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School districts that are going to allow teachers, administrators and staff to carry concealed weapons on campus.

VAN, Texas — Van Independent School District green-lighted a concealed carry proposal this week, saying it will help protect the district’s 2,000-plus students.

“The sad reality is, [a shooting] could happen here,” said VISD Superintendent Don Dunn.

The district already locks school doors. But most of the parents News 8 talked to Thursday said that wasn’t enough anymore.

“This makes it better,” said parent Kassy Gandy.

The district said it is outlining strict guidelines, including mandatory hostage and crisis training with local police for any staff member that wants to carry.

Many parents are in favor of such actions. I plan on attending Arlington I.S.D. school board meeting next week to encourage the district to adopt such a policy.

Dunn wouldn’t say how many of the 350 staff are interested, only saying “there is a list.” Ultimately, it will be at the administration’s discretion to decide which interested personnel could carry.

I like the fact that the number of people interested is so long they had to write down all the names. Good job Van I.S.D. workers 🙂



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  1. Posted by Sabra on 25.01.13 at 07:29

    This part here worries me: Ultimately, it will be at the administration’s discretion to decide which interested personnel could carry

    Now, how likely is it that school admin is going to decide no one can carry? And if they do, are they going to get away with that, or will the school board lean on them to be more sensible?

  2. Posted by Bob S. on 25.01.13 at 07:29


    That is a valid concern. I think that the school board will follow up on this and the employees will push for it if the administration balks.

    I get the feeling that more and more people are remembering a simple fact; the government employees work for the people.

    And the people are getting fed up with being dismissed or ignored.

  3. Posted by Paul Kanesky on 25.01.13 at 07:29

    The teachers who volunteer will (after CCW class) be better trained and capable than the shooter. Even minimal training will make the teachers more effective than 99% of the nutcase shooters, and in any event they will be much better off than if they are restricted to throwing books and erasers at the shooter.
    Paul in Texas

  4. Posted by RabidAlien on 25.01.13 at 07:29

    My first thought was an unqualified “YAY!!!”. Followed, after reading that last quote about “Ultimately, it will be at the administration’s discretion to decide which interested personnel could carry”, by the thought that, in all reasonableness, they should limit the number of faculty members who are allowed to carry to, oh, say…..”all of them who are qualified by the State of Texas to carry in the first place”. That sounds like a reasonable compromise to me.

    And for those teachers/faculty/staff members who do not care to carry their own evil firearms, they have the right to do so and I respect that right. However, I do believe that they should bring something to the table themselves. If the carriers are going to be required to go through a hostage training scenario with the local po-po, the non-carriers should be required to go through a First Responder course with the local fire department and EMS. If you’re not willing to actively engage and put down the threat, then you should be actively engaged in assisting (after seeing to your students) with saving the lives of any victims. Otherwise you’re probably cowering in a corner, or getting in the way. Again….if the anti-gun crowd wants compromise, I think what I’ve just proposed is a fair compromise that benefits everyone.

  5. Posted by Bob S. on 25.01.13 at 07:29

    Rabid Alien,

    I could see a training class being required for those who don’t carry. In many businesses we require First Aid, CPR, etc.

    I think it would be beneficial for the police departments to run every school staff though an active shooter scenario. They have enough “staff days” they could get the district together and do a shoot house scenario fairly quickly — 1 cop as the shooter and the others as the response.
    How much you want to bet after waiting for 2 to 20 minutes while the Active shooter pelts everyone with simunitions more teachers/staff would prefer to carry.

  6. Posted by Linoge on 25.01.13 at 07:29

    I am firmly of the opinion that there should be a minimum number of armed personnel at every school, with that number determined either by the number of students, or the number of classrooms – cannot decide which would provide a better distribution. If an insufficient number of teachers are willing to volunteer to bear arms and take basic self-defense training, then an appropriate number of armed guards should be hired, with their pay coming out of the teachers’ total pay.

    And this “administrators discretion” crap can go right out the window – if the administrators do not trust the teachers with guns, how do they trust them with kids?

  7. Posted by RabidAlien on 25.01.13 at 07:29

    Totally agreed, BobS. Worst case, teachers get a summer of paid vacation. They can sacrifice a week at one end or the other to training. Heck, three days would be a step in the right direction, with a week-long course for those who want to go above and beyond. I like the concept of hiring armed guards (plainclothes, to make them harder to target for an initial strike). I would add to that someone EMS-qualified in the nurses’ office (if they aren’t already….I don’t know one way or the other, so if I’m wrong and they already are, awesome!) for the same purpose, to provide initial First Responder aid until EMS is cleared to enter the building. As for taking this out of the teachers’ salaries, I wouldn’t put 100% on the teachers. I would take the lion’s share out of the school board salaries. Those not actively engaged in our students don’t need to be making exponentially more than those who are, and besides, the school board won’t be the ones in the middle of the crisis.

  8. Posted by Cormac on 25.01.13 at 07:29

    “…if the administrators do not trust the teachers with guns, how do they trust them with kids?

    I threw this out over the weekend with “imaging a chemistry teacher flips his s#!*…”
    She stopped me right there. She got the idea pretty quick.

  9. Posted by Bob S. on 25.01.13 at 07:29

    Imagine what a cafeteria worker could do.
    Or a school bus driver.