images’?’

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Other then the other people are armed and you are not; NOTHING. Everyone is peacefully and legally exercising their rights. Now it really makes me wonder what you are up to that you don’t want people to be armed?
Well, let’s leave that for later speculation and move on, eh.

But back on Saturday, when the rest of America was gearing up for this momentous occasion, the gun lobbies had a different agenda.  They, instead, chose to make up a new day, which they called “Gun Appreciation Day.”  A day made up by a White Supremacist Group. From the article:

Well,  you are either lying or don’t know the difference between ‘sponsoring’ and “making”. I would bet on the lie but that is a.) because I’ve interacted with you before and b.) I don’t think you are an idiot.

I don’t know if the A3P group ever actually sponsored the Gun Appreciation day or not; but I can tell you there is no sign of it on the website. If it slipped by, the people who really made up G.A.D. removed that sponsorship.

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I’m not saying there wasn’t an issue but it does appear to have been resolved, wouldn’t you agree? Probably not given this line.

Yikes.  But the clearly racist origins of the event did nothing to slow the fervor of the gun guys.

I keep thinking you really can’t be that clueless — as to not know the racist origins of gun control. I don’t think you are so that leaves less than pure motivations such as lying or projection for claiming the G.A.D. has racist origins. This is a toss up; could be either lying or projection.

Here in Oregon, several hundred gun owners showed up on the steps of the capital building, as they did at many other state capitols, brandishing their assault rifles and handguns, like some scene out of a third-world nation.

Then we get to another lie – you’ve been instructed (many many many times) about the definition of ‘brandishing’ so you know better. To use that term can only be a deliberate falsehood.

Why is it when we see such scenes from Pakistan or Iraq that we think “extremist,” but some people see the same thing here and think “freedom?”

That is a great question and I’ll answer it honestly. I think “we see” extremist is your view of firearms and not reflective on the majority of people. You want to portray anyone who keeps and bears arms as extremist because in order to restrict our rights, you have to marginalize us. Who has the extremist position ‘Baldr’ –people  yet more gun control that will not reduce crime or people want to enforce the existing laws and address the social/economic conditions underlying violence?

I’ll skip over your recital of a few criminals breaking the law. I’ve covered the statistics often enough and I think Tam says it the best.

*Incidentally, this is one of my biggest gripes about wading into fact- and data-laden poo-flinging arguments with anti-gunners about crime rates and murders-per-100k and so forth. The correct answer is “Where the hell do you get off thinking you can tell me I can’t own a gun? I don’t care if every other gun owner on the planet went out and murdered somebody last night. I didn’t. So piss off.”

Then we get to another line of yours

It’s time to stop appreciating guns, and start appreciating the welfare of our people.

I’ll forgo making mention it appears that only gun control advocates like you are incapable of doing both. (oops, I maybe I won’t) and point out that people who support the right to keep and bear arms also appreciate the welfare of our people. We understand how long it takes police to respond. We understand how the police have no obligation to protect us.
We appreciate that firearms have saved lives, prevented rapes, robberies,  and assaults — that is looking out for the welfare of people.

I call upon our lawmakers to ignore the extremists with guns at their doorsteps and do what is right to protect our people from guns getting into the wrong hands.

And yet you haven’t posted anything I could find on making President Obama, Attorney General Holder and the A.T.F. accountable for Fast and Furious. I haven’t seen you posting about how all too often ‘gun charges’ are dropped during plea bargaining — charges that could keep criminals in jails and guns out of their hands.

Nope, you push for laws that will make it harder for law abiding people to keep and bear arms.

Sorry Sir but when you talk about ‘extremists’ I think you should look in the mirror first.


* — And in case you didn’t notice, one of the protesters in Iraq is carrying a picture of Saddam Hussein. Are you saying that he wasn’t an extremist?



3 Responses to this post.

  1. Posted by James on 22.01.13 at 05:00

    “How is what they are doing any different from these possibly ‘extremist images’?’”

    Because groups like his couldn’t get enough folks to fill a Ford Econoline van to act on behalf of their side of things without paying them.

    You know what has/had huge amounts of support from different white supremacist groups?
    The Democratic party.

    Gun Appreciation Day having some white supremacist nutcases signing on makes the rest of us as responsible for their involvement as Ron Paul is for having followers from those same groups.

    Still, there hasn’t been a gun control scheme or anti gun dolt yet that didn’t have evil, insanity, and deceit at it’s core, so we just give crazy cousin Kilgore a pass, since he and Joan Peterson are the anti-gun group equivalent of Joe Biden.

  2. Posted by Weer'd Beard on 22.01.13 at 05:00

    Quality fisk, Bob.

    The antis want us all to be dangerous extremists, and they have to do crazy logical somersaults to make that reality appear to fit.

    Meanwhile, notice that “Baldr” is always alone when he does his public outings.

    Meanwhile even here in Massachusetts you have some range get-together or a blog meet-and-greet, its a bad turnout if you get less than two dozen. And the NRA convention dominates the city its in every year.

    Who’s the extremist, the group with millions of members, or the one with two or three?

  3. Posted by Bob S. on 22.01.13 at 05:00


    isn’t it amazing how two groups of people exercising their right to free speech is perceived by one group to be extremist. As you say, they can’t find support so they have to resort to making accusations.

    Yep, the Democrat party has had huge amounts of support from fringe groups; yet did ‘Baldr’ call them out?


    They do want us to be extremist while pushing agendas that are really out there. Look at Massachusetts law for example, if the majority of the country supported gun control laws those laws would be the norm not the outlier.

    Our little Dallas Area Blog shoot had nearly 20 people the first time and 6 months later we had 32 people turn out for the 2nd. Each of those outnumbered many of the planned in advance for months protests of the antis. Made me giggle when I wasn’t shooting to see the turn out.

    Who’s the extremist, the group with millions of members, or the one with two or three?

    Bing Bing Bing, we have a winning question and the answer is self-evident.